An IRS Power of Attorney authorizes us to represent you before the IRS.  You and your spouse, if you have a joint IRS tax debt, will be required to sign separate powers of attorney.  There are many actions that require an IRS form 2848 Power of Attorney but the following five pertain to virtually every resolution of IRS tax debt.

  • Confirm with the IRS if any back tax returns need to be filed.
  • Collect in writing from the IRS all items of income and expenses that have been filed under your social security number so that nothing triggers an IRS audit or invalidates a successful IRS debt settlement.
  • Discover if the IRS has filed a substitute tax return.  In most cases filing a correct tax return will lower the IRS tax debt substantially.  
  • Collect in writing all account transcripts for each year you have an IRS tax debt. This will give us valuable information needed when we start the IRS debt settlement work.
  • We will put an end to further IRS action against you.  This will require you to complete the filing of all back tax returns and enter into your IRS debt settlement within a reasonable time period.  An extension of time to submit all unfiled tax returns and/or enter into an IRS settlement option is possible if you have demonstrated a good faith effort or have reasonable cause to need more time and the request is made BEFORE the deadline has passed.

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