Written by Scott Allen

File Back Taxes Scottsdale and only pay $80/month

File Back Taxes Scottsdale

Peter had to file back taxes Scottsdale and negotiate them all into a payment plan. Uncertain of where to begin he met with Scott Allen EA for a phone appointment to go over the process. When the IRS files substitute for returns in your behalf you still have the ability to file correct returns for those years. That is exactly what Peter did. Scott Allen EA helped him prepare the back taxes to first get the balance due as low as possible before doing the payment plan work. As you will be able to see from the notice below they were able to help Peter get a really low monthly installment plan with the Internal Revenue Service. He only has to pay $80 per month on his back taxes. He will do so until the tax debt expires in a few years. Not a half bad settlement negotiation.

File Back Taxes Scottsdale

If you have a need to file back taxes Scottsdale speak with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. He will explain the process of resolving your tax problem from beginning to end in a clear and simple matter. For your reference here are those three steps to resolve most tax matters. Don’t battle the IRS alone. Go with someone who has years of experience.

  1. Power of Attorney work
  2. Filing back tax returns
  3. Tax Debt Settlement