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Can my Mesa AZ IRS wage garnishment be stopped?

Scott Allen EA’s company Tax Debt Advisors Inc has stopped IRS wage garnishments since 1977.  If you have received that dreaded notice from your HR department that the IRS is going to keep up to 70% of your next paycheck call and talk with Scott Allen EA today.

The IRS does have the right to legally garnish your paycheck if you are not in compliance with them.  Being out of compliance can mean you have back tax returns to file and/or owe the IRS on back taxes already filed.  Even though the IRS does have the legal right to seize other assets as well such as your cars or home they typically do not.

Don’t let the IRS take anymore of your paycheck then they have to.  Call Scott Allen EA for a free consultation to meet with him on what needs to be done to stop your Mesa AZ IRS wage garnishment.  Once he has all the information required to stop the IRS garnishment Scott will get it release within 24 hrs.

Part of getting the release of your IRS wage garnishment in Mesa AZ is to enter into one of their settlement options.  There are 5 different options available to you.  You will be reviewed on the pros and cons of each option. Dont wait until your options and finances are limited by the IRS. Call Scott today at 480-926-9300 or visit his website at www.releaseIRSlevy.com.


Mesa AZ IRS Wage Garnishment Prevented in 2019

The best tactic someone can engage in when dealing with a Mesa AZ IRS wage garnishment is to be proactive with it. Contact the IRS before it happens. Let me give you an example:  Michael had not filed tax returns in 14 years and owed the IRS over $200,000 in back taxes. Someone might think this is an ideal case for the IRS to “throw the hammer” and garnish wages or levy bank accounts. If Michael was reactive this would be the case. But, because he hired competent honest representation he was able to protect his wages and negotiate a favorable agreement with them on his large IRS debt. View the IRS approval agreement below.

Mesa AZ IRS Wage Garnishment

Mike is in a “Case Closed – Currently not Collectible status“. As long as he remains in compliance with his future tax liabilities he does not have to pay a dime on his back taxes. This is a great relief for a struggling taxpayer.  If you would like to discuss your case or see what options are available to you with your IRS debt or unfiled tax returns call and speak with Scott Allen EA today. He can be reached at 480-926-9300.


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Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney or not?

Do I need a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney for my IRS problem?

Scott Allen EA gets asked this question quite often.  My taxpayers feel their situation requires a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney or that the only person that can assist them is an attorney.  While an attorney can assist with a taxpayers problem its not the only course of action.  It is important to remember, 98% of IRS problems are not of a criminal nature; they are a delinquent nature.  Scott Allen EA is not an attorney but rather an Enrolled Agent (EA) who is licensed specifically to prepare tax returns and to represent taxpayers before the IRS in matters of collections and audits.  He does not branch off into other aspects of taxation but focuses 100% of his practice on IRS problems.  Scott Allen EA can do anything an attorney can do when it comes to those areas.  Below we have provided to you a recent success of his work for a client before the IRS.

Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney

Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney

One of his clients came in with a couple unfiled tax returns and the IRS garnishing his retirement income (yes, the IRS can garnish your retirement or social security income).  They were taking his money and applying it to a tax debt on his 2009 tax return that he had never filed.  Actually, the IRS filed it for him giving him no room for expenses or deductions.  As you can see they took over $6,000 of his income to a debt that should never have been there in the first place.  What did Scott Allen EA do?  To sum it up he was able to get an IRS power of attorney authorization to represent him, contact the IRS to “gather up the facts”, prepare and file his missing returns, and get a stop to the garnishment.  Lastly, he was able to get the IRS to refund the money back to him within a reasonable period of time.

This may have been a case someone might think a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney is required but as you can see it was not.  Scott Allen EA was able to aggressively represent his client in the best possible manner.  This client will be continuing to use his services on a yearly tax preparation basis.  Let Scott Allen EA at Tax Debt Advisors be your “one stop shop” in getting you IRS nightmare behind you.  He will meet with you for a free initial consultation.

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney 2019

Scott Allen EA is not a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney but is licensed to do anything an attorney can do pertaining to matters before the IRS. Tax Debt Advisors has been representing taxpayers since 1977. View a recent notice of success from the IRS below.

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Robert was a struggling taxpayer just surviving to pay his household bills. This got him behind on his tax filings. He recently met with Scott Allen EA to hire him as his IRS power of attorney. Scott, as an Enrolled Agent, successfully released his wage garnishment, prepared his back tax returns and negotiated an aggressive settlement on that debt. Currently non collectible status is where Robert stands with the IRS. This means he does not have to make any payments to the IRS as long as he files and full pays his future tax obligations on time.

If you find yourself in a similar situation or just don’t know where to begin consider meeting with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors to discuss your options. He will only take on your case if it is in your best interest.

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Does the IRS Offer One Time Forgiveness?

Does the IRS Offer One Time Forgiveness?

IRS One Time Forgiveness

Yes, the IRS does offers one time forgiveness, also known as an offer in compromise, the IRS’s debt relief program. Have tax debt and wondering if one time forgiveness can help? If so, this post should help! Read below about programs the IRS has to help resolve your tax debt and what Tax Debt Advisors can do to help you get it done easily.

Does The IRS Offer A Tax Debt Relief Program?

The short answer is “Yes“! At any given time, there are nearly 1 million U.S taxpayers that owe the IRS. Although the IRS attempts to collect every cent that taxpayers owe the government, the reality is that they just do not have the resources for pursuing every individual person in debt. However, IRS collections remains a very stressful situation.

The IRS has tax debt relief programs, like the Fresh Start Program, available that taxpayers can take advantage of when owing back taxes. These programs not only provide a little help towards taxpayers, but it lightens the IRS’s workload. You may not be required to pay the entire amount owed, good news right?

Tax Debt Forgiveness

There are commercials that come on late at night promising to get you out of debt with tax debt forgiveness, even when thousands are owed to the IRS. Although, the reality is there is no straight debt forgiveness program.

Although, depending on the criteria of your situation you may be able to wipe your tax debt, set up an offer in compromise or payback with an installment agreement. For instance, by law the IRS is unable to collect a debt older than 10 years. Therefore, if your tax debt is from over 10 years ago, it should be forgiven, as the government is not legally able to collect the debt.

In addition, the IRS typically does not collect a debt with a low Realistic Collection Potential (RCP). An account is stated to have low RCP if the following factors are true:

  • Low income amount
  • No way to make payments
  • No assets that can be sized or liquidated, such as real estate or bank accounts

If any of the above criteria are met, you may find that your account is marked RCP. Although this is not technically a debt forgiveness, the IRS simply does not attempt to collect the debt owed, usually.

Also, the Non-Collectable Status restricts the IRS from collecting a debt, similar to the RCP. What this means is, you do not have the assets or money available to pay the debt. This program was designed with the concept of providing taxpayers enough time to earn the money or get a higher income to pay on the debt.

Can The IRS Collect After 10 Years?

No“, once a non-collectible account reaches the 10-year mark, the debt can’t be collected. In some situations non-collectible status collides with the amount of time the IRS is able to legally collect the debt. Therefore, once a Non-Collectable account reaches the 10-year mark, the debt can no longer be demanded by the IRS.

Finally, when a taxpayer files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the IRS is unable to pursue a debt collection against the individual. Although rare, there are situations where bankruptcy allows for tax debt forgiveness.

The IRS cannot make contact with you or try to collect on a debt during a pending case. If a court rules a tax debt has to be forgiven, the IRS is no longer able to pursue future action against the past tax debt.

What Is The Fresh Start Program With The IRS?

The Fresh Start Program is a collection alternative that allows individuals and businesses, in most cases, to settle their tax debt for less than they owe. This makes it easier for back tax payers to settle their tax debt and get a fresh start. Although, the required criteria to get debt fully erased can be very time consuming and stringent. For those wanting to settle debts in a timelier manner, the IRS’ Fresh Start Program is an option.

Under the Fresh Start Program, the Partial Payment Installment Agreement option is the most used. With the PPIA you are allowed to setup an affordable payment plan for your account, which runs until the debt is fully paid or the debt account has reached the 10-year mark.

IRS Fresh Start Program Qualifications

  • Must be unemployed for 30 consecutive days
  • If you are filing a joint return, you/spouse must meet 1 of the qualifications
  • Self-employed individuals with a drop in income of 25% or more
  • Tax debt must be less than $50,000

Read more about IRS Fresh Start Qualifications

Offer In Compromise Allows To Negotiate With The IRS

Another option you may also choose to pursue an Offer in Compromise, which enables you to settle a debt. The following factors are used to determine if an account qualifies:

  • Are in compliance with IRS
  • Owe new debt
  • Cannot or have no intention to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Never turned down for OIC before

You can use the IRS website to file for an Offer In Compromise, or have a tax professional like Tax Debt Advisors assist you with the process. You can check the IRS website to see if your qualify for OIC

The IRS acknowledges that they are unable to collect every amount of a delinquent account, with nearly a million taxpayers owing a debt. You have the potential for having your debt reduced, or possibly erased with one of the several debt relief programs available.

Installment Agreements Allow You To Set Up A Payment Plan

Most of the time the IRS will allow you to set up an installment agreement in order to pay back your tax debt over time. The terms of your payback agreement are determined by your budget to pay each month, how much you own and your previous filing history. 

Before you accept any repayment plan, make sure that you can afford to pay it on time, every time. Late payments or missing payments can get your agreement canceled and you will have to start over again. You can only get installment agreement if you own less than $50,000 in 2017 and the maximum payback period is 6 years. 

IRS Fresh Start Program Reviews

Scott Allen at Tax Debt Advisors Inc. has successfully represented me for the last 5 years. He has completely held the IRS off and successfully negotiated on my behalf. He is also done my tax returns at a very reasonable price saving me even more money. I highly recommend Scott and his highly capable staff! Bob R

Scott Allen is a true professional that can work for you to resolve your tax issues with integrity, knowledge and experience. I came to Scott after working for years with other tax professionals and listening way too much to the advice of family and acquaintances. During my initial meeting with Scott we were able to establish a plan to effectively resolve the tax debt that I had. Scott treated me with respect and understanding of my situation while detailing what works versus the falsehoods so many profess. Scott also performed within the time frame that I required. I am so satisfied with Scott’s work that he now handles all of my annual tax returns going forward. Robert M

Have Your Debt Reduced Today With Tax Debt Advisors

Need help with wiping out your old tax debt? Tax Debt Advisors has helped resolve over 108,000 debts. Receive a tax debt consultation today by giving Scott a call today at 480-926-9300. Tax Debt Advisors can help negotiate an offer in compromise on your behalf to finally settle your tax debt. 

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Read this IRS settlement in Phoenix AZ

Get your IRS settlement in Phoenix AZ before you get levied.

Krysta was a Phoenix AZ taxpayer who was behind on her tax filings.  As a long distance truck driver she was rarely in town let alone with time to do her taxes.  She missed one year and before she knew it she was several years behind. Krysta was so far behind she did not know where to begin until she met with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.  As you can see by clicking on the image below Scott Allen EA was able to save Krysta $36,000 on her 2009 tax return.

IRS settlement in Phoenix AZ

IRS settlement in Phoenix AZ

Many people are unaware but the IRS has the legal right to file tax returns for a taxpayer if he or she doesn’t. This was the case for Krysta.  Due to not filing her 2009 tax return the IRS did so resulting in a $37,000 tax bill that the IRS was threatening to levy her income to pay it.  Upon meeting with Scott and using him as her IRS power of attorney he was able to properly represent her before the Internal Revenue Service and put a stop to further negative damage.  Over the next several weeks Scott Allen EA assisted Krysta in the tax preparation process.  They are currently working on an IRS settlement in Phoenix AZ.  Now that her 2009 and other tax returns have been filed a settlement is currently being negotiated on the reduced debt.

Don’t let the IRS be in the drivers seat with you taxes any longer. Contact Scott Allen EA today to schedule a free evaluation of your IRS problem.  Whether you have back tax returns that need to be filed or not Scott Allen EA can represent you from beginning to end.



2019 and still getting IRS Settlement in Phoenix AZ

Stephen had the IRS coming after him for tax for tax debt that was eight years old. He never filed his 2010 return so the IRS did it for him generating a LARGE IRS debt that was not accurate. Upon meeting with Scott Allen EA it was decided to protest the IRS tax return. Go ahead and check out the notice below and see how he saved his client over $39,000 in tax debt.

IRS Settlement in Phoenix AZ

Are you behind on your taxes or owe more then you can pay back? If so, meet with Scott Allen EA today. He will represent you as Power of Attorney and will put your mind as ease.

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Reduce IRS Debt in Mesa AZ by Scott Allen EA

Mark was able to reduce IRS debt in Mesa AZ through audit reconsideration

Check out the notice below to see the work accomplished by Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors.  Scott was hired by the taxpayer to be his IRS power of attorney.  You will find Scott’s name listed right under the taxpayers name that is blacked out.  See what he was able to accomplish for Mark to reduce IRS debt in Mesa AZ.

Reduce IRS Debt in Mesa AZ

Reduce IRS Debt in Mesa AZ

There may be multiple ways to lower your tax burden to the IRS.  Most of the taxpayers who meet with Scott Allen EA have back tax returns that need to be filed.  His average clients has not filed in about 4-7 years.  The surest and most effective way to keep your tax debt as low as possible is to prepare and file your back tax returns aggressively and accurately.  The lower your overall tax bill is the less interest and penalties the IRS can charge you.

Before filing any back tax returns Scott Allen EA will be getting an IRS power of attorney to represent you from beginning to end.  With this authorization he will immediately get in contact with the IRS in your behalf.  Doing so will get him on board to put a stop to all collection activity and to gather up all the necessary information to aggressively and accurately file the missing tax returns.

Typically with unfiled tax returns you will begin with the earliest year first.  Start there and make your way up through 2015.  Once you are in compliance with your tax filings you can begin to work out an IRS agreement or settlement.  click here to see the different settlement options available to you.

If you are considering to hire a representative or firm that is out of state I caution you against that.  Don’t put your money and finances in the hands of an out of touch person who you cannot meet with face to face.  Local is always better…every time.

Thank you.


January 2019 Case Resolution:

Ever get a tax assessment from the IRS and have no clue how they can claim you owe more in tax then you had in income? If you have lost sleep over this you are not alone. The IRS has the ability to file tax returns if you fail to do so. They file these SFR returns if a return becomes delinquent beyond two years of the due date. Mike was a struggling taxpayer in this situation. He didn’t just have one delinquent but had over ten years of delinquent returns and the IRS filed SFR returns on him for seven of those years. Scott Allen EA had his work cut out for him on this case but was able to represent him as his IRS power of attorney and Reduce IRS debt Mesa AZ for him. Check out the amazing IRS notice below. This is just one crazy reduction of IRS debt, interest and penalty for one of his tax returns.

Reduce IRS Debt Mesa AZ

If you have a large IRS debt consider speaking with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors for a consultation.


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Successful IRS Settlement by Tax Debt Advisors

Successful IRS settlement by Tax Debt Advisors yet again!

See the successful IRS settlement by Tax Debt Advisors by clicking on the notice below. William was years behind on filing his tax returns. On top of that the IRS assigned his case to be worked by a local Revenue Officer. This employee was assigned to the case until full resolution. Tax Debt Advisors represented William during this entire process. William never had to speak with or meet with the IRS Revenue Officer. This was a huge stress relief for him. After preparing all the back tax returns a settlement could be negotiated.  It was decided that the ultimate settlement option is to file a tax motivated Chapter 7 bankruptcy however his taxes did not qualify to be discharged for 9 more months.  To get William from now till 9 months out a payment plan was negotiated to prevent levy and garnishment action.

Successful IRS Settlement by Tax Debt Advisors

Successful IRS Settlement by Tax Debt Advisors

Call Tax Debt Advisors to file your back tax returns or to represent you before an IRS Revenue Officer. Scott will meet with you for a free consultation to evaluate your IRS matter.  Don’t delay, call now.

A November 2018 Case Update:

Frank saved over $31,000 in an IRS settlement by Tax Debt Advisors. If you received a large IRS bill and don’t know how the IRS came up with it have Scott take a look at it for you. Just by properly filing a tax return protest you can drastically reduce the amount owed. Check out the notice below!

IRS Settlement by Tax Debt Advisors

This is an actual result from an actual client that Scott Allen EA helped this year. Be represented the right way just like Frank did and make an appointment today. His office is conveniently located in Mesa, AZ.

Written by Scott Allen

Enrolled Agent vs Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Do I need to hire a Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney over an Enrolled Agent?

First, it is important to understand what an Enrolled Agent is so you can compare Scott Allen to a Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney. As an Enrolled Agent, Scott Allen is licensed federally to practice before the Internal Revenue Service in all 50 states. Practicing before the IRS means one is able to prepare tax returns and speak in their behalf in matters of collections and audits. The IRS form 2848 gives Scott Allen EA Power of Attorney authorization.

Click here to read more about Enrolled Agents.

Recently, Scott Allen EA was able to negotiate ten years of back taxes for his client Mike. Mike is a self employed individual who through a struggling economy here in Arizona was barely making enough money to cover his living expenses let alone pay his taxes. Upon meeting with Scott Allen EA for a free initial consultation they were able to start a working relationship together.

Mike gave him Power of Attorney authorization and went to work. IRS levy action was prevented and over the course of the next month all back tax returns were filed and submitted to the IRS timely.  Once all the tax returns were accepted by the IRS Scott began the negotiation process.  Basic financial information was gathered up and evaluated.  It was determined that Mike’s best settlement option was to negotiate and non collectible status to cover all his back tax debts. Below you can view for yourself the actual IRS settlement acceptance.

Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Non collectible status is only one of several different options a taxpayer has to resolve an IRS debt.  Not everyone qualifies for this status but for those that do it puts them in an excellent situation.  If you are not a candidate for a non collectible status you will be advised on the next best option.  Every option has pros and cons and it is important to review those before a settlement negotiation is started. If you are not being advised on all the options you are not being represented fully.

Start off on the right foot today by calling and speaking with Scott Allen EA. If you are in search of a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney you are encouraged to compare him to Scott Allen EA first. Even if you decide not to hire him you will benefit by spending 30 minutes with him.

November 2018 Case Update

It is possible to NOT have to hire a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney and save $378,000. How can that be? Check out the approval IRS notice below to see what Scott Allen EA did for his client Michael. The IRS had filed a 2011 individual income tax return for the taxpayer. In doing that, Michael owed the IRS over $430,000 in taxes, interest and penalties. With hiring Scott Allen EA as his Power of Attorney he challenged their return with a corrected taxpayers return. After three long months, it was approved!

Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney

If you feel the IRS has put you in a similar situation make that phone call to speak with Scott Allen EA. He will personally take your call and evaluate you case.

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File back taxes Mesa AZ and save $726,680

File back taxes Mesa AZ

Can you file back taxes Mesa AZ and save $726,680? Well, maybe not. But, for this client he did. Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors represented this taxpayer and protested the IRS’s ruling. Don’t just take our word for it. View the actual IRS notices below and see the tax savings accomplished.

File Back Taxes Mesa AZ

File Back Taxes Mesa AZ

If you have to file back taxes it is important to start off on the right foot. The right representation will get a signed IRS power of attorney from you to be able to defend you before them. The right representation will all be able to prepare all unfiled tax returns for you. And lastly, the right representation will be able to negotiate an IRS settlement for you once you are in compliance. You will want to be able to accomplish all of this with the same person that you can meet with locally.

This is exactly what Scott Allen EA offers. He can handle your IRS matter from beginning to end. He is highly trained to prepare any back tax returns that you may be behind on. If the IRS has filed SFR returns in your behalf get Scott Allen EA on the case to challenge the ruling for you. He is here to get you the “Victory” you deserve before the IRS. He will not give you any false hope or promises; only the truth you need to here to get the best possible result. His office is located in Mesa AZ @ 3155 E Southern Ave #101 85204.

File Back Taxes Mesa AZ

File Back Taxes Mesa AZ














October 2018 Case Update

Lisa had a tax problem. She had to file back taxes Mesa and needed to settle it. As you can see from her settlement agreement notice below she settled several years taxes into one agreement. Upon a financial analysis and negotiation process Scott Allen EA settled the IRS debt into a currently non collectible status.

File Back Taxes Mesa

To learn more about what a currently non collectible status is and how you may or may not qualify for it speak with Scott Allen EA today. He is available to take your call.


Written by Scott Allen

File Back Tax Return Mesa

How to File Back Tax Return Mesa

The best way to file back tax return Mesa is by hiring Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors.  Kevin came in to visit with Scott with several years of back tax returns that needed to be prepared.  Upon hiring him to be his IRS Power of Attorney Scott went to work. He got in contact with the IRS immediately to find out what needed to be done to get Kevin back into compliance again. He stopped all collection activity in the process. After getting all the back tax returns prepared it was time to negotiate a settlement with the IRS.  After evaluating all the available option it was determined that a currently non collectible status was his best solution both short term and long term.  As you can view from the notice below the case was closed out into a currently non collectible status with the IRS.

File Back Tax Return Mesa

File Back Tax Return Mesa

As long as Kevin does not incur any future tax debts or forget to file on time the IRS will keep in him currently non collectible.  If you have to file back tax return Mesa you should also consider giving Scott Allen EA a call today. The best way to avoid a tax audit is “don’t forget to file“.


October 2018 case update:

Just because you may have forgotten to file a tax return 15 years ago does not mean it can’t necessarily come back to haunt you later. That happened to John. He did not file a 2003 tax return. Here in 2018 he is still getting collection notices. Because he never filed a tax return that year the IRS filed the return for him. The IRS calls this a Substitute For Return and you do not want this to happen to you.  Upon meeting with John, Scott Allen EA was able to prepare and protest the IRS filing. As you can see in the IRS notice below his tax bill went from $8,000 down to $3,000.

File Back Tax Return Mesa

Don’t ever settle when it comes to your IRS situation. You don’t know what all the available options are available to you until you have the proper representative evaluate your situation.  Scott Allen EA is that proper representative. Speak with him today.


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File back tax returns in Gilbert AZ with Tax Debt Advisors Inc

We are Arizona’s Premier IRS Tax Problem Advisors.

One of the main components to getting an IRS settlement completed with the IRS is that all of your required Gilbert AZ back taxes returns must be filed.  The word “required” is used for a very specific reason.  With the IRS you never want to make assumptions on what needs to be done.  Their number one main goal is to collect a debt.  Their second goal is to also collect a debt.  Always remember that. They may not always have your best interest in mind.  Before ever beginning to file back tax returns in Gilbert AZ an IRS power of attorney authorization will be signed so Scott Allen EA can contact the them directly to “XRAY” your account with the IRS.  With this he can find out all the back tax return issues: what years need to be filed and what years the IRS may not be looking to be filed anymore.  Scott Allen EA has saved his clients thousands of dollars just by taking this simple but important step.  Sometimes the IRS will file back tax returns for you called Substitute For Return.  If this has been done information needs to gather from the IRS on how to protest their filing.  The IRS usually files Gilbert Arizona back tax returns in a way that is negative to you. Protesting their filing will usually benefit you greatly by lowering what you owe them in back taxes.

Tax Debt Advisors specializes in filing back tax returns.  If you need this service they will be able to represent you through the entire process.  Once your back taxes are all filed then negotiations can begin.  Tax Debt Advisors will advise you on all available options to settle your IRS debt.

Some of the available options to settle your debt are:

Talk with Scott Allen EA today to discuss your options.  He can secure a hold on all collection activity today so you have adequate time to make the right decision. Don’t be a victim of an IRS wage garnishment or bank levy.


September 2018 update on a new case:

If you are reading this blog you might have unfiled tax returns in Gilbert AZ. Don’t let that scare you. Many taxpayers have found them in the same situation and have gotten out of it. Henry was one of those. He had a couple years to get caught up on and negotiate an agreement on. Tax Debt Advisors filed the missing tax returns and set up an installment arrangement of $500/month to settle his IRS debt that is over $200,000. That is not a type… yes $200,000 IRS debt.

File back tax returns in Gilbert AZ

Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors has been handling tax preparation and IRS negotiation work since 2007. Before that the business was owned and operated by his father for over 30 years. Meet with Scott today for an analysis of your tax situation. He will make today a great day for you.


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