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Tax Debt Settlements

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2017 Phoenix IRS Levy Release

In need of a Phoenix IRS Levy Release? Thomas and his wife were both needing a Phoenix IRS levy release on their social security income. The IRS had been levying 15% of their social security income. That was over $600 per month being deducted from their "take home" pay. Many taxpayers are unaware that the… READ MORE

Glendale Arizona IRS Settlement

Glendale Arizona IRS Settlement: 11/2017 This is an example of a recent Glendale Arizona IRS Settlement case resolved by Tax Debt Advisors Inc. All of Marks's IRS debt was negotiated into one low monthly payment plan. This payment plan was established to begin after the first of the year to allow the taxpayer ample time to… READ MORE

File Back Tax Returns Peoria AZ

File Back Tax Returns Peoria AZ: 2017 Do you need to file back tax returns Peoria AZ? Scott Allen EA has helped hundreds of Peoria AZ taxpayers file back tax returns and settle their IRS debts. James and his wife were behind on multiple years of back tax returns. Let's sum it up for you:… READ MORE

Tax Attorney Gilbert

Searching for “Tax Attorney Gilbert” while looking for an experts in tax law? If so, Tax Debt Advisors can help! We are not a tax attorney firm, rather, a tax debt specialist that helps with IRS problems. Solve the same tax problems for less money! If you happen to be searching for tax attorneys, that… READ MORE

IRS Settlement Peoria AZ

Reduce your old debt with an IRS Settlement Peoria AZ Do you have old unresolved IRS tax debt? Just know you have options for an IRS settlement Peoria AZ. Just because the IRS sends you a tax bill does not mean its accurate or that you have to pay it in full. There may be other… READ MORE

Glendale AZ IRS Settlement

Glendale AZ IRS Settlement: 2017 Don't let the IRS keep you awake at night any longer. Let Tax Debt Advisors get you a Glendale AZ IRS settlement finalized today. Every settlement option with the IRS has something good about it and something not so good. Having the IRS file a notice of federal tax lien… READ MORE

Does the IRS Offer One Time Forgiveness?

Are you looking for the answer to the question "Does The IRS Offer One TIme Forgiveness"? If so, this post should help. Read below about programs the IRS has to help resolve your tax debt. At any given time, there are nearly 1 million U.S taxpayers that owe the IRS. Although the IRS attempts to… READ MORE

Prepare Back Taxes in Gilbert

Prepare Back Taxes in Gilbert with ease Tax Debt Advisors in a local company who's specialty is to prepare back taxes in Gilbert. They are an Arizona based family company where their niche is to prepare back tax returns and settle IRS debts. If you are in the need for either of these services you… READ MORE

Chandler IRS Negotiation Help

Chandler IRS Negotiation Help If you need Chandler IRS negotiation help seek to find local representation. You want to make sure you can meet with the person you hire to defend you against the IRS.  Long distance representation simply just isn't as effective. Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors is a local family owned… READ MORE

What option to settle IRS debt Mesa AZ ?

What option might you qualify for to settle IRS debt Mesa AZ Far too often delinquent taxpayers have "tunnel vision" and only focus on one solution to settle IRS debt Mesa AZ.  It will be very difficult to get a realistic resolution with this type of attitude. With Tax Debt Advisors, Inc you will be introduced… READ MORE

August 2017: Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

Where can I find Tax Debt Advisors Reviews? RIGHT HERE! Tax Debt Advisors has been representing taxpayers before the IRS since 1977. In that time over 108,000 IRS debts have been settled. View the image below to see an example of one of those 108,000 settlements. Tax Debt Advisors is owned and operated by Scott… READ MORE

Arizona IRS Payment Plan for $25 a month

Is a $25 a month Arizona IRS payment plan even possible? When someone sits down to meet with Scott Allen EA about an Arizona IRS payment plan the first thing they want to know is, what percentage with the IRS settle my debt for? This is really not the right question to ask. The IRS… READ MORE