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IRS SFR Protest Mesa AZ

IRS SFR Protest Mesa AZ: Back Tax Return filing

You may have reason for an IRS SFR Protest Mesa AZ.  First of all, what is an SFR Protest?  When a taxpayer fails to file a tax return timely the IRS may file a tax return for him or her.  They call this a SFR (or Substitute For Return).  They usually occur 3-4 years after the due date.  When the IRS decides to do this they do it in the easiest most simple way possible.  They cannot give or assume a taxpayer has any exemptions, dependents, deductions, expenses, or credits to claim.  In most cases, this result in a VERY high balance due with added interest and penalties. Just view the notice below and you can see the balance of tax the IRS asset was over $32,000 for Richard.

IRS SFR Protest Mesa AZ

IRS SFR Protest Mesa AZ

Richard came in and met with Tax Debt Advisors to discuss his options.  After doing some necessary legwork an IRS SFR Protest Mesa AZ was prepared.  We challenged the IRS’s tax return filing. As you can also see by looking at the notice attached is that Richard DID NOT OWE THE IRS A DIME! They actually owed him money. Talk about getting IRS relief.

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