Contact us immediately if you receive a notice from the IRS that they have levied your bank account.  You have a 21 day “grace period” to prove that you do not owe the tax debt.  If you do owe the money, the IRS will generally be allowed by law to keep the amount of the levy up to the amount of debt owed unless you can prove a hardship will result or the levy prevents you from paying off the tax debt.  Once we have secured a bank levy release, the IRS will not attempt to levy your bank account in the future as long as your file and full pay your taxes in the future and keep any commitments you have entered into such as a monthly payment plan.

Often your bank account will be levied before your pay check is garnished.  You may have been using the same bank account for longer than you have been at your current employer, and they are still trying to locate where you work.  Bank levies generally happen only once—to get your attention.  However, if you have been assigned to an IRS revenue officer they can make bank levies as often as they want.  It is only a matter of time before the IRS attaches your paycheck with a wage garnishment.

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