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IRS Tax Audits

Does the IRS Offer One Time Forgiveness?

Does the IRS Offer One Time Forgiveness? Yes, the IRS does offers one time forgiveness, also known as an offer in compromise, the IRS’s debt relief program. Have tax debt and wondering if one time forgiveness can help? If so, this post should help! Read...
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IRS Tax Attorney in Arizona: When should I NOT use an attorney?

IRS Tax Attorney in Arizona: When should I NOT use an attorney? If you are searching for “tax attorney“, “tax lawyer“, “IRS tax lawyer“, “IRS attorney“, “tax attorneys“, “IRS tax attorney“, “tax attorney near me” or “best tax attorney” in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe or Scottsdale, Arizona, Scott...
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Arizona Tax Return Amendment

Arizona Tax Return Amendment: 2017 Often times taxpayers will find themselves in need of an Arizona tax return amendment filing. This can occur for reasons such as, a simple mistake, lost records, forgetting to report income, or identity theft. If the IRS catches the error before you...
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Tax Attorney Chandler

Are you searching for “Tax Attorney Chandler” while looking for someone to help you fix your tax troubles with the IRS? First of all, you don’t actually need a tax attorney to fix your tax problems with the IRS, you just need someone experienced...
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Abate IRS Taxes Mesa

Abate IRS Taxes Mesa today You may be bale to abate IRS taxes Mesa as well.  Firstly, everyone thinks that everyone can abate back taxes, interest, and/or penalties. The truth (I may be the only one to say this) is most people don’t. But...
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