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IRS Tax Relief


If you are serious about getting relief from your IRS tax debt consider the following:

  • The most important decision you make is the person that represents you.  The wrong person will make your problem with the IRS worse.  Choose someone local that you can meet with face to face.
  • Never pay one large upfront fee, especially to someone outside of your area.  Pay for services as they are performed.  
  • Keep deadlines that are imposed by the IRS on your IRS representative.
  • Make sure that all information requested by the IRS is complete.  Anything omitted will come back later to haunt you and perhaps nullify your settlement option.
  • You must continue to file and full pay your taxes to keep your settlement valid while you are on a payment plan, currently not collectible status, or for five years after you have been granted an offer in compromise.
  • Make sure you have all the pros and cons of each settlement option in front of you at the same time before choosing which one to pursue.