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File Back Tax Return Mesa

How to File Back Tax Return Mesa The best way to file back tax return Mesa is by hiring Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors.  Kevin came in to visit with Scott with several years of back tax returns that needed to be prepared.  Upon hiring him to be his IRS Power of Attorney Scott… READ MORE

Tempe AZ IRS tax attorney or not?

 Do you or do you not use a Tempe AZ IRS tax attorney? Taxpayers faced with a delinquent IRS problem are faced with the first question of, "Where do I go or who do I hire for help?".  The first idea that may come to mind is that their problem is a legal matter and… READ MORE

File back tax returns in Gilbert AZ with Tax Debt Advisors Inc

We are Arizona's Premier IRS Tax Problem Advisors. One of the main components to getting an IRS settlement completed with the IRS is that all of your required Gilbert AZ back taxes returns must be filed.  The word "required" is used for a very specific reason.  With the IRS you never want to make assumptions on… READ MORE

Stop IRS Levy Mesa by Tax Debt Advisors

Tax Debt Advisors can stop IRS levy Mesa through representation An Arizona resident can receive a notice of levy for a number of reason.  With that being said Tax Debt Advisors can be your advocate to stop IRS levy Mesa before it happens.  Most clients come in and meet with Scott Allen EA for a… READ MORE

Scott released my Gilbert AZ IRS wage garnishment

Do you have a Gilbert AZ IRS wage garnishment? If so, you might want to utilize the services of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.  In this particular case (see below) they were able to help their client William out.  He came in to meet with Scott Allen EA last week.  The IRS sent a Gilbert AZ IRS… READ MORE

Can the IRS Take My Retirement Money?

Can the IRS Take My Retirement Money? If you are wondering whether the IRS can take your 401k, pension or retirement account money, this post should help! Here we discuss why your accounts are at risk in the first place, if the IRS can actually take money from these accounts or not, and what you… READ MORE

IRS Tax Attorney in Arizona: When should I NOT use an attorney?

IRS Tax Attorney in Arizona: When should I NOT use an attorney? If you are searching for "tax attorney", "tax lawyer", "IRS tax lawyer", "IRS attorney", "tax attorneys", "IRS tax attorney", "tax attorney near me" or "best tax attorney" in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe or Scottsdale, Arizona, Scott Allen E. A. from Tax Debt Advisors can help! Even the… READ MORE

File Phoenix AZ back tax returns

Have you ever received a bill from the IRS on Phoenix AZ back tax returns you did not file? Well Marcus did and was he surprised to find out the IRS sent a levy notice to his employer.  When Marcus came and met with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors he had not filed… READ MORE

Click here for Mesa AZ unfiled tax returns

Scott Allen EA helps with Mesa AZ unfiled tax returns Tax Debt Advisors is the East Valley leader in Mesa, AZ for unfiled tax returns.  His company specializes in the preparation of delinquent tax returns and getting taxpayers back in the system again.  If you desire marriage without financial stress, home ownership, bank accounts, or to… READ MORE

Stop IRS levy in Mesa AZ today.

Find out today if you qualify to stop IRS levy in Mesa AZ.  Its always best to resolve your IRS matter before they resort to levy action either to your bank account or wages.  However, if they do all is not lost.  There are options to stop IRS levy in Mesa AZ.  Call and speak… READ MORE

Do I need a Chandler AZ IRS Tax Attorney for IRS Tax Relief?

No, IRS tax relief is not a legal matter. Chandler AZ IRS problems are a burden that often requires professional help.  If you are delinquent in filing tax returns you need a Chandler AZ tax professional who is competent in both filing late returns and settling the debt associated with those back tax returns.  Where… READ MORE

Should I use a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney?

  One of the most important questions you will ask if you have an IRS debt is do I need a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney?  Often times taxpayers think that their only recourse to get an IRS resolution is to use a tax attorney.  We are hear to inform you that there are other options… READ MORE