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1040X Amended Tax Return


If you know that tax deductions or exemptions were not claimed on your filed tax return, filing an IRS 1040X amended tax return should be done.  Always have proof of your deductions or exemptions being claimed.  Amending a previously filed return does not significantly increase your chances of being audited and if you are selected for audit, your proof will sustain what you have claimed.  Too many taxpayers avoid filing an amended tax return out of fear of being audited.

IRS form 1040X is fairly complicated and should either be prepared by a tax professional or using tax software if you are doing the work yourself.  Manually prepared amended returns almost always have errors and will greatly complicate the process and often result in an audit.  

The amended tax return will require all of the information from your originally filed return.  If you need copies of old returns because you cannot located them, we can get the needed information from the IRS.  You cannot amend tax returns that have been filed for longer than three years.