IRS tax debt is usually a symptom of another problem—the real problem.  If you do not discover the real problem, your IRS nightmare will return.  Taxpayers do not get into trouble with the IRS on purpose.  Usually there is some crisis happening to them.  It may be a death in the family, an illness, a business failure, divorce, being laid off from work for an extended period of time, drug or gambling addiction, or severe emotional issues with depression or anxiety.

If you are not sleeping at night due to your IRS problems, consider the best sleeping pill available—coming in for a free initial consultation.  Clients usually imagine that their IRS problems are far worse than reality.  Don’t wait until you need a new vehicle or want to purchase a home to find out that your IRS tax debt prevents you from moving forward with your life.  Banks can close out your bank accounts or put serious restrictions on how you use your savings and checking accounts.  Family relationships take a huge toll when the IRS interferes and disrupts your whole way of life.

Once you have had a bank levy or wage garnishment you may be unable to pay your necessary living expenses.  Tax liens will negatively affect your credit score and stop you from getting a loan or significantly increase the interest rate you will be charged.  Face your IRS liability and it will be resolved with competent professional assistance.

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