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January 2016

2016 Phoenix AZ Levy Release

Matthew needed a Phoenix AZ Levy Release and got it Don’t let the IRS control your finances by placing a hefty levy on your wages.  Matthew was in desperate need of a Phoenix AZ levy release.  He was getting behind on his bills and it...
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January 2016 Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

The best reviews are Tax Debt Advisors Reviews ! What is one way to evaluate the reputation of a tax debt settlement company?  Scott Allen EA believes the best way is to provide actual results of recent successes.  By view the IRS notice below...
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Settle IRS Debt Tempe AZ right now

Just like Earl you too can settle IRS debt Tempe AZ today. Everyone’s tax and financial situation is completely different.  Scott Allen EA has never had two identical cases.  However, all of his clients can settle IRS debt Tempe AZ with proper representation.  Read...
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Tax Debt Advisors Inc Reviews: Jan 2016

Removal of IRS penalty: Tax Debt Advisors Inc Reviews Below is a recent IRS letter showing proof of full removal of IRS penalty assessed on the taxpayers form 1065 tax return.  This work was accomplished by Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors Inc. Have...
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