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IRS Tax Help Mesa by Scott Allen EA

Over the last ten years thousands of taxpayers have used Scott Allen EA for IRS Tax Help Mesa. Keith had not filed tax returns in about ten years. Due to his failure to file, the IRS filed and made their own assessment against him. They refer to this as a SFR tax return filings.  This happens more often then one would think. By viewing the notice below you can see the taxed owed from the IRS’s numbers: over $17,000 in taxes, interest, and penalties.  Scott Allen EA prepared and properly filed the tax return to protest the IRS’s numbers. When the taxpayer was given the proper deductions, expenses, and filing status the taxed owed were reduced to less then $2,000 in total.  This is an amazing example of a common result when protesting IRS SFR tax returns.

IRS Tax Help Mesa

IRS Tax Help Mesa

If the IRS is assessing “crazy” tax balances owed contact Scott Allen EA to see if you qualify to protest. He specializes in representing taxpayers before the IRS, filing back tax returns, and negotiating IRS debts.  Schedule a free initial consultation today.