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Prevent IRS Levy Mesa AZ

Don’t let the IRS cause you to lose sleep any longer.

Prevent IRS Levy Mesa AZ by getting your IRS debt into a settlement.  Earnest was behind on his tax filings and the IRS was threatening to levy his modest wages if he did not get into compliance.  Earnest met with Scott Allen EA, hired him to be his Power of Attorney and to work they went.  Over the next few months, the Mesa AZ back tax returns were prepared and a settlement was negotiated.  Earnest is now in a currently non collectible status for his entire IRS debt.  He does not have to make any payments at all: as long as he files and full pays any future tax obligations. Just like him you too can prevent IRS levy Mesa AZ.  View his IRS settlement letter below.

Prevent IRS Levy Mesa AZ

Prevent IRS Levy Mesa AZ

How can you prevent IRS levy Mesa AZ?

To understand more go to PreventIRSLevy.com.  If you are worried about your next paycheck getting levied by the IRS contact Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors today.  Get him working your case today!

Prevent IRS Levy Mesa AZ in 2019

Do not let yourself be a victim of an IRS levy. Be proactive with your IRS issues. The best way to be proactive is with Scott Allen EA as your IRS Power of Attorney. He will help you get the best possible result allowable by law. Check out some recent work accomplished by him for his client Jennifer.

Prevent IRS Levy Mesa AZ

Scott Allen EA was able to reduce Jennifer’s 2016 IRS debt from $21,000 down to about $11,000. This is just another example of quality work done by a local tax professional. Not every taxpayer qualifies for the same options or programs so it is important to evaluate your financial income, assets, and expenses to see what you will qualify for.

Scott Allen EA is owner of Tax Debt Advisors Inc located in Mesa AZ

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File back taxes Phoenix AZ & reduce liability

Can you file back taxes Phoenix AZ to reduce your liability?

You may have to file back taxes Phoenix AZ for a number of reasons. Maybe you have never filed to begin with. Maybe you need to amend a previous filing. Maybe you need to protest a filing through audit reconsideration.

Ray was a client of Tax Debt Advisors who had many years of unfiled tax returns. The IRS had selected a couple of those years and filed tax returns in his behalf. However, the IRS filed the tax return in the quickest, easiest way possible resulting in an exaggerated high balance owed. They did not take into consideration any business expenses, cost basis of property sold, and spouse and dependents to claim.

After Scott Allen EA was able to analyze Ray’s entire picture with the IRS he began the tax preparation phase. Starting with this 2005 tax return they protested the IRS’s substitute for return filling with one of their own.  As you can see by viewing the notice below that Ray’s liability was successfully reduced by well over $200,000. Congratulations Ray!


File Back Taxes Phoenix AZ

File Back Taxes Phoenix AZ

Scott Allen EA has the ability to represent you before the IRS when you file back taxes Phoenix AZ. As your power of attorney he will stop IRS action and get you in the driver seat. You will know exactly what needs to happen to get you in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service. After you are in compliance he can then negotiate a settlement with them.  Scott Allen EA does not charge for an initial consultation.  Don’t delay any longer what you know you need to take care of now.

More Back Taxes Filed and Reduced in 2019

Robert was a client who was far behind in his tax preparations. So far behind that the IRS filed returns for him. When they filed his 2010 tax return he owed the IRS over $220,000.

Wow, that is a lot of money!

When Robert met with Scott Allen EA to file back taxes Phoenix AZ he came up with a much better outcome. The notice below will show you the results of the substitute protest filing they did.

File Back Taxes Phoenix AZ

There is good news and bad news with this result. All the taxes were able to be wiped out. In fact, the return is showing a $29,000 refund. Why might there be bad news you are thinking? The IRS has a rule that refunds expire after three years. Because Robert waited until 2019 to file this return he will not see this refund. The IRS keeps it.

Don’t be a victim of losing out on refunds. If you have unfiled tax return with the IRS, meet with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors and get compliant right away.

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No fear for Scottsdale AZ file back tax returns

Scottsdale AZ File Back tax Returns

How to remove the fear for filing back tax returns in Scottsdale AZ?

scottsdale file back tax returns

I think if we all took a look into our past experiences in our lives – the good and the “not so good” we could most likely look at a constant element in the “not so good” experiences.  What would that element be? – FEAR.  Fear is a motivator but a poor one at best.  When clients meet with Scott Allen EA they all admit to letting their fear of the inevitable as one of the main reasons to them being in my office. Don’t let fear control you any longer.  In the favorite children’s movie Toy Story 3 there is a scene where Andy’s toys would prefer to be a “borrowed toy” at Sunny side Daycare because of the fear of the unknown.  They thought they were making the safe decision.  It was quickly learned that Lotso, the evil bear was not what he showed them to be.  Woody was the only toy willing to make the tough right decision to return to Andy and be loyal to him.  He knew is was better to be “owned” by Andy then to be “borrowed” by Sunny Side Daycare.  Woody did not succumb to his fear.

When is comes time to file back tax returns in Scottsdale Arizona be more like the character Woody then Jessie.  If you can put aside your fears and face what needs to be done you will soon find that your back tax debt situation will not be as bad as you are expecting.  Almost all of Scott Allen EA clients do admit that if they knew the process was going to be as easy as it was they would have come in months, if not years, sooner.

Let Scott Allen EA help you face your fear from your Scottsdale AZ file back tax returns situation.  90% of the penalties the IRS charges come from failure to file tax returns, not from failure to pay your taxes.  Now is the time to stop the IRS’s interest and penalties.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc is the right tax professional near Scottsdale AZ to get your situation resolved from beginning to end. Throughout the entire process of filing your back tax returns he will be your IRS power of attorney representative.  Let Tax Debt Advisors, Inc 40 years of experience to work for you.


More Scottsdale AZ File Back Tax Returns

Michael had a handful of back tax returns he was delinquent on. He was struggling financially with his drop in income and rising monthly household bills. He needed help and he needed it fast as the IRS was sending him collection notices: Intent to levy. This is where Scott Allen EA came in. He was hired to get the taxpayer into a low monthly payment plan. As it turns out, he did better then that. Scott got the IRS to accept an agreement called: currently non collectible status. This means Michael does not have to make any monthly payments to the IRS in his back taxes. In this case, zero is better then low. View the IRS approval letter below.

Scottsdale AZ File Back Tax Returns

If you need help with Scottsdale AZ file back tax returns or to negotiate the best settlement allowable by law contact Scott Allen EA this day and put your mind at ease.

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Mesa Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

Your Choice for Mesa Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

Scott Allen EA is an expert in filings back tax returns and settling IRS debts.  Before you make a decision on who to hire to represent you before the IRS I challenge you to meet with Scott Allen EA first.  Here is a Mesa Tax Debt Advisors Reviews on something he did for one of his clients this year.  Let him negotiate the best settlement allowable by law for you. For Daniel that meant saving $22,013.26 in federal income taxes owed.

Mesa Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

Mesa Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

Click here to view other reviews and successes. With all this being said the best way to still evaluate Scott Allen EA is to meet with me for a free consultation.

Mesa Tax Debt Advisors Reviews 2019

If you are trapped in an IRS nightmare please understand that there is a way out. If you could speak with Robert about his tax nightmare he would say that before meeting with Scott Allen EA that there was not a way out and that the IRS was going to put him in jail. He owed the IRS over $140,000 in back taxes. Why would the IRS negotiate with him, he thought?

Let the actual approval letter below from the IRS do all the talking. Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors was able to settle Robert’s IRS debt into a currently non collectible status. What does this mean? It means Robert does not have to pay a penny on his back taxes as long as he remains in compliance with his current and future tax obligations. He is going to let the statute of limitations run out on this debt.

Mesa Tax Debt Advisors Reviews

Many people do not know this but the IRS only has a certain period of time to collect a debt from a taxpayer. This is why it is always important to file your tax returns on time even if you cannot pay them. The statute of limitations clock does not begin until the return is filed.

To speak with Scott Allen EA about your IRS nightmare give him a call today at 480-926-9300. He will meet with you for a free initial consultation.

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Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney or not ?

Trying to find the right Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney

If you are trying to find the right Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney one can be referred to you.  However, Scott Allen EA refers less then 1% of his IRS problem clients to a tax attorney.  This is because he can handle the other 99% of IRS matters.  If you have back tax returns to be filed or back IRS debts to be negotiated give Scott Allen EA a call today to schedule a free no obligation consultation with him.  To see one of his recent success view the IRS notice below.  By viewing you will see a currently non collectible status negotiated on behalf of his happy client.

Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney

Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney

What is a currently non collectible status?  For those that qualify it is an excellent option to get set up.  You may be in a financial hardship, in bankruptcy, or just living month to month with not much left over.  It is very similar to a payment plan except you can look at it as a $0.00 per month payment plan.  The IRS will not require you to make any payments on your back IRS debt as long as you keep yourself current with you future tax obligations.  You cannot owe on your future tax filings.  If so, it will default the currently non collectible status and you have to renegotiate a new settlement with them.  The last thing you want to do is default and have the IRS review your financials again.

With Scott Allen EA he places as much effort in keeping you in compliance with your taxes moving forward as he is in his IRS settlement negotiations.  He will assist you on your currently yearly tax filings and making sure you don’t miss any critical deadlines.

Put your trust in Scott Allen EA.  You are promised to feel better after meeting with him and his calming demeanor.


2019 update on an IRS case settled by Scott Allen EA

Scott Allen is a licensed Enrolled Agent who specializes in filing back tax returns and settling IRS debts whether large or small. Many people are under the false pretense that only a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney and solve their complicated tax problem. While it is true they can, however you don’t need one. What a struggling taxpayer needs is a tax professional who has years and years of experience dealing with the IRS collections department on a regular basis. Scott Allen EA is someone who talks with and is negotiating with the IRS every single working day. Also, if you have back tax returns that need to be filed he can help you out there as well. View the notice below. You will see how Scott helped Ronald settle his old tax debt into a reasonable installment arrangement.

Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney

Feel free to browse this website to see how Scott Allen EA can help you and also see other reent success other taxpayers have had by hiring Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

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IRS Fresh Start Program Qualifications

If you are curious about the qualifications for the IRS Fresh Start Program and if you qualify, this post should help!

The IRS fresh start program qualifications include:

  • You must have been unemployed for 30 consecutive days in 2011 or before April 15, 2012
  • Married couples filing together must have at least one partner who qualifies for the Fresh Start program
  • Your tax balance must be less than $50,000 at the end of 2011
  • If you are self-employed you must show a decrease of 25% or more in net income
  • Married couples must not have earned over $200,000 or individuals must not have earned over $100,000 for the year
  • According to IRS.gov taxpayers must use Form 1127, Application for Extension of Time for Payment of Tax Due to Undue Hardship

Benefits of the Fresh Start Program

According to H&R Block these are three of the most important benefits of the fresh start program:

  • In most cases tax liens will only be issued if the amount exceeds $10,000.
  • Individuals are able to spread out $50,000 or less with direct installment payments over 6 years (72 months).
  • Taxpayers have expanded flexibility with Offer in Compromise (OIC) to determine a tax payer’s ability to pay.

Learn more about the IRS Fresh Start Program

Tax Debt Advisors Can Help With The Fresh Start Program In Arizona

Need help with wiping out your old tax debt? Tax Debt Advisors has helped resolve over 108,000 debts. Receive a tax debt consultation today by giving Scott a call today at 480-926-9300. Tax Debt Advisors can help negotiate an offer in compromise on your behalf to finally settle your tax debt.

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Does the IRS Offer One Time Forgiveness?

Does the IRS Offer One Time Forgiveness?

IRS One Time Forgiveness

Yes, the IRS does offers one time forgiveness, also known as an offer in compromise, the IRS’s debt relief program. Have tax debt and wondering if one time forgiveness can help? If so, this post should help! Read below about programs the IRS has to help resolve your tax debt and what Tax Debt Advisors can do to help you get it done easily.

Does The IRS Offer A Tax Debt Relief Program?

The short answer is “Yes“! At any given time, there are nearly 1 million U.S taxpayers that owe the IRS. Although the IRS attempts to collect every cent that taxpayers owe the government, the reality is that they just do not have the resources for pursuing every individual person in debt. However, IRS collections remains a very stressful situation.

The IRS has tax debt relief programs, like the Fresh Start Program, available that taxpayers can take advantage of when owing back taxes. These programs not only provide a little help towards taxpayers, but it lightens the IRS’s workload. You may not be required to pay the entire amount owed, good news right?

Tax Debt Forgiveness

There are commercials that come on late at night promising to get you out of debt with tax debt forgiveness, even when thousands are owed to the IRS. Although, the reality is there is no straight debt forgiveness program.

Although, depending on the criteria of your situation you may be able to wipe your tax debt, set up an offer in compromise or payback with an installment agreement. For instance, by law the IRS is unable to collect a debt older than 10 years. Therefore, if your tax debt is from over 10 years ago, it should be forgiven, as the government is not legally able to collect the debt.

In addition, the IRS typically does not collect a debt with a low Realistic Collection Potential (RCP). An account is stated to have low RCP if the following factors are true:

  • Low income amount
  • No way to make payments
  • No assets that can be sized or liquidated, such as real estate or bank accounts

If any of the above criteria are met, you may find that your account is marked RCP. Although this is not technically a debt forgiveness, the IRS simply does not attempt to collect the debt owed, usually.

Also, the Non-Collectable Status restricts the IRS from collecting a debt, similar to the RCP. What this means is, you do not have the assets or money available to pay the debt. This program was designed with the concept of providing taxpayers enough time to earn the money or get a higher income to pay on the debt.

Can The IRS Collect After 10 Years?

No“, once a non-collectible account reaches the 10-year mark, the debt can’t be collected. In some situations non-collectible status collides with the amount of time the IRS is able to legally collect the debt. Therefore, once a Non-Collectable account reaches the 10-year mark, the debt can no longer be demanded by the IRS.

Finally, when a taxpayer files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the IRS is unable to pursue a debt collection against the individual. Although rare, there are situations where bankruptcy allows for tax debt forgiveness.

The IRS cannot make contact with you or try to collect on a debt during a pending case. If a court rules a tax debt has to be forgiven, the IRS is no longer able to pursue future action against the past tax debt.

What Is The Fresh Start Program With The IRS?

The Fresh Start Program is a collection alternative that allows individuals and businesses, in most cases, to settle their tax debt for less than they owe. This makes it easier for back tax payers to settle their tax debt and get a fresh start. Although, the required criteria to get debt fully erased can be very time consuming and stringent. For those wanting to settle debts in a timelier manner, the IRS’ Fresh Start Program is an option.

Under the Fresh Start Program, the Partial Payment Installment Agreement option is the most used. With the PPIA you are allowed to setup an affordable payment plan for your account, which runs until the debt is fully paid or the debt account has reached the 10-year mark.

IRS Fresh Start Program Qualifications

  • Must be unemployed for 30 consecutive days
  • If you are filing a joint return, you/spouse must meet 1 of the qualifications
  • Self-employed individuals with a drop in income of 25% or more
  • Tax debt must be less than $50,000

Read more about IRS Fresh Start Qualifications

Offer In Compromise Allows To Negotiate With The IRS

Another option you may also choose to pursue an Offer in Compromise, which enables you to settle a debt. The following factors are used to determine if an account qualifies:

  • Are in compliance with IRS
  • Owe new debt
  • Cannot or have no intention to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Never turned down for OIC before

You can use the IRS website to file for an Offer In Compromise, or have a tax professional like Tax Debt Advisors assist you with the process. You can check the IRS website to see if your qualify for OIC

The IRS acknowledges that they are unable to collect every amount of a delinquent account, with nearly a million taxpayers owing a debt. You have the potential for having your debt reduced, or possibly erased with one of the several debt relief programs available.

Installment Agreements Allow You To Set Up A Payment Plan

Most of the time the IRS will allow you to set up an installment agreement in order to pay back your tax debt over time. The terms of your payback agreement are determined by your budget to pay each month, how much you own and your previous filing history. 

Before you accept any repayment plan, make sure that you can afford to pay it on time, every time. Late payments or missing payments can get your agreement canceled and you will have to start over again. You can only get installment agreement if you own less than $50,000 in 2017 and the maximum payback period is 6 years. 

IRS Fresh Start Program Reviews

Scott Allen at Tax Debt Advisors Inc. has successfully represented me for the last 5 years. He has completely held the IRS off and successfully negotiated on my behalf. He is also done my tax returns at a very reasonable price saving me even more money. I highly recommend Scott and his highly capable staff! Bob R

Scott Allen is a true professional that can work for you to resolve your tax issues with integrity, knowledge and experience. I came to Scott after working for years with other tax professionals and listening way too much to the advice of family and acquaintances. During my initial meeting with Scott we were able to establish a plan to effectively resolve the tax debt that I had. Scott treated me with respect and understanding of my situation while detailing what works versus the falsehoods so many profess. Scott also performed within the time frame that I required. I am so satisfied with Scott’s work that he now handles all of my annual tax returns going forward. Robert M

Have Your Debt Reduced Today With Tax Debt Advisors

Need help with wiping out your old tax debt? Tax Debt Advisors has helped resolve over 108,000 debts. Receive a tax debt consultation today by giving Scott a call today at 480-926-9300. Tax Debt Advisors can help negotiate an offer in compromise on your behalf to finally settle your tax debt. 

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How To File Back Taxes

How To File Back Taxes

Looking to file back taxes? The correct way to file back taxes is by:

  1. Gather your W-2’s or 1099’s

To file back taxes, the first thing you’ll need are your 1099’s or W-2’s you received from prior tax years so you can report your taxable income. Were you eligible for deductions and credits during those years? If so, be sure to gather all records and receipts to prove your eligibility to receive them.

  1. Request missing tax documents

Request a copy of your missing tax documents from the IRS (if you need them). Tax documents can be requested by filling out a Request for Transcript of Tax Return, also known as Form 4506T. Use Form 4506T to request 1098s, 1099s, and W-2s that can provide support for your deductions.

The IRS will provide a transcript of relevant information vs sending you an actual duplicate of your original tax forms. However, the transcript will provide enough information for you to file your back taxes properly. It takes about 45 days for the IRS to process a request for prior year tax documents.

  1. Download Tax Forms from Prior Year

Download tax forms for the years you are filing. The IRS website will have nearly all tax forms you will need to begin filing prior year tax returns. You can always consult an Enrolled Agent like Scott Allen to help you file back taxes, find the right forms, and negotiate your tax burden (if needed) with the IRS.

  1. Prepare Back Tax Returns

This is where filing back taxes can get a little tricky due to the tax law changing every year. You can’t use the current tax year instructions to complete prior year tax forms. While inputting data, make sure you are using instructions for the same tax year as the back tax return you are filing out. Using the wrong instructions could require you to have to do it all over again.

  1. Submit Your Back Taxes

Submit your back tax returns to the IRS using the address that will be listed in the Form 1040 instructions. To reduce interest charges, make sure you make as big of payment as you can. Monthly interest never stops accruing with back taxes. After the IRS has received your back tax returns, the next step will be receiving a notice from them with the exact tax penalty and how much interest you still owe.

IRS Back Taxes Help In Arizona

Scott Allen E.A. with Tax Debt Advisors can help you file back taxes in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale and more. Give Scott Allen E.A. a call today to help you settle your debt with the IRS.

Written by Scott Allen

Enrolled Agent vs Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Enrolled Agent or a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney for IRS Relief?

Many struggling taxpayers are under the assumption that their IRS problem is severe enough to require hiring a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  However a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney is only required in criminal or fraudulent cases which is in less then 2% of IRS problems.  If you are going thru a random audit, have back tax returns to file, or owe the IRS more then you can pay back the good news is that none of these situations are of a criminal nature.  Take a deep breath because your situation is only delinquent.  Scott Allen is a licensed Mesa AZ Enrolled Agent specifically licensed to handle delinquent taxpayer situations.  As your IRS Power of Attorney he can represent you before the Internal Revenue Service.  Under his watch and directions you will not be levied, garnished or summons.

Scott Allen EA wanted to share with you a recent success he had with a client this year.  By challenging an audit the IRS placed on a client for his 2010 tax return nearly $60,000 in taxes, interest, and penalties were reduced.  A copy of the approval notice from the IRS is below for your viewing.  An expensive Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney was not needed to get this done. Rather finding the right person with the right relationships with IRS personal acting in a timely matter is what’s required.

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

If you live near Mesa Arizona meet with Scott Allen EA today for a free evaluation of your tax matter. Click here to be transferred to his contact page or better yet call him at 480-926-9300.



February 2019 Case Update:

Check out the completed settlement by Scott Allen EA for his client. She was under a wage garnishment for her back tax debt and needed relief being on a modest fixed income.

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Scott Allen EA was able to negotiate a currently non collectible status for this taxpayer. Many taxpayers believe only a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney can stop a garnishment by the IRS. That is not true. If you are worried about a current or future IRS wage garnishment or bank levy consult with Scott Allen EA today. He can represent you by being your Power of Attorney before the IRS, preparing or amending any tax return filings, and negotiate the best settlement allowable by law.

Written by Scott Allen

Successful IRS Settlement by Tax Debt Advisors

Successful IRS settlement by Tax Debt Advisors yet again!

See the successful IRS settlement by Tax Debt Advisors by clicking on the notice below. William was years behind on filing his tax returns. On top of that the IRS assigned his case to be worked by a local Revenue Officer. This employee was assigned to the case until full resolution. Tax Debt Advisors represented William during this entire process. William never had to speak with or meet with the IRS Revenue Officer. This was a huge stress relief for him. After preparing all the back tax returns a settlement could be negotiated.  It was decided that the ultimate settlement option is to file a tax motivated Chapter 7 bankruptcy however his taxes did not qualify to be discharged for 9 more months.  To get William from now till 9 months out a payment plan was negotiated to prevent levy and garnishment action.

Successful IRS Settlement by Tax Debt Advisors

Successful IRS Settlement by Tax Debt Advisors

Call Tax Debt Advisors to file your back tax returns or to represent you before an IRS Revenue Officer. Scott will meet with you for a free consultation to evaluate your IRS matter.  Don’t delay, call now.

A November 2018 Case Update:

Frank saved over $31,000 in an IRS settlement by Tax Debt Advisors. If you received a large IRS bill and don’t know how the IRS came up with it have Scott take a look at it for you. Just by properly filing a tax return protest you can drastically reduce the amount owed. Check out the notice below!

IRS Settlement by Tax Debt Advisors

This is an actual result from an actual client that Scott Allen EA helped this year. Be represented the right way just like Frank did and make an appointment today. His office is conveniently located in Mesa, AZ.

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