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August 2010

stopirsaction.com – IRS TAX LIENS

How do Tax Liens Affect Real Estate I own?  You’ve heard with real estate the phrase, location, location, location.  Well that is certainly true when it comes to your real estate and IRS tax liens.  Here is a typical question I get asked regarding...
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STOP IRS ACTION – Substitute For Return

If you don’t file your tax returns, eventually the IRS will, based upon information about your gross income reported on a 1099, W-2’s, stock sales, sale of home and reported interest and dividends.  These returns are referred to as SFR’s for substitute for return...
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scottallenea.com – AUDIT RECONSIDERATION

If the outcome of your audit was a negative surprise, you still have an opportunity to appeal the audit results.  Relatively few people actually appeal their audit out of fear that the appeals process might result in a higher amount owed.  Audit reconsideration can...
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