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December 2015

Settle IRS Debt in Mesa AZ: Revised

Have you considered revising your agreement to settle IRS debt in Mesa AZ? This is what Jody decided to do.  He came in to met with Scott Allen EA to get his IRS payment plan adjusted.  View his new IRS agreement below. What options are...
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Phoenix AZ IRS penalty abatement

Do taxpayers ever get Phoenix AZ IRS penalty abatement? Yes, penalty abatement does happen but not as often as you hear advertised.  By all the advertisements you hear via radio, TV, and internet you would think anyone and everyone qualifies.  To received consideration you...
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Who can settle IRS debt in Gilbert AZ ?

Tax Debt Advisors can and does settle IRS debt in Gilbert AZ The hardest part of getting an IRS issue resolved in most cases is just finding the right help.  Delinquent taxpayers are bombarded with advertisements, websites, and phone calls all claiming to be...
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