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No more Mesa AZ IRS Garnishment

How to stop a Mesa AZ IRS Garnishment

Yes, a Mesa AZ IRS garnishment can be stopped and in many cases it can be stopped before your next paycheck. The IRS will issue garnishment notice to your employer when you owe them for unpaid back taxes and/or behind on filing your tax returns. Your employer is required by law to withhold a chunk of your paycheck and send it to the IRS. Often times it can be as much as 30-40% of your take home pay. Your employer will respond to the Mesa AZ IRS garnishment notice until the debt is fully satisfied or they receive a notice of release of levy. Its always better to get compliant with the IRS before a garnishment notice is sent out but if that isn’t the case you still have options.

How to get the IRS to send out a notice of release of levy to an employer?

In one sentence, you need to get compliant! Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors Inc can help you do so. To get the IRS to issue a notice of release on the Mesa AZ IRS garnishment an agreement needs to be negotiated and approved by the IRS. An agreement could be a currently non collectible status, a payment plan, or an agreement to full pay in 90 days to give you some examples. Once the IRS approves an agreement they have to send out a release of levy to your employer. Scott Allen EA will typically do most of this work over the phone with the IRS to expedite the process. By mail, things can take weeks to happen. Most taxpayers do not have weeks to wait as their next paycheck may only be a few days away. Time is of the essence and Scott Allen EA understands this. He will work into the evening if it means you have a shot as getting 100% of your next paycheck.

Have Mesa AZ back tax returns to file?

Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc also specializes in the filing of back tax returns. Whether you need one return or seven tax returns filed Scott can help. As your IRS power of attorney in this process he will represent you from start to finish to make sure everything is done right, and right the first time! Feel free to give him a call and schedule a free initial consultation. That is exactly what David did and he was thrilled with the result. He received a Mesa AZ IRS garnishment notice but rather than having the IRS suck 32% of his take home pay Scott was able to negotiate his back taxes into a very manageable $390/month payment plan. This was all negotiated before his next payday and David’s wages were never garnished. Both years he owes for are included into that arrangement. Take a look as the IRS approval notice below. No more Mesa AZ IRS garnishment to worry about for David!

No More Mesa AZ IRS Garnishment

Written by Scott Allen

File Back Tax Returns in Mesa

Can I still file back tax returns in Mesa?

The answer is most definitely yes. Scott Allen EA receives calls all the time with taxpayers asking, “is it possible to file back tax returns in Mesa?”  Just because you miss one year, three years, or eleven years of filing your taxes it doesn’t mean they wont let you file a current year tax return. Clients will also ask Scott Allen EA, “do you think the IRS forgot about me? I have not file a tax return in four years and I have not heard from them yet?”  Trust this one rule, the IRS may be slow and inefficient at what they do but they will never forget about you. Eventually time catches up and the IRS will force a taxpayer to file back tax returns in Mesa by either:

  • sending you a “lock-in” letter forcing you to withhold taxes from your current employer at the highest possible rate and unable to change it for three years
  • filings a substitute for return (SFR) in your behalf giving you a balance due on back taxes owed
  • filing a tax lien
  • bank levy
  • wage garnishment
  • assigning your case to a local IRS Revenue Officer

Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc that whether you have to file back tax returns in Mesa for two years, four years, or ten years is it always better to reach out to the IRS before they reach out. Because by doing do we can prevent them from doing any of those negative actions against you mentioned above. Once an IRS wage garnishment has been started 1) it is difficult to get it stopped and 2) it is difficult to correct the matter when the IRS is taking 30% of your paycheck. With Scott Allen EA as your IRS Power of Attorney he can represent you and put a hold to any collection activity before it ever begins. Then once that hold is placed on the account it will remain on hold as long as the commitments are met to get the taxpayer fully compliant.

What does it mean to be fully compliant?

In addition to file back tax returns in Mesa a taxpayer also needs to be sure they are having proper W2 withholdings with the federal and state or making monthly or quarterly estimated tax payments if they are self employed. The IRS needs to be certain that if they are going to work out a payment plan or offer in compromise settlement that you will not owe on next years taxes when it is due April 15th. Scott Allen EA will be there for you next year by sending you a reminder letter in January and a phone call in February to come in a get your current year taxes prepared, filed and paid on time.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc has been in business since 1977 and Scott Allen EA bought the family business in 2011. Together they have settled over 100,000 IRS debts. Below is just one recent example of a successful case where Scott Allen EA was able to file back tax returns in Mesa and save Trevor $77,638 on his 2016 tax return. It was a hard case to get thru (especially post Covid-19 and the IRS’s limited staff) but it was all worth it obviously. View the IRS approval notice below.

File Late Tax Returns in Mesa

If you would like to meet with Scott Allen EA and see what he can do for you give him a call and schedule a free initial consultation.

Written by Scott Allen

Idioms to Remember if you need to STOP a Mesa AZ IRS Levy

Scott will stop Mesa AZ IRS Levy

An idiom is an expression that in and of itself makes no sense when translated into another language.  Knowing the literal meaning of idioms does not enable you to understand them unless you also know what they allude to. I have listed below the most important idioms that everyone should know if you are in need to stopping a Mesa AZ IRS levy.  It is important to understand how they apply to your situation.
  • Ace in the hole—A hidden advantage.  “The coach was certain that his new trick play would turn out to be his ace in the hole.” This term comes from the game of stud poker, in which one or more cards are turned face down, or “in the hole,” as bets are placed.  The ace is the card with the highest value.
  • Act of God—An event beyond human control like an earthquake or a volcanic eruption.
  • Albatross around one’s neck—An annoying burden: “That old car is an albatross around my neck.”
  • Bite the bullet—To adjust to unpleasant circumstances.  “The severe drought is forcing everybody to bit the bullet and use less water.”  Before anesthesia, surgeons operating on the wounded gave them a bullet to bite to help withstand the pain.
  • Burn the candle at both ends—To do more than one ought to: to overextend oneself: “Working three jobs is burning the candle at both ends.”
  • Chip on one’s shoulder—To “have a chip on one’s shoulder” is to invite conflict by being extremely touchy.  In the past, a young boy would place a wood chip on his shoulder and dare anyone to knock it off as a way of showing how tough he was.
  • Chutzpah—Yiddish term for courage bordering on arrogance.

There is more then one way to stop a Mesa AZ IRS levy.  It is important to make a plan of attack for your specific circumstances to be sure to stop the IRS levy in Mesa AZ as soon as possible.  Many times is can be accomplished within a 24 hour period of first contact with the IRS.  On occasions we can get the IRS to give a temporary or partial stop to a Mesa AZ IRS levy with commitments to get accomplished as is needed (i.e. file back tax returns, provide financial information) to make it a permanent stop to the IRS levy in Mesa AZ.

There are several ways to settle and IRS debt.  Each settlement options has pros and cons—something good about it as wells as something not so good.  However, one is always better that the rest and is usually quite obvious once the facts have been presented to you without prejudice towards any one solution.  That is why Tax Debt Advisors, Inc should be your choice when confronted with a serious IRS problem.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors Inc was able to stop Mesa AZ IRS levy for a client by negotiating his debt into a low monthly payment plan. Yes, it was that simple. He put an end of the IRS levy by putting Jason on a $155 per month payment plan for his two years of back taxes owed. See the IRS approval letter below.

Mesa AZ IRS Levy


Written by Scott Allen

We are Mesa Arizona’s Top IRS Problem Solvers for Offers in Compromise—General Information

IRS Offer in Compromise Mesa AZ

Here is some general information the IRS Offer in Compromise.  Beyond the basics you are best to consult with a local IRS resolution expert in Arizona.  If you truly cannot afford to pay back the taxes owed, including the interest and penalties, you may be a candidate to apply for an Offer in Compromise.  This IRS settlement option allows you to settle your entire debt for a lesser amount.  This can be done by making short monthly payments or one lump sum.

An Offer in compromise has an advantage over filing a bankruptcy because payroll taxes cannot be eliminated by filing a bankruptcy.  Once your offer has been accepted and you have paid in full the agreed amount, the IRS will remove all tax liens.  The amount that is considered acceptable by the IRS is based on your ability to pay.  Financial statements with proof of all of your personal and business expenses will have to be provided along with bank statements.

Many potential Mesa AZ Offer in Compromise clients qualify for an Offer but the amount considered acceptable to the IRS is more than the taxpayer can pay.  To determine if you are a viable Offer candidate, contact Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.


Written by Scott Allen

Mesa AZ Tax Debt Advisors—How do I prepare to meet with an IRS Appeals Officer?

Mesa AZ Tax Debt Advisors

If you have requested a hearing before the IRS Office of Appeals near Mesa AZ you will eventually get a letter or phone call to schedule an appointment to meet with an IRS Appeals officer. This is the most opportune way to get your side of the story heard and reduce your tax liability. The Appeals Office is more willing to compromise on grey areas than an IRS Revenue Officer or IRS Agent. It is best to acquire professional assistance before meeting with an Mesa AZ IRS Appeals Officer.

Consider a free initial consultation with Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors. Scott can advise the best way to prepare for the hearing with the IRS Appeals Officer and will not take your case unless it is in your best interest. Call today at 480-926-9300 to schedule an appointment.


Written by Scott Allen

Tax Debt Advisors in Mesa AZ can negotiate your IRS payment plan

Mesa AZ IRS Payment Plan

The IRS has powerful tools to collect taxes owed.  They include:

  • Not paying you a tax refund on your tax return
  • Levying your wages
  • Garnishing your bank accounts
  • Filing a tax lien
  • Seizing  assets

However the tax laws allow you to avoid the trauma of each of these collection nightmares.  But you must be willing to follow through on the advice you receive from a competent Mesa AZ tax advisor.  Some of the requirements include filing all of your back tax returns, even if you don’t owe.  Remember that refunds older than three years will be forfeited and not applied against your tax debt.

Often your best option is to enter into a Mesa AZ IRS payment plan.  Many times the statute of limitations that the IRS has to collect the debt expires before the installment arrangement pays of the debt.  If you finances show you do not have the ability to pay your necessary living expenses you may be put on a non collectible status which means no payments are required.

Scott Allen E.A. of Mesa Arizona has the expertise to advise you of all of your options and reviewing the pros and cons of each one.  On occasion more than one option will provide the best option.  An example might be to first go on a non collectible status until the taxes qualify for discharge in a tax motivated bankruptcy.  Call to schedule a free initial in office consultation by calling Scott at 480-926-9300.


Written by Scott Allen

The IRS has filed a tax lien; can Tax Debt Advisors, Inc still help me?

IRS Tax Lien Mesa AZ

A tax lien in Mesa AZ will make it miserable for you to get a loan.  And if you are given a loan the interest rates will be outrageous.  So if you are being faced with the IRS filing a tax lien against you in Mesa AZ, consider getting professional help and requesting a hearing before the IRS Office of Appeals.  Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has the expertise to represent you and will meet with the Appeals Officer if he feels the IRS should not file a tax lien against you.

Many clients are under the assumption that they have a tax lien against them still in effect, when in fact the lien expired under the statute of limitations.  IRS tax liens Mesa AZ are self-releasing but if you have not paid off the tax, the IRS will not inform the credit bureaus that the tax lien has expired.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. in Mesa, AZ offers a free initial consultation to prevent an IRS tax lien or getting it released.  Call 480-926-9300 to schedule an appointment.



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Call Scott Allen E.A. in Mesa AZ to represent your case at the Appeals Office

Mesa AZ IRS Appeals Office

Representing yourself at the Mesa AZ IRS Appeals Office can be an intimidating experience and this works to the advantage of the IRS Appeals Officer you will be meeting with.  Since this is your last chance to get what you are seeking, professional assistance is your best choice leading to a victory.  Scott Allen E.A. is familiar with most if not all of the Appeals Officers.  They respect him and will listen to his arguments.  They know he is not intimidated and is knowledgeable with tax laws pertaining to all Mesa AZ IRS settlement options.

Call Scott Allen E.A. for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.  Scott will not take your case unless it is in your best interest.  Let Scott make your appointment with him a great day for you!



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Can I appeal my IRS Audit? IRS help from Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

IRS Audit in Arizona

Yes, but first you should speak to the manager of the person who did the audit.  Many times an appeal can be avoided by speaking with the manager.  In most cases you will want to have a professional speak to the manager on your behalf.  Many times it is just explaining the facts in terms that the IRS will accept.  Before I can represent you an IRS form 2848 will need to be filed with the auditor.  If the manager is unwilling to agree with me, I will file an IRS audit appeal.  Audit appeals are more willing to make compromises as a matter of expedience to keep their workload from backing up and because they have greater latitude to make concessions.  A professional representative who has worked with the Appeals Office has a greater chance of success simply because of their relationship and credibility from past appeals.


 Scott Allen, E.A. – Tax Debt Advisors, Inc helping with IRS audits in Arizona



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Arizona State tax debt

Arizona State Tax Debt

Debts owe to the State of Arizona are handled by the Arizona Department of Revenue.  Settlements and are handled very much the same way as they are with the IRS.  There are some important differences.  I advise clients to first file and settle with the IRS and then file and settle with the Arizona Dept. of Revenue (AZDOR) in most cases.  If you are filing old returns from prior years, Arizona will often wait until the IRS accepts the federal return before accepting a return filed with them for the same year.  Also, the State of Arizona is much more aggressive on collecting taxes on smaller amounts owed than the IRS is on larger amounts owed.

It is best to make your decisions on settlement once you know what you will owe to both the IRS and AZDOR and your ability to make payments on your combined tax debt.  There are some situations when settling up with the State before settling with the IRS makes more sense.  A consultation with a professional representative will help avoid painting yourself in a corner on one tax debt and leave you vulnerable to serious financial troubles in dealing with the other.

Scott Allen E. A.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc



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