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IRS Problems

What Is A Tax Advisor?

A tax advisor is a financial expert or tax consultant that is extremely knowledgeable of tax law and has advanced training that can help solve IRS problems without hiring a tax attorney. Generally, a tax advisor’s services are retained to help minimize taxation, but remain...
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Mesa Back Tax Returns Prepared

Mesa Back Tax Returns Prepared by Scott Allen EA If you have Mesa back tax returns that need to be prepared you are not alone. Life gets busy, finances get tight, and other obstacles can take priority. However, when deciding to get back into...
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IRS Tax Attorney Phoenix

Does my case need an IRS Tax Attorney Phoenix? What reasons would grant needing an IRS tax attorney Phoenix? If you have done something fraudulent or of a criminal nature. Its important to remember that failing to file a tax return or failing to...
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Scottsdale IRS Problems

Scottsdale IRS Problems 101 Scottsdale IRS Problems can come from a variety or ways. Maybe a taxpayer forgot to file a tax return, unable to pay the taxes owed, getting audited, or even identity theft. Whatever the scenario is it may be in your best...
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Phoenix IRS Problems

Phoenix IRS Problems Phelipe had his Phoenix IRS Problems solved by Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors. A serious health scare several months back put this taxpayer in a position where he could barely take care of his current health situation let alone...
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Gilbert IRS Problems

Gilbert IRS Problems getting solved Stephen came to Tax Debt Advisors to get his Gilbert IRS problems solved. Like Stephen, many people desire to have bank accounts free from IRS garnishment, home ownership that is tax lien free, marriage without financial stress, or just...
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Mesa IRS Problems

Mesa IRS Problems solved in 2017 Brian had himself some serious Mesa IRS problems that needed some solving. He met with Tax Debt Advisors about six weeks ago to discuss his situation. Not only had he not filed any tax returns for about 11...
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