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November 2010

Independent Contractor or Employee?

This is a big issue that can have a drastic impact on how you are taxed.  If you are getting a 1099-Misc you are an independent contractor—you are considered self employed the same as if you had your own business.  You will have to...
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Is the IRS kinder and gentler?

In the last 34 years, we have seen little change in the attitude or position of the IRS towards collection of taxes owed.  The IRS is just an extension of our federal government.  It is a huge bureaucracy and the culture within the IRS...
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IRS Notices

Here are the three most common IRS notices:  CP 2000—Proposed Changes to Your Return/Notice of Unreported Income.  If income has been reported to the IRS that is not on your return you will get this notice.  If you disagree with this notice you have...
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