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Scott Allen

2018 Peoria IRS Settlement

What is a 2018 Peoria IRS Settlement? A 2018 Peoria IRS Settlement is a successful agreement between an Arizona taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service to solve a tax debt. Mike was in need of this service and went to Tax Debt Advisors to...
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2018 Phoenix IRS Debt Settlement

2018 Phoenix IRS Debt Settlement This taxpayer was looking for a 2018 Phoenix IRS debt settlement. She found Tax Debt Advisors online and met with Scott Allen EA for a consultation on her tax matter. All her tax returns were already filed except for...
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Mesa Unfiled Tax Returns IRS

Mesa Unfiled Tax Returns IRS prepared by Scott Allen EA There are many reason why a taxpayer may have Mesa unfiled tax returns IRS. Regardless of the reason, Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors is experienced to handle it and get you back...
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Derek’s Mesa IRS Settlement

Derek’s Mesa IRS Settlement 2018 Just completed this month by Tax Debt Advisors was Derek’s Mesa IRS settlement. Derek owes the IRS over $70,000 in back taxes. All the tax returns were filed for compliance purposes, he just couldn’t afford to pay them. Luckily...
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Mesa Back Tax Returns Prepared

Mesa Back Tax Returns Prepared by Scott Allen EA If you have Mesa back tax returns that need to be prepared you are not alone. Life gets busy, finances get tight, and other obstacles can take priority. However, when deciding to get back into...
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