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Stop Mesa AZ IRS liens, levy, garnishments, debts & back taxes today!

Mesa AZ IRS Problems no more

If you have serious Mesa Arizona IRS problems, unfiled tax returns or owe the IRS more than you can pay back, who should you use? Think for a moment before continuing to read further.  Who should you use?

The answer to this question might surprise you, but it is the first question you need answered before seeking help in dealing with the IRS.

If you have cancer you should see an Oncologist that specializes in your type of cancer.  But you certainly would not call an Oncologist unless you have cancer.  This analogy applies to Mesa AZ IRS matters.  The only time you need the services of a tax attorney for a tax problem is when you need attorney client privileges.  This is only needed when you have committed a criminal act.

Listen to this…In 45 years, Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has resolved over 113,000 IRS tax debts, using the Offer in Compromise program, payment plans, tax motivated bankruptcy, non-collectible status, or expiring the tax debt using the statute of limitations.  Not one of these cases required the need for a Mesa Arizona Tax Attorney.  None of these clients committed a criminal or fraudulent act.  Not filing or paying your taxes is not criminal.  Not one of our clients have had their home seized or faced jail time.  It just doesn’t happen in real life situation.  The IRS would rather just work out the matter and move on…AND SO WOULD I.

These tax settlement options are NOT CANCER.  They are options that require the services of the best person in your local area that has performed these services consistently for several years.   Tax Attorneys have a way of using fear and intimidation to scare potential clients into over paying for Mesa AZ IRS resolution services that can best be done by an Enrolled Agent. In the 45 years we have been in business we have referred only 4 clients who had tax CANCER (committed a criminal act).  You would be upset if a cancer doctor told you that you had cancer, when all you had was a severe sore throat…but got billed for curing cancer.

In the vast majority of cases, you have a serious “sore throat,”  you are not in “stage 4 cancer”.  So rather than over pay, consider having a free initial consultation with Scott Allen E.A. first.  If you need the services of a  Mesa Arizona tax attorney, Scott will be the first one to refer you to one who specializes with your particular need.

If you have unfiled tax returns, Scott Allen E.A. can prepare the returns within 24-48 hours of having all of the information needed file the back tax returns in Mesa AZ.  Call Scott Allen E.A. today and save yourself the expense of using a “cancer doctor” when all you have is a sore throat. Schedule your appointment today to meet with Scott by calling 480-926-9300.  Let him be your Mesa Arizona IRS Power of Attorney!
See a recent accomplishment by Scott Allen EA for his client Matthew. Scott helped him settle his “sore throat” caused by an IRS audit that he didn’t initially respond to.  As you can see, over $11,000 in taxes, interest, and penalties were reduced thru the audit reconsideration process. It took a bit of time from beginning to end but victory was accomplished. This is just one of thousands of successes by Scott Allen EA.

Mesa AZ IRS problem solved


Written by Scott Allen


Tax Debt Advisors for Filing Back Tax Returns Phoenix AZ

It is important to remember that the IRS does not punish primarily for non payment but rather for non filing.  The penalties for failing to file a tax return are 10 times greater than the penalty for non payment.  That means the IRS is more interested in getting a paper return than paper money.

Most people fail to file because they don’t have the money to pay the tax.  That’s like putting your head in the sand to save you from the IRS lion.  If you file your returns on time you will save yourself lots of penalties and the IRS is much easier to work with if you have been filing each year.  Once a client has failed to file for one year, the average client does not seek help until six years later.  Why? Because it usually takes the IRS that long to levy their wages and/or bank accounts.  If the IRS was much more aggressive and competent, clients would save thousands of dollars in penalties and interest.

If you have lost your records or they were destroyed in a fire or flood, it is possible to reconstruct the returns.  The IRS keeps track of  W-2 information, interest and dividends paid, home mortgage interest, sales of stock and any K-1 and retirement income information.  Banks can provide copies of old bank statements and checks.  With a little effort, most returns can be reasonably reconstructed.  We always attach a note to the return explaining how we arrived at the numbers reported.

If absolutely no information is available, there is still an acceptable way for filing back tax returns Phoenix AZ.  This is based on economic reality.  We have a worksheet that determines how much you had to make to pay your bills every month.  We can file a tax return based on estimates if the estimates are reasonable.

Filing Back Tax Returns to fix a nine year old debt.

David owed the IRS for back taxes from 2012. They claimed he owed them over $4,000 on a tax return he never filed. How could this be so? The IRS went ahead and filed a tax return for him. This is called a substitute for return (SFR). The good news in all this is that David can still file a correct taxpayer filed return. That is exactly what Tax Debt Advisors, Inc did for him. As you can view from the notice below, the $4,000 debt was brought down to under $600. With the reduction in taxes owed, the interest and penalties were reduced for him as well.




Scott Allen E. A.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc

Don’t fight the IRS alone if you need help filing back tax returns Phoenix AZ. Get the right local help. www.FileBackTaxes.net 


Written by Scott Allen

Filing Late Returns—Why Mesa Arizona residents need to file on time.

Filing Late Returns Mesa AZ

  • Avoid potential for prosecution.  Willful failure to file is a misdemeanor and can result in being sentenced to one year in prison for each year not filed.  This is a rare occurrence but why put your self through the possibility.
  • You will lose your Earned Income Credit if you try to claim it on a return that is older than three years.
  • If you are self employed, you will received a reduced benefit when you retire based on income earned that was not reported.
  • You will lose refunds on years filed after three years from the due date of the return.
  • Increased debt to the IRS from interest and penalties which can double the amount owed in a few years.
  • Higher likelihood that your returns will be audited or reviewed.
  • IRS will calculate a substituted tax return (SFR) based on income reported without any deductions.  These liabilities are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Call me today for filing late returns Mesa AZ and schedule a free initial confidential consultation to see how easy it is to get yourself back in the saddle.

Damien was nearly ten years behind on his back taxes. He thought the IRS had forgotten about him. Low and behold it was the exact opposite. Because he did not file his taxes timely, the IRS filed an SFR tax return giving him a large tax bill of over $39,000. On top the that they were garnishing his income to collect on that tax bill. This got his attention and he hired Scott Allen EA to be his power of attorney. If you check out the IRS notice below you will see that he was able to file a protest tax return and wipe out the entire bill. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Not only that, but the IRS now owed him money and they returned the money they levied from him. Talk about a complete turn around of events.  In addition to correcting Damien’s 2012 tax return Scott also helped him with filing late returns Mesa AZ up through the year 2020. He is now 100% filing compliant.

For more information on filing late returns click here.

Filing Late Returns Mesa AZ

Scott Allen E. A.—Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.


Written by Scott Allen

Arizona IRS help: What makes an Offer In Compromise work or fail?

IRS Offer in Compromise pitfalls: Arizona IRS help

  • Most Offers are calculated incorrectly. The actual amount the IRS will accept is much higher than the amount offered.
  • Complex paper work.  Forms filled out incorrectly
  • When it comes time to pay, you can’t come up with the money you thought you would have.
  • You fail to file or pay future taxes.
  • When the Offer amount is calculated correctly—95% cannot afford the Offer amount.
  • Less than 2% of the general population that owe taxes can both qualify and pay a correctly calculated Offer amount.

If its been determined that an IRS Offer in Compromise isn’t your best solution to your IRS problem let Scott Allen EA help you negotiate an installment arrangement for you just like he did for Pablo. After a careful evaluation of his financial picture Scott new Pablo’s best option would be a payment plan agreement. See a copy of that agreement below. If you are in need of Arizona IRS help give Scott Allen EA a call today.

Arizona IRS help


Call me today for a free initial confidential consultation to determine if you qualify for an Offer and if not what you next option should be.

Scott Allen, E.A. – Tax Debt Advisors, Inc


Arizona IRS help:  What makes an Offer In Compromise work or fail?

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Written by Scott Allen

IRS Problem Solvers

irs problems solvers help

Top IRS Problem Solvers

Many IRS Problems can be confusing because you don’t always get the most accurate information from the IRS. Furthermore, most people who pay taxes don’t feel comfortable calling the IRS directly for answers. View the IRS problems we specialize in solving below.


Payroll Tax Problems

The IRS can be aggressive with their attempts to collect your past due payroll taxes. You should try to avoid meeting with IRS representatives until you have met with a experienced tax professional first.

Learn More


IRS Liens

Tax liens are records that document your owing of the IRS> These can prevent you from obtaining financing for homes and automobiles. One a IRS lien has been filed, you cannot transfer or sell the property without obtaining a clear title.

Learn More


IRS Levy

The IRS has the power to issue bank levy’s to take money from your checking and savings accounts. Faced with a IRS levy? You must comply or face further IRS problems. Avoid levies and let a professional talk to the IRS for you!

Wage IRS levies can take money from your paycheck that makes it tough to live on. Stop IRS levy now!

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IRS Audits

You can get audited by the IRS via office, home or in the mail. Usually audits happen because the IRS is missing documents. For example if you claim your children on your tax return as a dependent, the IRS could randomly audit you to verify the children live with you in the home.

IRS audits are serious and should be taken as such as they can often lead to auditing other tax years that weren’t originally listed in the tax letter from the IRS.

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IRS Seizures

The IRS can seize your assets. They can seize business or personal assets to pay off your tax liabilities. This can occur when certain taxpayers avoid the IRS. IRS seizure is the last attempt to collect past due tax liabilities.

Learn More


Wage Garnishment

The IRS can slap a wage garnishment on your paycheck to collect unpaid taxes. One garnishment takes place, the IRS can keep taking money out of your check until they are paid in full.

 Learn More


Unfiled Tax Returns

Haven’t paid your taxes in a couple of years? Do you know that is considered a criminal act by the IRS, that can be punishable for up to 1 year in jail for each year your didn’t file taxes.

You can still file those tax returns, no matter how many years it has been. Call a professional like Scott A Allen to guide you through the process.

Learn More


IRS Penalties

IRS penalties such as failure to pay or failure to file can increase the amount of money you own to the IRS quickly.

Before you pay the IRS one single dollar, you might want to think about requestion abatement of your penalties. Call Scott Allen for more information about IRS abatement.

Learn More

Written by Scott Allen


An IRS Help Blog in Mesa Arizona

This IRS help blog is to help you understand what you can get from a blog on this web site.  Frankly, it will give you only the basic outline of the subject matter covered.  On a scale of one to ten it is about a three.  If you want more information, go to our web site and find more details on the subject.  Now your at a level five.  If you want information at a level eight or higher, you will need to come in for a consultation for about one hour.  I will give you a list of things to bring with you so that our meeting is productive and gives you a course of action to follow to resolve your IRS matter.

With IRS problems, the “devil is in the details,” and without the details, it would be foolish to rely on a summary of some important IRS matter in a blog.  But blogs have a way of helping you know whether or not you have the right question.  This is a very important point.  Do not worry about getting an answer until you know you have the right question.  Too many clients come to us because they had the right answer to the wrong question.  Their tax matter wasn’t resolved and they were in a worse mess than before they started the process.

As an example, over 80% of our clients are surprised when we tell then that IRS income tax debt can be discharged in a tax bankruptcy.  The sad part is that almost as many filed a recent bankruptcy and did not get the taxes properly qualified for discharge.  They didn’t ask the right questions of the attorney who did their bankruptcy, and were not provided with all of the options to both their tax and non tax debt.  I try very hard to make sure that both your tax and non tax debt issues are considered before entering into a settlement with the IRS.

Finally, the topics we put into a IRS help blog are the most frequently asked questions we get from clients.  But that is only a start.  It is usually the questions that get asked towards the end of our initial consultation that really zero in on discovering the right solution to your IRS problem.

Scott Allen E. A.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.