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Glendale AZ IRS Settlement

Glendale AZ IRS Settlement: 2017

Don’t let the IRS keep you awake at night any longer. Let Tax Debt Advisors get you a Glendale AZ IRS settlement finalized today. Every settlement option with the IRS has something good about it and something not so good. Having the IRS file a notice of federal tax lien might be something “not so good”.  I would be good to know ahead of time if there are options to release the federal tax lien or to prevent one from ever being filed.  Once a federal tax lien is filed it will hit your credit report and affect it immediately. Kenneth was a client of Tax Debt Advisors who had not filed tax returns in several years and knew he was going to owe more then he could pay back in a lump sum. Avoiding a federal tax lien from being filed was crucial to him.  Tax Debt Advisors was able to successfully negotiate an installment arrangement for him all while preventing the IRS from filing a notice of federal tax lien.  Speak with Scott Allen EA at Tax Debt Advisors to see if you too might qualify for something similar.

View the notice below to see the Glendale AZ IRS settlement that was setup for Kenneth. This is just one of the many thousands of approved IRS settlements. Become a success story as well, meet with Scott Allen EA to discuss your current tax matter.

Glendale AZ IRS Settlement

Glendale AZ IRS Settlement