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Do I Need an Arizona IRS Tax Attorney of IRS Tax Debt Help?

No, having IRS tax debt is not a legal matter.  You do not need an Arizona IRS Tax Attorney.

However, having an IRS tax debt can cause you lots of misery.  A taxpayer may suffer a levy of wages and bank accounts, lower credit scores, tax liens filed against assets and possible seizure of assets.  If you choose the right IRS resolution specialist, you will not only get the best settlement allowed by law but you will generally pay much less for those services.

May I suggest that you meet with Scott Allen E.A.  He has the expertise to work with the IRS and will not take on your case unless it benefits you.  Call Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 for a free consultation.  Let Scott make today a great day for you.



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Do I Need a Chandler AZ IRS Tax Attorney to file for Innocent Spouse Relief?

No, this is not a legal matter.  You do not a Chandler Arizona IRS Tax Attorney.  You need an IRS resolution professional with expertise in filing for Innocent Spouse Relief.  There are certain conditions that must be met before the IRS will grant relief to an innocent spouse.  Here they are:

  • You must not have benefited financially from the income that was not reported or false deductions taken on a joint return.
  • You must be able to prove that you did not know that your spouse was filing incorrect returns that were filed jointly.
  • The IRS has increased the amount due shown on the jointly filed return.
  • If you live in a community property state, a married filing separate return will be considered as long as the innocent spouse included their portion of the offending spouse’s income on their return.

An innocent spouse can be relieved of tax, interest and penalties due to the willful errors on the return of the offending spouse.  Please be aware that the IRS will contact your spouse to “get their side of the story.”  So just making claims that cannot be substantiate will not work.  Remember that the IRS can come after you for the full amount due on a jointly filed return.  Scott Allen E.A. near Chandler AZ has expertise in determining, applying for, and getting innocent spouse relief.  Contact Scott today at 480-926-9300 and schedule a free consultation to see if you qualify for this important IRS program.


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Do I Need an IRS Attorney in Mesa AZ to get my IRS Penalties Reduced?

No, getting your IRS penalties reduced is not a legal matter?  When the IRS reduces your penalties it is called penalty abatement.  This can best be done by filing an appeal with the IRS Appeals Office.  Another option is with the Taxpayer Advocate Office.  It is best to have a consultation with Scott Allen E.A. (who is not a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney) to validate your reasons for making a legitimate appeal or find out right up front that your appeal will be denied.  Scott may be able to come up with better reasons, that are true, that will give you the greatest chance of having your IRS penalties reduced.  Penalties can grow very quickly.  For example, the IRS will penalize you 25% of the tax due for filing just five months after the due date.

An Appeals hearing is requested by filing Form 843.  Generally speaking, Appeals Officers are much more lenient than other levels at the IRS such as collections or IRS auditors.  It is important to have some proof of your claim, so keeping paper records such as medical records is critical.  Remember, the IRS Appeals Office has heard every lame excuse.  I think these guys have lunches with traffic cops to compare excuses.

Call Scott Allen E.A. for a professional opinion regarding your request to have IRS penalties abated.  Scott can be reached at 48-926-9300 and you first appointment is a free consultation.


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Dostoevsky explains the problem with freedom and IRS problems

Many of our clients “confess” that they got in trouble with the IRS because it was so easy to do—in other words, they had the freedom to get in trouble.  Dostoevsky explains that freedom is a burden that most people are incapable of handling.  Now that you have made some choices with your freedom that have gotten you in trouble with the IRS, you need a professional that can help you to understand the choices you now need to make to get out of trouble.

May I recommend that your choice should be Scott Allen E.A.  He has the understanding not only of how to get your out of trouble with the IRS but he also has the ability to counsel you how to use your freedom to make correct choices on how to stay out of trouble in the future.

Scott Allen E.A. offers a free consultation and can be reached at 480-926-9300.

Now let’s look at what Dostoevsky has to say about how to use our freedom.

In the second chapter of Book 5 of The Brothers Karamazov, Ivan tells Alyosha a parable entitled “The Grand Inquisitor” to illustrate why he believes that Christianity has failed utterly to deal with the ultimate source of the problem of evil.  The Grand Inquisitor goes so far as to say that God is the very source of the problem.

The parable tells of a powerful 16th century Spanish Jesuit Cardinal—The Grand Inquisitor—who is the leader of the Inquisition in Seville, Spain.  In the parable, Jesus returns to Earth and performs a miracle in Seville, raising a dead child to life (this is analogous to the boy torn apart by the hounds).

The Cardinal has Jesus arrested for this public display, charging that rather than bring salvation, Jesus has in the past and once again placed upon suffering humanity, the additional and intolerable burden of freedom and with freedom, responsibility for themselves.  The Inquisitor says to the captive Jesus:

For the secret of man’s being is not only to live but to have something to live for (have meaning in their lives).  Without a stable conception of the object of life, man would not consent to go on living, and would rather destroy himself than remain on earth, though he had bread in abundance.  That is true.  But what happened?  Instead of taking men’s freedom from them, Thou didst make it greater than ever!  Didst Thou forget that man prefers peace and even death, to freedom of choice in the knowledge of good and evil?  Nothing is more seductive for man than his freedom of control, but nothing is a greater cause of suffering.  And behold, instead of giving a firm foundation for setting the conscience of man at rest for ever.  Thou didst choose all that is exceptional, vague, and enigmatic; Thou didst choose what was utterly beyond the strength of men, acting as though Thou didst not love them at all—Thou who didst come to give Thy life for them!  Instead of taking possession of men’s freedom, Thou didst increase it, and burdened the spiritual kingdom of mankind with its sufferings forever.

The human predicament in the mind of the Grand Inquisitor seems to be either happiness, peace and contentment, or freedom and responsibility which lead to unavoidable suffering.   These two are mutually exclusive according to Ivan as he expresses in his parable of The Grand Inquisitor.  So how does Dostoevsky escape what he has so eloquently put forth with the character of Ivan the rationalist?  Is there any way that Dostoevsky can drag us through all this atheistic mud and then wash us clean enough to still believe in the goodness of God?

Yes, but you will have to read the previous blog about Dostoevsky and Forgiveness.  Again if you have found yourself in trouble with the IRS, please call Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300.  He will help you in unique ways that others are not able to do.  His IRS tax resolution business is a family business that started in 1977 and continues today because he provides the same level of service as its founders—his parents.

Print off this blog and bring it with you at the initial consultation and receive $50.00 off any IRS resolution work we do.  One blog offer per client.