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IRS Levy

Prevent IRS Levy Mesa AZ

Don’t let the IRS cause you to lose sleep any longer. Prevent IRS Levy Mesa AZ by getting your IRS debt into a settlement.  Earnest was behind on his tax filings and the IRS was threatening to levy his modest wages if he did...
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Prevent IRS Levy Phoenix

Find out how to prevent IRS levy Phoenix The last thing someone wants to see or hear is that their wages have been garnished by the IRS.  Or equally as bad, the IRS has drained their bank account.  Make today the day you prevent...
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Chandler IRS Settlement 2016 and 2018

Case Closed: Chandler IRS Settlement Maybe it is time you “SwitchToScott.com” for your Chandler IRS settlement.  That is exactly what Betty decided to do this year. She had four years of back tax returns to prepare before she could settle her IRS debt. Jumping...
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IRS Tax Attorney in Arizona: When should I NOT use an attorney?

IRS Tax Attorney in Arizona: When should I NOT use an attorney? If you are searching for “tax attorney“, “tax lawyer“, “IRS tax lawyer“, “IRS attorney“, “tax attorneys“, “IRS tax attorney“, “tax attorney near me” or “best tax attorney” in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe or Scottsdale, Arizona, Scott...
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Stop IRS levy in Mesa AZ today.

Find out today if you qualify to stop IRS levy in Mesa AZ.  Its always best to resolve your IRS matter before they resort to levy action either to your bank account or wages.  However, if they do all is not lost.  There are...
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