Written by Scott Allen

Offer in Compromise in Arizona: IRS help from Tax Debt Advisors, Inc

IRS Offer in Compromise in Arizona —The sad truth.

The sad truth about Offers is that fraudulent tax representatives have benefited more from this program than the IRS.  If you have any question as to who I am referring to, here is the list—any company on TV, any company who has a centralized office in another state and operate with satellite offices filled with sales people, and any company that uses the phrase, “settle for pennies on the dollar.”

This is what we have learned over the last 45 years of tax representation.

  • Only 2-3% of the individuals we have met qualified for an Offer in Compromise that could pay the amount of a legitimate Offer.  If you insist on pursuing your Offer at least get a second opinion.
  • Of the 1000’s of rejected Offers we have reviewed that were prepared by fraudulent representatives over the last 45 years, less than 100 were legitimate and worthy of taking to the Office of Appeals.
  • Within 10 minutes I can tell you if your IRS offer in compromise in Arizona amount is reasonable.  But to do so, let me know two facts.  One, what amount do you qualify for as an installment arrangement and two, how much equity do you have in any assets such as a home, vehicles, retirement plans or cash in the bank.  Your Offer amount must be 12 times your monthly payment plan plus any equity you have in any assets.  If you still need a more professional opinion—Call me for a free initial confidential consultation.
  • If you qualify for an IRS offer in compromise in Arizona, we can file it and get it accepted as long as you provide us with accurate and complete information.

Finally, why do an Offer if it isn’t going to work?  I will calculate the amount of your Offer and provide you with all of your other settlement options.  Don’t be defrauded because you hear something you want to believe.  Get the truth from someone that will give you all of your options that will work.

Offer in Compromise in Arizona:  IRS help from Tax Debt Advisors, Inc

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Written by Scott Allen

Work with Scott Allen E.A. if you receive a Phoenix AZ Notice for a Collection Due Process Appeal.

Phoenix AZ IRS Notice for a CDP

The Collection Due Process Appeal was enacted by Congress to allow taxpayers to have a remedy to their disagreement with an IRS agent or Revenue Officer.  The IRS Appeals Office is an independent branch of the IRS that will review your case to determine if you have been treated fairly.  A Phoenix Arizona IRS Appeals Officer has the authority to overrule previous IRS collection actions.  Taxpayers have 30 days to file an Appeal after the Final Notice is received.

The Appeals Office is more willing to find a solution to the taxes being disputed.  Scott Allen E.A. has expertise in negotiating with the Appeals Office.  Scott Allen E.A. of Arizona will meet with you at no cost to evaluate your dispute and will advise you what he can negotiate with the IRS.  Call Scott today at 480-926-9300 and he will make today a great day for you!



Written by Scott Allen

My IRS tax payment plan is too high: What are my options?

Do I Need a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney if I Cannot Afford My IRS Payment Plan?

Often times a taxpayer negotiates, on their own, a payment plan known as an IRS installment arrangement that is more than they can afford, or their income has gone down and they can no longer afford the agreed payment.  This is not a legal matter that requires a Phoenix Arizona IRS Tax Attorney.  Scott Allen E.A. has the expertise to get your IRS installment arrangement lowered or eliminated depending on your financial ability to pay.

Scott Allen E.A. is an Enrolled Agent qualified in all 50 states to renegotiate IRS payment plans.  Scott Allen E.A. is available for a free consultation at 480-926-9300 and can tell you what he is able to renegotiate for you after you provide him the financial information he requests.  Scott Allen, E.A. and Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. are not IRS Tax Attorneys in Phoenix AZ or a law firm.  We are a tax preparation company who specializes in negotiating IRS debts.


Written by Scott Allen

What are the pros and cons of filing Bankruptcy to discharge my IRS tax debt? From Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

Discharging IRS Tax in Bankruptcy Phoenix AZ


Immediately there is an automatic halt of all collection action by the IRS.  Discharging IRS tax in bankruptcy Phoenix AZ can be used when an IRS Offer In Compromise is rejected or you do not have the funds to pay the amount the IRS wants to be paid with your Offer.  It may be possible to wipe out all interest, penalties and tax liability.


Discharging IRS tax in bankruptcy Phoenix AZ will hurt your credit.  Some taxes such as payroll tax debts are not dischargeable.  Attorney fees are expensive.  If you are close to the statute of limitation, it maybe better to enter an installment arrangement or non-collectible status until the time the IRS has to collect the tax expires.

If you filed a fraudulent return it cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.  There is a waiting period of two years from assessment and three years from the due date for filing the return.


My service to you is to tell you when your taxes are dischargeable in a bankruptcy and compare filing a bankruptcy with other IRS settlement options.  I will then refer you to a competent bankruptcy attorney who will determine if you qualify to file a bankruptcy and answer any questions you have on how IRS tax bankruptcy will affect you.

Scott Allen, E.A. – Tax Debt Advisors, Inc