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Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney or Scott Allen EA for Filing Past Due Tax Returns

Scott Allen EA for Filing Past Due Tax Returns

In the realm of taxation, the complexities and intricacies of past due tax returns can be a source of immense stress for any taxpayer. It’s in this challenging scenario that individuals often find themselves pondering the crucial decision of who to entrust with the task – a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney or Scott Allen EA. Delving into the options, it becomes evident that Scott Allen EA presents a compelling case for being the preferred choice. This blog explores the reasons why a taxpayer should opt for the services of Scott Allen EA over a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney when it comes to filing past due tax returns.

Expertise and Specialization

Scott Allen EA is not just an ordinary tax professional. As an Enrolled Agent (EA), he possesses a unique specialization in taxation matters. Enrolled Agents are federally authorized tax practitioners empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before the IRS. This specialization provides Scott Allen EA with an in-depth understanding of tax laws, regulations, and procedures. On the other hand, while Scottsdale IRS tax attorneys possess a general legal background, they might not be as deeply versed in the nuances of tax laws as an EA like Scott Allen.

Focused Approach

When faced with past due tax returns, time is of the essence. Scott Allen EA is well-versed in swiftly assessing a taxpayer’s situation and strategizing the best course of action. His specialized expertise allows him to focus specifically on tax-related matters, ensuring that his approach is streamlined and efficient. In contrast, a Scottsdale IRS tax attorney might have a broader range of legal responsibilities, which could potentially divert their focus away from the intricacies of tax return filing.

Personalized Attention

One of the key advantages of opting for Scott Allen EA is the personalized attention he provides to each client. As an independent tax practitioner, he can dedicate ample time to understanding the unique financial situation of the taxpayer, ensuring that no detail is overlooked during the past due tax return filing process. This level of personalized attention might be harder to come by when working with a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney, who could be juggling multiple cases simultaneously.


Cost considerations are always at the forefront of any taxpayer’s mind. Scott Allen EA’s services are often more cost-effective compared to those of Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorneys. This is primarily due to the focused nature of his practice and his ability to offer specialized services without the overhead costs associated with larger law firms.

Direct Communication

Open and direct communication is pivotal when dealing with sensitive financial matters like past due tax returns. Scott Allen EA prides himself on maintaining clear and transparent communication with his clients. Clients can directly engage with him, ensuring that questions are answered promptly and concerns are addressed comprehensively. In contrast, communication with a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney might go through intermediaries, leading to potential delays and misinterpretations.

Proven Track Record

Scott Allen EA boasts a proven track record of successfully assisting clients in resolving past due tax return issues. His reputation is built on a foundation of trust, professionalism, and positive outcomes. This is an essential factor to consider when comparing his services to those of a Scottsdale IRS tax attorney, whose track record might not be as explicitly tailored to taxation matters. Below is a great example of how Scott Allen EA represented Frank in his large tax liability. He was able to negotiate all seven years of back taxes owed into one low monthly payment plan of $450 per month. Again, before making the costly decision thinking your tax debt requires a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney meet with Scott Allen EA. He can represent you just like he did for his client Frank.

The decision to choose between Scott Allen EA and a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney for filing past due tax returns ultimately rests upon careful consideration of expertise, specialization, efficiency, cost-efficiency, communication, and track record. While both options offer valuable services, the tailored expertise and personal attention that Scott Allen EA brings to the table make him a compelling choice for taxpayers seeking to navigate the complex landscape of past due tax returns. By entrusting Scott Allen EA with the task, taxpayers can breathe easier, knowing they have a dedicated Enrolled Agent on their side, working tirelessly to ensure their financial matters are resolved effectively and efficiently. Contact Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc today. You will not regret that choice.

Written by Scott Allen

Addressing IRS Tax Lien in Scottsdale, AZ

Let Tax Debt Advisors, Inc help address your IRS Tax Lien in Scottsdale, AZ

A dark cloud hovers over your financial stability when you receive a notice of a tax lien from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you’re in Scottsdale, AZ, and find yourself in this situation, don’t fret. Let’s demystify an IRS tax lien in Scottsdale, AZ and explore how you can effectively address it, with the help of a trusted ally like Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

What is an IRS Tax Lien?

A tax lien is the government’s legal claim against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt. This lien encumbers all your assets (like property, securities, vehicles) and could even extend to future assets acquired during the lien’s duration.

An IRS tax lien in Scottsdale, AZ can create substantial financial challenges, including negative impacts on your credit score, making it harder to secure loans or lines of credit. The lien remains until you pay your tax debt in full, or until the IRS is no longer legally able to collect the debt.

A Five-Step Action Plan to Address IRS Tax Liens

1. Don’t Ignore the Notice

Ignoring the IRS notice can lead to severe repercussions, like the IRS seizing your property to settle the debt. Always respond promptly.

2. Verify the Lien

Start by understanding the tax lien notice. Ensure the debt amount is accurate, and if you believe there’s an error, contact the IRS immediately. You can request a copy of the lien document from the county recorder’s office in Maricopa County, if necessary.

3. Evaluate Your Options

After verifying the debt, you should explore available options to address the lien. These could include:

  • Paying the tax debt in full: This is the most straightforward method, but it’s often not feasible for those with significant debts.
  • Setting up a payment plan with the IRS: Installment agreements allow you to pay your debt over time.
  • Applying for a Offer in Compromise (OIC): An OIC allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe.
  • Discharge of property: This removes the lien from specific property.
  • Subordination: Although it doesn’t remove the lien, subordination allows other creditors to move ahead of the IRS, which can make it easier to get a loan or mortgage.
  • Withdrawal: Withdrawal removes the public Notice of Federal Tax Lien and assures the IRS is not competing with other creditors for your property.

4. Develop a Plan

Once you’ve identified your options, the next step is to create an action plan. This might include negotiating with the IRS, setting up a payment plan, or disputing the lien if you believe it’s incorrect.

5. Hire a Tax Professional

Tax matters can be complex, and the stakes are high. Hiring an experienced tax professional like Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. can make the process more manageable and increase your chances of success.

Why Should You Hire Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.?

Located near Scottsdale, Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has been successfully resolving IRS tax liens and other tax-related issues since 1977. Here are some reasons to consider their expertise:

1. Experience and Knowledge: With over four decades of experience, Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. knows the ins and outs of the IRS. They can help identify the best strategies to manage your IRS tax lien in Scottsdale, AZ, given your unique financial situation.

2. Representation: The team at Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. can represent you before the IRS, reducing stress and ensuring that your rights are protected.

3. Negotiation Skills: Whether you’re considering an installment agreement or an offer in compromise, having a seasoned negotiator on your side can make a significant difference.

4. Peace of Mind: Knowing a professional is handling your tax matters allows you to focus on other areas of your life without constant worry about the looming tax debt.

5. Proven Results: Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has a strong track record of resolving tax liens and other tax issues for their clients. Their success stories are testament to their dedication and expertise.

The thought of dealing with an IRS tax lien can be daunting. But, with the right assistance and careful planning, you can navigate this challenge effectively. If you find yourself facing an IRS tax lien in Scottsdale, AZ, consider partnering with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. Their experience, professionalism, and personalized approach can make a world of difference as you work towards resolving your tax debts. Your peace of mind is worth it.

Written by Scott Allen

Should I use a Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney for IRS Tax Settlement Representation?

What is best for IRS tax settlement representation near Scottsdale AZ

No, IRS tax settlements are not a legal matter and do not require the use of a Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney.

May I suggest that you first meet with Scott Allen E.A.?  He offers a free initial consultation.  Then if you are still uncertain if you should use Scott as your IRS tax settlement representative, go and get a second opinion.  Not many IRS tax professionals are comfortable with potential clients getting second opinions.   Scott is confident that once you meet with him, you will be certain he is the best professional to represent you before the IRS.  Scott breaks up his settlement fees into different tasks.  As he completes each task you have retained him to do, your confidence in Scott will grow.  Be leery of professionals that want to charge you a large upfront fee.  Few clients know what they have really paid for and are shocked to find out later that their professional of choice will be asking for more and more money and providing less and less service.  Don’t get caught in this trap.  Scott Allen E.A. near Scottsdale AZ is a second generation business that has provided the highest level of professional help for the last 45 years.  Scott, who is not a Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney can be reached at 480-926-9300.  Scott Allen E.A. will make today a great day for you!


Recent success by Scott Allen EA for his client John

Scott Allen EA (Enrolled Agent) respresented John before the IRS for his back taxes owed for 2011, 2014, and 2018. John was a struggling small business owner and got behind on his tax for a few years. As you can view from the IRS notice below, Scott negotiated all of John’s back taxes into a currenly not collectible status. This is great news for John. He doe not have to pay a nickle of his back taxes as long as he remains in good standing on his current and future tax obligations. John is sure glad he hired Scott Allen EA rather than the Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney he met with that wanted to charge him 3x the amount to do the same thing. Today, consider calling Scott Allen EA and schedule a free initial consultation about your tax matter whether you have back taxes owed or back tax returns to file.

Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney




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Unfiled Tax Returns in Scottsdale AZ

Scottsdale AZ Unfiled Tax Returns: The Junk Food of Your Financial Health

In a world where physical fitness and a healthy diet reign supreme, we’ve all been taught about the perils of consuming unhealthy meals and living a sedentary lifestyle. Yet, when it comes to financial health, many of us remain blissfully unaware of the havoc that Scottsdale AZ unfiled tax returns can wreak. In this post, we will delve into an unusual but enlightening comparison – unfiled tax returns in Scottsdale AZ and unhealthy meals.

A Constant Drip of Unhealthy Choices

Unhealthy meals don’t transform your physique overnight; instead, it’s the accumulation of unhealthy eating over time that leads to significant health consequences. Similarly, neglecting to file one tax return might not seem disastrous, but habitual non-compliance with tax obligations can lead to severe financial repercussions.

Filing taxes may seem like a burdensome task, as tedious as counting calories or avoiding that tempting piece of cake. However, the consequences of not doing so are far-reaching and can leave your financial health in dire straits. Each unfiled return is like another unhealthy meal, further aggravating your financial condition.

Mounting Consequences

Continually indulging in unhealthy meals can result in high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Meanwhile, ignoring Scottsdale AZ unfiled tax returns won’t lead to physical ailments, but it can result in financial penalties, interest on unpaid taxes, potential legal consequences, and stress that undoubtedly affects your mental health. The IRS doesn’t take tax evasion lightly, and the longer you delay filing, the harsher the potential penalties.

Just as your body yearns for balanced nutrition to function at its best, your financial health needs regular, timely tax filing. These taxes support the vital infrastructure of our society, and fulfilling this obligation contributes to the collective financial wellbeing of the community.

The Illusion of Well-being

We often indulge in unhealthy meals under the guise of comfort or reward. However, the temporary pleasure is an illusion that eventually gives way to health complications. Likewise, the short-lived relief from avoiding the taxing task of filing returns eventually gives way to a cascade of issues.

Unfiled tax returns in Scottsdale AZ may not seem like an immediate problem, and one may even enjoy the illusion of extra savings. But just like an unhealthy meal, this fleeting joy could result in long-term damage. The hidden costs begin to pile up, often unnoticed until it’s too late.

Unwinding the Damage

The effects of unhealthy eating can be mitigated by adopting a balanced diet and engaging in regular physical activity. Similarly, the adverse effects of unfiled tax returns can be remedied. The first step is recognizing the problem and the potential damage it can cause.

If you have Scottsdale AZ unfiled tax returns, it’s essential to consult with a tax professional. They can help you understand your options, such as payment plans or offers in compromise, and guide you through the process of getting back into good standing with the IRS.


Just as eating healthy meals contributes to physical well-being, timely tax filing plays a significant role in maintaining your financial health. Both unhealthy meals and unfiled tax returns in Scottsdale AZ may seem innocuous at first but can have serious consequences over time.

Just as we are responsible for our physical health, we must also take charge of our financial health. By filing tax returns on time, we not only fulfill our legal obligations but also contribute to our financial stability and peace of mind.

So, next time you’re tempted to avoid your taxes, remember that unfiled tax returns are the junk food of your financial health. Make the healthier choice and file your taxes on time. After all, your financial health deserves the same care and attention as your physical health.

May we suggest Scott Allen EA for unfiled tax returns in Scottsdale AZ

The effects of unhealthy eating can be mitigated by adopting a balanced diet and engaging in regular physical activity. Similarly, the adverse effects of unfiled tax returns can be remedied. The first step is recognizing the problem and the potential damage it can cause. However, unraveling the complex knot of Scottsdale AZ unfiled back taxes can seem daunting. This is where experts like Scott Allen EA come in.

Scott Allen EA is a tax resolution specialist who has extensive experience in helping clients resolve their unfiled tax returns. With a keen understanding of tax laws and IRS procedures, Scott can provide expert guidance through the entire process. From understanding the scope of your tax issue to formulating a plan to address it, his assistance is invaluable.

Scott’s expertise extends to negotiating with the IRS on behalf of his clients. He can help you explore options such as setting up an installment agreement, submitting an offer in compromise, or, in some cases, declaring currently not collectible status. His ultimate goal is to minimize your financial burden and ensure that you are compliant with tax laws moving forward.

Working with Scott Allen EA is akin to having a personal nutritionist and trainer to guide you back to health after a series of unhealthy meals. His meticulous and personalized approach ensures that your unique circumstances are taken into consideration, and the best possible outcome is reached.


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Call Scott Allen E.A. to file your IRS Audit Reconsideration in Scottsdale Arizona

IRS Audit Reconsideration in Scottsdale Arizona

If you have been audited and afterwards come across information that will substantiate your deductions, you are allowed to request an IRS audit reconsideration in Scottsdale Arizona.  This procedure also applies to audits that were not attended and the IRS disallowed all deductions.  An audit reconsideration can take considerable time for the IRS to review the paper work that must accompany the request.

If you have an IRS matter that you feel qualifies for an IRS audit reconsideration in Scottsdale Arizona, call Scott Allen for a free consultation.  He has the expertise to file and get your tax liability reduced or eliminated through this program.  Contact Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 to schedule your appointment.  Scott will only take your case if it will benefit you.

Recent case:

Scott Allen EA was able to assist David with his IRS audit reconsideration in Scottsdale Arizona. The IRS made an assessment against his 2018 tax return. This assessment resulted in an account balance due of $6,641.50. David had put this off and didn’t schedule an appointment to meet with Scott until 2022. After a careful review of his account and investigating the IRS records and also the taxpayers records Scott Allen EA knew he could save David some money and get the account balance reduced. He was exactly right. If you view the IRS adjustment letter below you can see that the account balance was reduced by $2,882.55. Never believe it is too late to resolve problems with the IRS. Some things are subject to a statute of limitations but many things are not. Always consult with an Enrolled Agent (E.A) if you are experiencing IRS problems.

David’s IRS Audit reconsideration in Scottsdale Arizona


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Do I Need a Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney if I have an IRS tax problem?

Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney

No, having an IRS tax problem is not a legal matter and does not require a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney.  There are serious consequences if you do not deal properly with your IRS matter but in reality you do not need a tax attorney unless you have committed a criminal act.  There is no better way to get value for IRS resolution services than using Scott Allen E.A.  He has the expertise to represent you fairly, aggressively and at a cost that you can afford—unlike expensive legal billings.  Scott will never tell you he can do a better job than you can for yourself.  No one can know what your skill level and determination to do tax research on your own.  What Scott will tell you is that you will not be able to get a better settlement of your tax debt than what he can do.  A Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney will often make you feel inadequate to the task.  That is their modus operandi (their method of operation).  But if you are not well versed in IRS resolution options, very likely you will not perform at the level that Scott Allen E.A. can, and consequently put yourself in a terrible situation which many times you or your tax representative cannot correct.

A few things to remember about IRS tax resolution work in Scottsdale AZ.  If someone promises seem too good to be true they probably are.  If you hear the words, “No Problem”—you can expect a problem.  May I suggest you call Scott Allen E.A. and schedule a free consultation?  He can be reached at 480-926-9300.  I know you will be glad you did.

Scott Allen E.A. was able to help out his client Joseph with his tax problem without using a Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney. He has fallen behind with his estimated tax payments for a couple of years and was afraid to file his taxes thinking the IRS was going to levy or garish his income or bank accounts.  Scott Allen E.A. was able to calm the situation down, represent him before the IRS and take care of the matter for him. Scott prepared his 2020 and 2021 returns and negotiated them into one low monthly payment plan with the IRS. For $510 a month the IRS will stay out of his bank accounts and not file a tax lien on his credit. Attached is a a copy of that agreement to see for yourself.

Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney


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Do I Need a Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney When I Receive a Notice of Federal Tax Lien?

Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney

No, this is not a legal matter.  If you received an IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien you have 30 days from the date of the notice to file IRS Form 12153 to request a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing.

The CDP hearing is your chance to explain to an Appeals Officer why a tax lien should not have been filed.  Scott Allen E.A. has expertise in meeting with an Appeals Officer regarding tax liens.  Scott will first meet with you for a free consultation to determine if you should or need to request a CDP hearing.  Scott Allen E.A. can be reached at 480-926-9300.

Before making a decision on what to do with a Notice of Federal Tax Lien consider calling Scott Allen at Tax Debt Advisors over a Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney.

Below you will see a recent example of a successful negotiation by Scott Allen EA to resolve an IRS tax lien. Craig had a handful of tax years he owed back taxes on and needed to get all of them revised into one simple payment plan. Rather then hiring an expensive Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney he met with an Enrolled Agent who timely handled the matter so that the IRS tax lien didn’t turn into an IRS tax levy.

Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney


Written by Scott Allen

Do I Need a Scottsdale IRS Tax Attorney When I Received a 30 Day Non-Filer Letter from the IRS?

Scottsdale IRS Tax Attorney?

No, this is not a legal matter and rarely requires a Scottsdale IRS Tax Attorney.  This can be resolved quickly and easily.  Basically this letter is telling you to file your tax return for the year on the notice.  If you need a tax preparer, may I suggest you contact Scott Allen E.A. of Scottsdale & Mesa Arizona who has extensive experience in tax preparation as well as resolving IRS tax problems.  You can contact Scott Allen E.A. regarding the filing of all back tax returns at 480-926-9300.  Scott does not charge for your initial consultation.  You will get direct and accurate answers to your tax questions that will put your mind at ease on any delinquent taxes returns.

Below is a recent successful case accomplished by Scott Allen EA rather than a Scottsdale IRS Tax Attorney. James was behind on his back tax returns and was in desperate need for help. The IRS was threatening to levy his income when he came in as well. Scott was able to hold off the IRS, get his recent back tax returns filed, and negotiate it all into a nice low $249/month payment plan.

Scottsdale IRS Tax Attorney




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File Back Taxes Scottsdale and only pay $80/month

File Back Taxes Scottsdale

Peter had to file back taxes Scottsdale and negotiate them all into a payment plan. Uncertain of where to begin he met with Scott Allen EA for a phone appointment to go over the process. When the IRS files substitute for returns in your behalf you still have the ability to file correct returns for those years. That is exactly what Peter did. Scott Allen EA helped him prepare the back taxes to first get the balance due as low as possible before doing the payment plan work. As you will be able to see from the notice below they were able to help Peter get a really low monthly installment plan with the Internal Revenue Service. He only has to pay $80 per month on his back taxes. He will do so until the tax debt expires in a few years. Not a half bad settlement negotiation.

File Back Taxes Scottsdale

If you have a need to file back taxes Scottsdale speak with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. He will explain the process of resolving your tax problem from beginning to end in a clear and simple matter. For your reference here are those three steps to resolve most tax matters. Don’t battle the IRS alone. Go with someone who has years of experience.

  1. Power of Attorney work
  2. Filing back tax returns
  3. Tax Debt Settlement



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Removing IRS tax interest: Can it be done?

It is not Necessary To Use A Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney to Remove Interest

The IRS takes a tough position on removing interest and therefore it is rare that our firm will charge a fee requesting interest abatement.  Interest can be abated if it is due to an error by an employee of the IRS.  It is much harder to seek interest abatement claiming the IRS employee delayed the process of processing the tax assessment unless it is obvious the “ball was dropped” when your case was transferred to another employee at the IRS.

If a return is amended and the balance is lowered, the interest due will also be lowered along with any penalties.  If a return is filed to lower a balance due on an IRS substitute for return the same will be true.  If you want a correct assessment of whether you should seek professional guidance on interest abatement, call Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 and schedule a free consultation to determine if your case has merit.

Compare Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. services with any Scottsdale AZ IRS tax attorney today!  www.TaxDebtAdvisors.com

Take a look at what Scott Allen E.A. was able to do for his client, Yolanda. Thru the proper abatement process he was able to get the IRS to abate $13,019 of penalties and $243 of interest. It is important to know that not every case is the same and not everyone qualifies for abatement. To find out if you are a candidate or if you have other issues with the IRS that needs representation give Tax Debt Advisors, Inc a call today. They have been solving IRS problems since 1977.

Scottsdale AZ IRS Tax Attorney


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