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Tax Debt Advisors in Mesa

Work with Tax Debt Advisors in Mesa: Representing taxpayers since 1977

Tax Debt Advisors in Mesa AZ offers a number of tax services.  Among those services are preparing unfiled back tax returns and settling IRS debts.  To be able to properly handle those two aspects it is important to give Scott Allen EA IRS power of attorney to be able to represent you through that entire process.  Scott Allen EA will meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your tax matter.  During that appointment he will lay out the 3-steps to getting a proper resolution. Every case is a different problem which requires its own unique resolution process.

For your reference a recent success by Scott Allen EA is attached below. Due to an audit the IRS added an additional $4,000 of taxes.  Cherie met with Tax Debt Advisors in Mesa and were able to appeal that decision with proper documentation and get the tax debt reduced. This was a savings of over $4,000 for the taxpayer.

Tax Debt Advisors in Mesa

Tax Debt Advisors in Mesa

If you feel you might need the services of Tax Debt Advisors in Mesa for your tax matter consider speaking with Scott Allen EA today. He will only take on your case if it is in YOUR BEST INTEREST.