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Federal Tax Liens


Federal tax liens filed by the IRS occur when you owe the IRS for any tax debt including income tax, payroll taxes and gift and estate taxes.  Federal tax liens are IRS tax liens are different terms for the same IRS action against your property.  Your state also has the right to file tax liens for taxes owed to the state.  

When tax liens are filed they are effective on the date the tax debt was assessed against you.  It can take several days after the assessment before the IRS or state taxing authority to file a tax lien.  Once the lien has been filed it will have claim against your property until the debt is pay or the statute of limitations runs out.  State tax liens will also damage your credit report similar to an IRS tax lien.  Unfortunately tax liens will not only attach to property owned before the tax lien was filed,  but they also attach to property to purchased afterwards as well.