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Glendale AZ Back Tax Returns

Glendale AZ Back Tax Returns There are many options when it comes to Glendale AZ back tax returns and getting them properly prepared. Tax Debt Advisors is a local company that specializes in this field.  Their average client has not filed back tax returns in 4-7 years.  If you find yourself in a similar situation… READ MORE

Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation work

Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation by Tax Debt Advisors, Inc Jay was defaulting on his payment plan and needed a new Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation done. His biggest worry was having the IRS file a federal tax lien against his credit. It is understood that on most payment plans with the IRS they will file a tax… READ MORE

2017 Mesa IRS Offer in Compromise accepted

Is a Mesa IRS Offer in Compromise right for you? Tax Debt Advisors just finished up a Mesa IRS Offer in Compromise for a client. View the acceptance letter below. Mr. Morris came in about two years ago to meet with Scott Allen EA. He was behind on a couple years of tax returns. He… READ MORE

File Back Tax Return Scottsdale

In need to file back tax return Scottsdale ? Where is there a good option to file back tax return Scottsdale? Might I recommend Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors. For over 40 years now this "Father-Son Team" have been filing back tax returns and negotiating IRS debts. Put the experience of dealing and… READ MORE

IRS SFR Protest Mesa AZ

IRS SFR Protest Mesa AZ: Back Tax Return filing You may have reason for an IRS SFR Protest Mesa AZ.  First of all, what is an SFR Protest?  When a taxpayer fails to file a tax return timely the IRS may file a tax return for him or her.  They call this a SFR (or… READ MORE

File Back Tax Return Mesa

How to File Back Tax Return Mesa The best way to file back tax return Mesa is by hiring Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors.  Kevin came in to visit with Scott with several years of back tax returns that needed to be prepared.  Upon hiring him to be his IRS Power of Attorney Scott… READ MORE

Our IRS Debt Settlement Phoenix

View our IRS Debt Settlement Phoenix Let Tax Debt Advisors Inc negotiate your IRS Debt Settlement Phoenix.  Often times clients will meet with Scott Allen EA when they already have a settlement with the IRS in place.  They come in looking for other options.  When you meet with Scott Allen EA he will take a… READ MORE

Settle IRS Debts Phoenix: December 2016

Settle IRS Debts Phoenix the right way Do you have to settle IRS debts Phoenix and don't know how to get started? May I suggest to you to call Tax Debt Advisors at 480-926-9300.  Just see what they did for their client Jared. View the notice below and see the savings of over $253,000 in taxes,… READ MORE

Abate IRS Taxes Mesa

Abate IRS Taxes Mesa today You may be bale to abate IRS taxes Mesa as well.  Firstly, everyone thinks that everyone can abate back taxes, interest, and/or penalties. The truth (I may be the only one to say this) is most people don't. But for those that do it is a terrific option. What avenues… READ MORE

Successful IRS Settlement by Tax Debt Advisors

Successful IRS settlement by Tax Debt Advisors yet again! See the successful IRS settlement by Tax Debt Advisors by clicking on the notice below. William was years behind on filing his tax returns. On top of that the IRS assigned his case to be worked by a local Revenue Officer. This employee was assigned to… READ MORE

IRS Tax Help Mesa: Call today

IRS Tax Help Mesa by Scott Allen EA Over the last ten years thousands of taxpayers have used Scott Allen EA for IRS Tax Help Mesa. Keith had not filed tax returns in about ten years. Due to his failure to file, the IRS filed and made their own assessment against him. They refer to… READ MORE

Phoenix Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

Phoenix Tax Debt Advisors Reviews in 2016 See below the installment arrangement that was negotiated for Jeff. This is real Phoenix Tax Debt Advisor Reviews you can actually trust. Jeff and his wife owe the IRS for tax years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. All of these years are in one installment arrangement… READ MORE