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Should You Opt for Scott Allen EA Over a Phoenix, AZ IRS Tax Attorney?

Why Taxpayers Should Opt for Scott Allen EA Over a Phoenix, AZ IRS Tax Attorney

In the realm of taxation and financial matters, taxpayers often find themselves in challenging situations, such as dealing with IRS levies and garnishments. These circumstances require expert assistance to navigate the complexities of tax regulations and legal proceedings. When facing such challenges in Phoenix, AZ, taxpayers have two primary options: hiring a tax attorney or enlisting the services of Scott Allen EA. While both choices have their merits, this blog delves into why taxpayers should seriously consider Scott Allen EA over a traditional Phoenix, AZ IRS tax attorney when seeking to halt IRS levies and garnishments.

Scott Allen EA, a seasoned Enrolled Agent, possesses an in-depth understanding of tax codes and regulations. With years of experience specializing in IRS matters, including levies and garnishments, Scott Allen EA has developed a deep expertise that is tailored specifically to the needs of taxpayers facing these issues. In contrast, while a Phoenix, AZ IRS tax attorney may have a broader legal background, their specialization might not be solely centered on tax matters. This distinction makes Scott Allen EA a superior choice for those requiring precise and efficient assistance in resolving IRS levies and garnishments.

Hiring an IRS tax attorney in Phoenix, AZ, can be an expensive endeavor due to the hourly rates and legal fees associated with legal representation. On the other hand, Scott Allen EA offers a more cost-effective solution. Enrolled Agents typically charge lower fees than tax attorneys, making their services accessible to a wider range of taxpayers. For individuals and businesses seeking to halt IRS levies and garnishments without breaking the bank, Scott Allen EA presents an attractive alternative. He will always quote you a fixed fee for each step that needs to be done and you will know that up front so there are not any surprises.

One of the key advantages of choosing Scott Allen EA lies in the personalized approach to each client’s case. Scott Allen EA takes the time to understand the unique circumstances of every taxpayer facing IRS levies or garnishments. This personalized attention allows for a tailored strategy that addresses the specific aspects of the case, potentially leading to quicker and more favorable resolutions. While a Phoenix, AZ IRS tax attorney may have a more formalized approach, it might lack the individualized touch that can make a significant difference in resolving complex tax matters. Scott Allen EA will represent you before the IRS from start to finish.

Scott Allen EA boasts a proven track record of successfully helping clients stop IRS levies and garnishments in Phoenix, AZ. With a reputation for delivering results, he has garnered trust and respect within the local community. Clients often share positive testimonials highlighting his dedication, responsiveness, and ability to navigate the intricacies of IRS procedures. While a Phoenix, AZ IRS tax attorney may also have a solid record, Scott Allen EA’s specific focus on tax-related issues gives him an edge when it comes to the nuances of halting IRS levies and garnishments. The image below is an example of Scott Allen EA helping his client be compliant with the IRS and also reducing his overall tax liability. His proven track record is the thousands and thousands of tax liabilities settled and resolved just like this one. Let him to the same for you!

Tax laws and regulations are subject to frequent changes, requiring professionals in the field to stay updated with the latest developments. Scott Allen EA prioritizes ongoing education and training to ensure that his knowledge remains current and accurate. This commitment to staying abreast of changes in tax laws allows him to provide clients with accurate advice and strategies that align with the most recent legal provisions. While IRS tax attorneys also stay informed, their broader legal scope may lead to a less specialized grasp of the evolving tax landscape.

In the realm of IRS levies and garnishments, the choice between hiring a Phoenix, AZ IRS tax attorney and enlisting the services of Scott Allen EA is a crucial one. While both options offer valuable expertise, the specialized focus, cost-effectiveness, personalized approach, proven track record, and up-to-date knowledge that Scott Allen EA brings to the table make him an exceptional choice for taxpayers in need of efficient and effective assistance. Making the decision to work with Scott Allen EA could be the key to resolving IRS levies and garnishments with confidence and success. Give him a call today and setup a free consultation at 480-926-9300.

Written by Scott Allen

Stop IRS Levy in Phoenix, Arizona

Let Scott Allen EA Represent You: Stop IRS Levy in Phoenix, Arizona

Facing an IRS levy in Phoenix, Arizona can be an overwhelming and stressful experience for anyone. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has the power to seize your assets, garnish your wages, and freeze your bank accounts if you have outstanding tax debts. However, residents of Phoenix, Arizona, can find solace in the expertise of Scott Allen EA, an enrolled agent who specializes in representing taxpayers before the IRS. In this blog post, we will explore the process of stopping an IRS levy in Phoenix and how Scott Allen EA can assist you in navigating this complex situation.

Understanding IRS Levy and Its Consequences:

When a taxpayer fails to pay their tax debts, the IRS can resort to levying their assets. An IRS levy is a legal seizure of a taxpayer’s property to satisfy the outstanding debt. This can include bank accounts, wages, real estate, vehicles, and other assets of value. The consequences of an IRS levy can be severe, leading to financial distress, strained relationships, and significant disruptions to one’s life.

How to Stop an IRS Levy In Phoenix, Arizona:

Halting an IRS levy requires prompt action and a thorough understanding of the tax laws. The following steps can help individuals in Phoenix, Arizona, stop an IRS levy and protect their assets:

  1. Seek Professional Assistance: Handling an IRS levy situation can be complex, and it’s crucial to consult a tax professional like Scott Allen EA. As an enrolled agent, Scott Allen EA possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to navigate the intricacies of tax laws and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.
  2. Communicate with the IRS: Open lines of communication with the IRS are essential. Scott Allen EA can serve as your representative, ensuring effective communication with the IRS agents. Through skillful negotiation, he can present your case and explore potential alternatives to levy, such as installment agreements, offers in compromise, or currently not collectible status.
  3. File for a Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearing: If the IRS has issued a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, you have the right to request a Collection Due Process hearing. This formal procedure allows you to present your case before an independent appeals officer. Scott Allen EA can guide you through this process, gather the necessary documentation, and represent you effectively at the hearing.
  4. Explore Legal Remedies: In some cases, legal remedies may be appropriate, such as filing for a tax bankruptcy or pursuing an innocent spouse relief claim. Scott Allen EA can assess your circumstances and provide guidance on the best course of action to stop the IRS levy while minimizing the impact on your financial situation.

The Benefits of Scott Allen EA’s Representation:

Scott Allen EA offers numerous advantages to individuals who need to Stop IRS levy in Phoenix, Arizona:

  1. Extensive Experience: With years of experience as an enrolled agent, Scott Allen EA possesses in-depth knowledge of tax laws, IRS procedures, and effective negotiation strategies. He has successfully represented numerous clients in resolving their tax issues and stopping levies since 2007. His family business, Tax Debt Advisors, Inc have been solving IRS problems since 1977.
  2. Personalized Guidance: Scott Allen EA understands that every case is unique. He provides personalized attention to each client, thoroughly assessing their financial situation, and devising tailored solutions to halt the IRS levy. His compassionate approach ensures that clients feel heard and supported throughout the process.
  3. Expert Negotiation Skills: Negotiating with the IRS requires skillful communication and a deep understanding of tax laws. Scott Allen EA’s expertise in this area allows him to effectively present your case, explore alternative options, and negotiate on your behalf to reach a favorable resolution.
  4. IRS Compliance and Tax Relief: Beyond stopping the immediate levy, Scott Allen EA can assist you in achieving long-term IRS compliance. He can guide you in implementing tax planning strategies, ensuring accurate filings, and exploring potential tax relief programs to minimize future tax liabilities.

Needing to stop IRS levy in Phoenix, Arizona, can be a daunting situation, but it’s important to remember that you don’t have to face it alone. Scott Allen EA is a trusted professional who specializes in representing taxpayers before the IRS. With his extensive knowledge, experience, and personalized approach, he can help you navigate the complexities of the tax system and stop an IRS levy. By seeking Scott Allen EA’s representation, you can gain peace of mind and protect your assets while working towards resolving your tax debt issues effectively.

A real Testimonial:

Veiw a recent example below of Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc was able to stop IRS levy in Phoenix, Arizona for Sylvia by negotiating seven years of back taxes owed into one low monthly payment plan.

Stop IRS Levy in Phoenix Arizona

Written by Scott Allen

Leveraging Scott Allen EA’s Expertise When Faced with a Phoenix AZ IRS Levy

Phoenix AZ IRS Levy Help

Facing an Phoenix AZ IRS levy is a daunting situation. It’s a stage where the IRS officially seizes your property or assets to satisfy a tax debt you owe. It’s more severe than a lien – a claim used as security for the tax debt, while a levy actually takes the property to satisfy the debt. This is where Scott Allen EA, a seasoned tax consultant, can step in to provide the much-needed relief. Scott Allen EA, with his extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with the IRS, can guide you through the resolution process.

Scott Allen EA: A Trusted Ally in Tax Disputes

With a solid background in tax resolution, Scott Allen is a licensed Enrolled Agent (EA). An EA is a federally licensed tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers for audits, collections, and appeals before the IRS. Allen’s track record is a testament to his dedication and commitment to helping individuals resolve their tax issues. His personalized approach ensures that he understands each case’s unique challenges and nuances.

How Can Scott Allen EA Assist You?

1. Negotiating Installment Agreements:

If you’re unable to pay your tax debts in full, an installment agreement can be negotiated. This allows you to make monthly payments over time. Scott Allen EA can work with the IRS on your behalf to negotiate the terms of the agreement, ensuring they are manageable and within your financial capability.

2. Offer in Compromise (OIC):

An OIC is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that settles the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed. However, getting an OIC approved can be quite challenging. Scott Allen EA’s expertise in this area can help you put together a successful OIC package. Before submitted any IRS OIC package Scott Allen EA will first make sure you are a viable candiate for one to be approved.

3. Penalty Abatement:

The IRS can impose penalties for various reasons such as late filing or late payment of taxes. These penalties can significantly increase the amount owed. Scott Allen EA, with his in-depth understanding of the tax code, can help you request a penalty abatement, which can reduce or eliminate the penalties levied by the IRS.

4. Release of Levies and Liens:

If a levy or lien has already been imposed, Scott Allen EA can negotiate with the IRS for a release. This process requires a thorough understanding of the IRS’s procedures, and Scott Allen EA’s experience dealing with these situations equips him well to handle this process effectively. By agreeing to one of the IRS settlement options the IRS will release any Phoenix AZ IRS levy.

An Advocate in Your Corner

Remember, Scott Allen EA is not just your tax resolution specialist, he’s your advocate. His goal is not only to mitigate the immediate situation but also to work with you to develop a robust tax strategy moving forward. By understanding your financial situation, goals, and challenges, he can provide advice and guidance that aligns with your long-term financial health.

A Proactive Approach

Allen believes in taking a proactive approach towards handling tax issues. Rather than waiting for the IRS to levy your assets, reach out to him as soon as you face financial difficulties or can’t pay your taxes in full. His timely intervention can help you avoid severe measures like levies and liens. Far too often taxpayers are reactive rather then proactive. If you can get into that proactive mode you will be surprised at the results.


In conclusion, being levied by the IRS can be a stressful and challenging situation, but you don’t have to face it alone. Leveraging the expertise of professionals like Scott Allen EA can provide the assistance you need to navigate this difficult landscape. Remember, the best defense is often a strong offense, and in the face of IRS levies, a knowledgeable and experienced EA like Scott Allen is an ally worth having. View below a recent success he had for one of his clients. He was able to negotiate all of Shan’s back IRS taxes into a currently non collectible status. Now he doesn’t have to pay the IRS a dime on his back taxes, he is not at threat of a Phoenix AZ IRS levy, and he can move on with his life knowing that the IRS has been taken care of.

Phoenix AZ IRS Levy

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How to Avoid a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Problem Like Pete Rose

How to Avoid a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Problem 

In 1989, Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life for betting on games. The scandal rocked the baseball world and led to a major investigation by the IRS. The investigation revealed that Rose had failed to report millions of dollars in income from gambling and other sources. As a result, he was hit with a $1 million tax bill and ordered to pay back taxes and interest.

Rose’s story is a cautionary tale about the importance of filing and paying your taxes. If you don’t pay your taxes, the IRS will come after you. And if you’re a professional athlete, the consequences can be even more severe.

Here are some tips on how to avoid a Phoenix AZ IRS tax problem like Pete Rose:

  1. Get professional help. If you’re not sure how to file your taxes, it’s important to get help from a qualified tax professional. A tax professional can help you understand the tax laws and make sure you’re filing your taxes correctly. Make Scott Allen EA your professional choice
  2. Keep good records. It’s important to keep good records of all your income and expenses. This will make it easier to file your taxes and avoid any problems with the IRS.
  3. File your taxes on time. The IRS has a strict deadline for filing your taxes. If you don’t file your taxes by the deadline, you could be subject to penalties and interest.
  4. Pay your taxes in full. If you can’t pay your taxes in full, you should make arrangements to pay the IRS in installments. The IRS may be willing to work with you if you’re having financial difficulties.

By following these tips, you can help avoid a Phoenix AZ IRS tax problem like Pete Rose.

How to Get Help with a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Problem

If you’re already facing an IRS tax problem, there are a few things you can do to get help.

  1. Contact the IRS. The IRS has a toll-free number that you can call to get help with your tax problem. The number is 1-800-829-1040. However, good luck getting through to them.
  2. Get a tax professional. If you’re not sure how to handle your tax problem, you should get a tax professional to help you. A tax professional can help you negotiate with the IRS and resolve your tax problem. Again, make Scott Allen EA your first choice.
  3. File for bankruptcy. If you’re unable to pay your taxes, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can help you get out of debt and start fresh. Scott Allen EA can help qualify your taxes for bankruptcy and refer you to an attorney if you decide to go that route.


A Phoenix AZ IRS tax problem can be a major headache. But by following the tips in this blog, you can help avoid a tax problem like Pete Rose. And if you’re already facing a tax problem, there are resources available to help you get through it.

Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen E.A. can help save your Credit Score due to a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Lien

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Lien

Before the IRS files a Phoenix AZ IRS tax lien, you were given notice of your right to a Collection Due Process Hearing.  The purpose of this hearing is to negotiate a settlement with the IRS that will prevent a tax lien from being filed.  If this is ignored or not understood, the IRS will file a tax lien and your credit score could be damaged significantly.

Most clients contact us after a Phoenix AZ IRS tax lien has been filed and now want to have us help them get it removed and their credit rating restored.  There are some options available to get the tax lien removed but the fact that the credit bureaus have already recorded a tax lien, your credit score will not be improved unless you personally contact them and provide them a lien release notice from the IRS—and if you are applying for a loan you will need to show the bank the Phoenix AZ IRS lien release notice.  The fact that you still owe the IRS money and had a lien filed will still have a negative effect on your credit despite providing an IRS lien release notice.

Scott Allen E.A. has expertise in these matters and can help provide the information your loan officer may need to get that loan approved even if a Phoenix AZ IRS tax lien has been filed and later released.  Call Scott Allen E.A. near Phoenix AZ today for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.  Scott will make today a great day for you!


How Sean resolved his Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Lien

Sean was a Phoenix Arizona resident who was faced with a serious IRS tax lien. He had an outstanding IRS debt of over $21,000 for tax year 2016 for form 1040. He wanted the Phoenix AZ IRS tax lien resolved and put behind him. He met with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc for a free consultation on the matter. After hiring him to be his IRS power of attorney representative he discovered that there were some errors with the tax return balance due. It didn’t accurately reflect all of his income, expenses and deductions. After this discovery, Scott Allen EA prepared and filed a protest return with the IRS to challenge their numbers. Upon doing so it was adjusted and saved Sean over $17,000 in taxes, interest, and penalties. Now that his IRS debt has been reduced to an accurate and manageable amount he can now get it paid off and get the IRS tax lien released. CHECK OUT THE IRS NOTICE BELOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!! Don’t battle the IRS alone. Go with an Enrolled Agent who can be your IRS power of attorney.

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Lien


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Stop IRS Garnishment Phoenix AZ

A 2016 success to Stop IRS Garnishment Phoenix AZ

Tax Debt Advisors is a family owned company in Arizona. One of their areas of specialty is to stop IRS garnishment Phoenix AZ.  Even better is when they can prevent it from ever happening.  If you have received any threatening letters from the IRS it is important to talk with a local tax professional about your situation.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors will meet with you for a no obligation consultation to discuss your matter and what the steps are needed to get it resolved.  Click here if you are interested in reading more about the process.  When situated with a critical tax matter it is important to find the right representation.  You will be faced with multiple directions to go.  First rule of thumb: work locally!  Tax Debt Advisors has a long track record of performing consistently right here in the Phoenix area.  Below is a recent success with a client this year.  This client was facing an IRS wage garnishment and had several years of back taxes to file as well.  Tax Debt Advisors stopped the wage garnishment, prepared and filed the missing tax returns, and settled the total debt into a nice affordable payment plan.

Stop IRS Garnishment Phoenix AZ

Stop IRS Garnishment Phoenix AZ

Contact Tax Debt Advisors today to begin the process for yourself.  You will be advised of all available options to you.

A 2023 success to Stop IRS Garnishment Phoenix AZ

Sometimes the best way to stop IRS garnishment Phoenix AZ is to reduce your tax bill enough so you can set up a simple payment plan or just pay off the debt. James owed the IRS for over $6,600 on a 2018 tax year. He couldn’t just pay them off in full and the IRS was threatening to garnish his wages. After meeting with Scott Allen EA it was determined that they could file a protest to the SFR tax return the IRS filed against him and knock off most the tax debt owed. As you can see from the notice below Scott Allen EA was about to get the IRS to remove $4,500 of the tax bills just by giving the taxpayer his proper filing status, deductions and dependents.

Stop IRS Garnishment Phoenix AZ

If you need to stop IRS garnishment Phoenix AZ consider giving Scott Allen EA a call today to discuss your specific tax matter.

Written by Scott Allen

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. Will Release Your Phoenix AZ IRS Wage Garnishment today

Release Phoenix AZ IRS Wage Garnishment

A Phoenix AZ IRS wage garnishment or levy requires employers to withhold a high percentage of your paycheck and send it to the IRS.  If this is a surprise, then something is wrong because the IRS is required to send you numerous letters and notices before action is taken.  This aggressive action by the IRS should not be taken lightly.  The IRS really would prefer to have a settlement worked out with them that is much less invasive to your personal life.

An IRS wage garnishment in Phoenix AZ is not released until certain conditions have been met.  First, all tax returns need to be filed.  Secondly, the taxpayer must enter into one of several settlement options.  Once these two conditions have been met, your Phoenix AZ IRS wage garnishment will be released.  Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has the expertise to represent you for a quick release.  Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has represented employees at many companies including Salt River Project, Southwest Airlines, Vanguard Health Systems, and John C. Lincoln Heath Network.  Call for a free initial consultation at 480-926-9300.  You will be glad you did!

Phelipe Got his Phoenix AZ IRS Wage Garnishment released

You might be wondering how Scott Allen EA released Phelipe’s Phoenix AZ IRS wage garnishment. If you look at the notice below you will see that Phelipe owed for fourteen different tax years and over $229,000 in back taxed owed. Phelipe didn’t believe that the IRS would do anything to release or lower his wage garnishment. He figured he was stuck. But that was all before he met with Scott Allen EA at Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

After a thorough investigation into his IRS account Scott Allen EA knew that he could immediately negotiate a settlement with the IRS and stop the wage garnishment before his next pay period. When he took a look at all of his current finances (income, expenses, debts, and assets) he knew he was a lock for a currently non collectible status. A currently non collectible status is one of the best settlement options the IRS has available. This means that Phelipe does not have to make any monthly payments or lump sum settlement payments on any of his back taxes owed. The catch? He has to file and full pay his future tax returns on time to keep the settlement in place. If he does not, the IRS will default it and a new arrangement has to be negotiated again. Per statute of limitations the IRS only has ten years to collect a tax debt from when the tax returns were filed. Many of these tax years are just a couple years away from “falling off” too.

This is a huge relief for Phelipe as you can imagine. With the agreement approved, the IRS released the Phoenix AZ IRS wage garnishment right away. It was faxed to his employer within hours (not days or weeks).  Time is precious if you are under an IRS levy or garnishment. Act immediately and call Scott Allen EA for proper representation. You will be glad you did.

Release Phoenix AZ IRS Wage Garnishment


Written by Scott Allen

Back Tax Returns in Phoenix

Do you have problems with Back Tax Returns in Phoenix?

Scott Allen EA with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc specializes in settling and filing back tax returns in Phoenix. Jessica was a struggling Phoenix taxpayer who hired scott to help her with her back tax returns. Being behind on six years worth of taxes, she felt like she was drowning. On top of that, the IRS was threatening to garnish her wages in the form of a levy. What Jessica needed was an aggressive Enrolled Agent to represent her before the IRS and settle her Phoenix back tax returns into one low monthly payment she could afford. That is exactly what was done. If you view the IRS acceptance letter you will see the IRS agreed to put all her IRS debt into a $146 per month payment plan. Congratulations Jessica!

Back Tax Returns in Phoenix

What does the IRS ask for from a taxpayer trying to negotiate a payment plan?

  1. Total household monthly income
  2. Current taxes being paid
  3. Value of current retirement accounts
  4. Recent bank statements
  5. Rent or mortgage payment
  6. Utility bills
  7. Car payments
  8. Monthly vehicle costs (i.e. gas, insurance, registration)
  9. Health insurance premiums
  10. Out of pocket medical/dental expenses
  11. Student loan debt
  12. Term life insurance
  13. State taxes owed
  14. Child care expenses

This isn’t a complete list but generally is what the IRS will typically look at to determine your ability to pay off back tax returns in Phoenix over time. The IRS has a statute of limitations of ten years to collect a debt so they will do what they legally can to get as much paid off within that time period.

Written by Scott Allen

Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation work

Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation by Tax Debt Advisors, Inc

Jay was defaulting on his payment plan and needed a new Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation done. His biggest worry was having the IRS file a federal tax lien against his credit. It is understood that on most payment plans with the IRS they will file a tax lien to protect their interest.  There are some exceptions to that rule however. If you owe the IRS in total less then $50,000 you can prevent an IRS tax lien. Once a federal tax lien has been filed it cannot be removed until the debt is paid off in full, settled in an offer in compromise, or been on a payment plan and now owe less then $25,000.

Because Jay had defaulted his installment arrangement with the IRS he was at risk to them placing a tax lien against him.  However, with a proper strategy this could be avoided.  This is exactly what Tax Debt Advisors did for him.  Given Power of Attorney, Scott Allen EA contacted the IRS right away to hold off collection activity so time could be allowed to get the taxpayer back into compliance. Updating the financial information it was determined that they could get a new payment plan reestablished as a direct debit arrangement for $700 per month. At this amount the IRS did not file a federal tax lien and the taxpayers can continue on with their Phoenix AZ IRS negotiation.

Click on the picture below and see the actual settlement negotiated by Scott Allen EA for his client Jay.

Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation

Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation

If you would like to evaluate your settlement options with the IRS contact and meet with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors. They are a local and family owned practice since 1977. That is over 44 years of successes.

More Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation work

Juanita was given nearly an $82,000 tax bill from the IRS on her 2017 tax year. She realized she made good money that year being self employed but it wasn’t “that” good. Scott Allen EA was able to be her IRS power of attorney and research the matter in her behalf. When the IRS assessed her the $82,000 tax bill they didn’t incorporate any of her operating business expenses. With this being said, Scott was able to prepare and file a protest to the IRS’s decision and get a proper return accepted by the IRS. As you can see below $18,505 was removed from her tax bill. That includes the tax, interest and penalties.

Phoenix AZ IRS Negotiation Work

Again, its not always safe to go at the IRS on your own. Scott Allen EA will always meet with you for a free initial consultation to see if he can be an asset to you in resolving your tax matter. Tax Debt Advisors, Inc has been doing Phoenix AZ IRS negotiation work for over 44 years.

Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen EA helps with IRS Audit Reconsideration in Phoenix AZ

Audit Reconsideration in Phoenix AZ

If you are considering audit reconsideration in Phoenix AZ may I suggest you make a call to Scott Allen EA. Click on the following image to view a recent success he had with a current client in an IRS a similar situation.  Scott Allen EA saved this client $18,451 simply by challenging the IRS auditor through audit reconsideration in Phoenix Arizona.

phoenix az irs audit reconsideration 1

Just because the IRS says its so does not make it correct.  If you feel your audit did not go as you has hoped and you have a new position for the IRS to consider you may want to consider IRS audit reconsideration in Phoenix AZ.  Audit reconsideration can also be an effective tool if you have unfiled tax returns.  The IRS can “audit” you on that unfiled tax return and asses you on the tax debt that they come up with.  Its up to the taxpayer to file and protest their findings.  One thing to always remember with Phoenix AZ audit reconsideration though is that they are not quick fixes.  As we all know the IRS can be slow and patience has to be used throughout the process. Scott Allen EA has seen IRS audit reconsideration take 2 months and he has seen them take 18 months.  Because of this it is important to have an IRS power of attorney like Scott Allen EA to work aggressively for you. Schedule an appointment to meet with him today for an in office visit.

If you have an IRS assessment that you have zero idea on how they came up with that amount its probably because the IRS filed what they call a SFR return.  SFR stands for substitute for return. What does this mean? It means you had an unfiled tax return so they filed in your behalf. These are returns that you want to take to audit reconsideration. Scott Allen EA has the experience to get that done for you.

Another Case Update for Audit Reconsideration in Phoenix AZ

Christie went through a CP-2000 underreporting audit by the IRS because of some errors made by them and also their previous preparer who prepared their 2016 tax return.  Due to inaction, the IRS assessed Christie over $88,000 in tax, interest and penalty. She met with Scott and hired him to be her power of attorney and investigate the matter. It was discovered that the IRS was erroneously doubling her K1 income. An amended business return was filed and the IRS took both K1’s as income to her rather then removing the original and only assessing the amended K1.  It was nearly a 9 month long fight with the IRS to get this explained and correct; but the result made it all worth it. Over $79,000 of tax, interest and penalty was removed from her account. Click and view the IRS audit reconsideration Phoenix AZ letter below.

IRS Audit Reconsideration Phoenix AZ


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