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Prepare Back Taxes in Gilbert

Prepare Back Taxes in Gilbert with ease

Tax Debt Advisors in a local company who’s specialty is to prepare back taxes in Gilbert. They are an Arizona based family company where their niche is to prepare back tax returns and settle IRS debts. If you are in the need for either of these services you have found the correct IRS help blog.

The notice you see below is a notice on a recent happy taxpayer who went to Tax Debt Advisors to be represented on both of those matters. This husband and wife had a half a dozen back taxes to get filed and needed to settle that debt with the IRS. The taxpayers owe over $200,000 in back taxes.  This entire debt was successfully negotiated into a currently non collectible status. What does this mean? It mean at the present time they do not have to make any payments on those old tax years if they remain current with their future tax filings. If the taxpayer defaults the agreement terms then the account will end up back in collections and require a new settlement to be negotiated.

Prepare Back Taxes in Gilbert

Prepare Back Taxes in Gilbert

Contact Tax Debt Advisors and schedule a free initial consultation to see what you qualify for to settle all of your back taxes.  Tax Debt Advisors can represent you before the IRS as your power or attorney and prepare any back taxes that are unfiled. Maybe you can be the next taxpayer to get a notice from the IRS that says “CASE CLOSED”.