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August 2016

Stop IRS Levy in Phoenix

What is one way to stop IRS levy in Phoenix? First off, there are many options to stop IRS levy in Phoenix.  The quickest but not always easiest way is to pay the liability in full. Now why would someone want to do that?  Well,...
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Tax Debt Advisors recent success

Looking for success in resolving your tax debt? Call Tax Debt Advisors Tax Debt Advisors is a locally and family owned practice here in Mesa AZ.  Started in 1977 the company is on its second generation of IRS debt help service. When dealing with...
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Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise

Completed and approved Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise Congratulation to Michael on his successful Phoenix AZ IRS Offer in Compromise. The process took about 14 months from start to finish but when you can settle your $445,000 IRS debt for about $22,000 in...
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Mesa AZ IRS CP2000 Audit

Getting the right help with a Mesa AZ IRS CP2000 Audit. First off, what is a Mesa AZ IRS CP2000 audit? This is the most common for of an IRS audit. More CP2000 notices get sent out each year then probably just about any...
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