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10 Things to Remember When You Owe the IRS

The Restructuring and Reform Bill of 1998 for the IRS was a law that really put respect for the taxpayers back into the system. It forces the IRS to actually communicate with the public and grant due process rights to the taxpayers. Below are 10 things to remember when you owe the IRS When the… READ MORE

Tempe IRS Bank Levy Release

Get your Tempe IRS Bank Levy Release After the IRS has issued a levy on your bank account it is possible to accomplish a Tempe IRS Bank Levy Release. When the bank receive the levy notice from the IRS they will grab whatever funds are in the account at that time.  They do not send… READ MORE

File Back Taxes Phoenix AZ in 2017

How to File Back Taxes Phoenix AZ Efficiently When a taxpayer needs to file back taxes Phoenix AZ for a few years the last thing to do is "blindly" file them.  Before preparing the tax returns it is imperative to have an IRS Power of Attorney representative such as Scott Allen EA contact the IRS in… READ MORE

Settle Phoenix AZ IRS Debt

Thomas settled his 2010 Phoenix AZ IRS Debt six years later Just because you may have Phoenix AZ IRS debt that is several years old does not mean you cannot do something about it. Thomas owed the IRS over $100,000 for multiple tax years and many of which needed to be prepared and filed. 2010… READ MORE

How To Stop A Tax Levy On Your Paycheck In Mesa

If you are looking for information on how to stop a tax levy on your paycheck in Mesa, Arizona this post should help! What is a tax levy? The tax levy is one of the harshest collection methods used by the IRS and taxing authorities. This is where they will legally seize your assets to… READ MORE

Tempe IRS Settlement by Scott Allen EA

Another Tempe IRS Settlement Are you behind on paying your taxes? If you need a Tempe IRS Settlement or help with unfiled tax returns contact the office of Tax Debt Advisors today. You may feel like the you are the only person behind on his or her taxes but it's quite the contrary. Thousands of… READ MORE

IRS Tax Attorney in Arizona: When should I NOT use an attorney?

Searching for "Tax Attorney Phoenix" while looking for an expert tax law? If so, Tax Debt Advisors can help! We are not a tax attorney firm, rather, a tax debt specialist that helps with IRS problems. We also offer tax debt solutions in other major cities of Arizona like Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and Scottsdale. Either… READ MORE

Tax Debt Advisors Reviews: Settlement Done!

Tax Debt Advisors Reviews for 2017 When looking to someone to hire for your IRS problem its critical to have someone with experience. Tax Debt Advisors Inc has been solving IRS problems for over 40 years. Tax Debt Advisors Inc is a family owned business started in 1977 with over 108,000 IRS debts settled in… READ MORE

Release IRS Levy Mesa AZ: May 2017

Release IRS Levy Mesa AZ quickly How does someone want to release IRS levy Mesa AZ? Quickly! When a notice of levy or garnishment is issued it is important to respond timely.  Levies and garnishments are sent when a taxpayer is not in compliance. This could include unfiled tax returns, back taxes owed, or a missed deadline.… READ MORE

Settle IRS Debt Phoenix AZ for a business

Payroll taxes are a pain! Settle IRS Debt Phoenix AZ Start withTax Debt Advisors to settle IRS debt Phoenix AZ. Owning and operating a business is a difficult task. On top of generating income, covering overhead, and maintaining a good reputation there is PAYROLL TAXES.  The #1 biggest burden to a small business with employee's… READ MORE

Mesa IRS Payment Plan: May 2017

Mesa IRS Payment Plan by Scott Allen EA View the Mesa IRS payment plan notice below. Brad came in to visit with Scott Allen EA to discuss his current situation with the IRS. He had already negotiated a $750/month payment plan on his own.  After a brief analysis Scott had determined that Brad could qualify… READ MORE

Stop IRS Garnishment in Mesa AZ

Stop IRS Garnishment in Mesa AZ today If you need to stop IRS garnishment in Mesa AZ contact Tax Debt Advisors, Inc today.  Mark was a taxpayer with this need.  He was facing a serious IRS garnishment with a serious IRS debt.  The garnishment needed to be stopped, back tax returns needed to be filed,… READ MORE