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Tax Debt Settlements

40 Years

Mesa IRS Payment Plan: May 2017

Mesa IRS Payment Plan by Scott Allen EA View the Mesa IRS payment plan notice below. Brad came in to visit with Scott Allen EA to discuss his current situation with the IRS. He had already negotiated a $750/month payment plan on his own.  After a brief analysis Scott had determined that Brad could qualify… READ MORE

Stop IRS Garnishment in Mesa AZ

Stop IRS Garnishment in Mesa AZ today If you need to stop IRS garnishment in Mesa AZ contact Tax Debt Advisors, Inc today.  Mark was a taxpayer with this need.  He was facing a serious IRS garnishment with a serious IRS debt.  The garnishment needed to be stopped, back tax returns needed to be filed,… READ MORE

Chandler AZ Defaulted IRS Payment Plan

Oh no! A Chandler AZ defaulted IRS payment plan Do not panic if you have a Chandler AZ defaulted IRS payment plan.  For various reason an IRS payment can can enter default.  Either a taxpayer misses a payment, late on a payment, or adds additional debt to the account.  The IRS can also trigger a… READ MORE

2017 IRS Settlement Phoenix AZ

Complete your IRS Settlement Phoenix AZ Tax Debt Advisors, Inc specializes in all IRS settlement Phoenix AZ options. Negotiating a payment plan is just one of about five or six ways to resolve an IRS debt situation. Derek is a client of Tax Debt Advisors. He came to work with them to file back tax… READ MORE

Tax Attorney Chandler

Are you searching for "Tax Attorney Chandler" while looking for someone to help you fix your tax troubles with the IRS? First of all, you don't actually need a tax attorney to fix your tax problems with the IRS, you just need someone experienced in tax debt and tax law. Tax Debt Advisors Inc has… READ MORE

Tax Debt Advisors Settlement

Tax Debt Advisors Settlement completed Click on the image below to see the Tax Debt Advisors settlement completed by Scott Allen EA.  The taxpayer owed a large sum of back tax debt to the IRS.  Most of it was able to be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The portion that did not meet the… READ MORE

2017 Phoenix IRS Settlement

Another 2017 Phoenix IRS Settlement There are may different options when it comes to a Phoenix IRS settlement.  Most taxpayers are usually under the impression there is only one.  To read about what some of those options are click below. 1. Let it expire 2. Suspend it 3. Adjust it 4. Pay it 5. Compromise it… READ MORE

Tax Debt Advisors Reviews: March 2017

Excellent Tax Debt Advisors Reviews It isn't hard to find Tax Debt Advisors Reviews because they have a proven track record of follow through service. You won't read about fancy stats or what percentage you can expect to settle your IRS debt for that cannot be guaranteed But, what you will see is a recent notice… READ MORE

Tax Preparation in Phoenix AZ

Where to go for Tax Preparation in Phoenix AZ ? There are hundreds of options for tax preparation in Phoenix AZ; but only a small fraction of those are options for back tax preparation.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors is a premier choice when it comes to back tax preparation.  His company, that… READ MORE

Tax Refund Less Than Expected In Mesa, AZ

Are you searching the internet for "Tax Refund Less Than Expected" in Mesa, AZ or in any of the sourounding Phoenix Valley? If so, your probably wondering why your tax refund is less than you though it was going to be. The information on this page should help provide you with some understanding. Furthermore, if… READ MORE

Glendale AZ Back Tax Returns

Glendale AZ Back Tax Returns There are many options when it comes to Glendale AZ back tax returns and getting them properly prepared. Tax Debt Advisors is a local company that specializes in this field.  Their average client has not filed back tax returns in 4-7 years.  If you find yourself in a similar situation… READ MORE

Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation work

Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation by Tax Debt Advisors, Inc Jay was defaulting on his payment plan and needed a new Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation done. His biggest worry was having the IRS file a federal tax lien against his credit. It is understood that on most payment plans with the IRS they will file a tax… READ MORE