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Tax Debt Advisors Settlement

Tax Debt Advisors Settlement completed

Click on the image below to see the Tax Debt Advisors settlement completed by Scott Allen EA.  The taxpayer owed a large sum of back tax debt to the IRS.  Most of it was able to be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The portion that did not meet the bankruptcy qualifications was able to be negotiated into a payment plan with the IRS.  The agreement was also completed preventing the IRS from filing any new IRS tax liens.  One of the requirements to not have tax liens filed is to owe the IRS less then $50,000.  Another requirement is to have the payment plan be set up as a direct debit from a checking account.  This is just one of literally thousands of successful IRS settlements completed by Tax Debt Advisors in Mesa Arizona.

Tax Debt Advisors Settlement

Tax Debt Advisors Settlement


If you find yourself in a similar situation whether you have unfiled tax returns or just owe the IRS for back tax debt speak with Scott Allen of Tax Debt Advisors today. He will meet with you for a free consultation.  There are many different ways to resolve an IRS debt and Scott will walk you thru each option available to you.