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IRS Tax Problem Help



Are you searching Google for “IRS Tax Debt Help Mesa“, or do you find yourself having one of the following issues with the IRS? 

Do you have serious tax debt issuesDo you have years of outstanding tax returnsAre you about to be bankrupt/liquidated?

Don’t worry, let Tax Debt Advisors help you today. We will give you a free consultation and will help you to solve your tax issues. If you are experiencing tax problems with the IRS, give Scott @ Tax Debt Advisors a call today at 480-926-9300

Tax Debt Help From The Experts 

Tax Debt Advisors are tax specialists. We have extensive tax knowledge and will provide consulting services when our clients have been faced with complex tax problems. Our services do include: settling tax debt, filing overdue tax returns, tax relief, tax audit help, and voluntary disclosures.

Don’t Let Just Anyone Help You With IRS Problems

The person you choose to help your with your IRS tax problem is the most important decision you will make.  Do not rely on company hype—especially from out of state companies.  Most of the time you will be contacted via phone by a salesperson who is trained to get money out of you by scaring you and taking advantage of your vulnerability.  If you cannot easily visit the office of the person representing you before the IRS, you will be disappointed in the results.  

Once you have the right person, you need to be committed to the process.  Keep your commitments to provide complete information on a timely basis.  If you do not allow your representative meet IRS deadlines by not following through, your IRS settlement will be a failure.  You have one time to do it right.  

IRS Tax Problems Solved 

If you have an IRS tax problem it is likely that you will also owe the state you live in as well.  The process is to first file and settle with the IRS and then file and settle with the state.  Your state will generally accept your state returns only after the IRS has accepted the returns you filed with the IRS.  Settlements with the IRS are generally easier than state settlements.  The Arizona Department of Revenue will confiscate your driver’s license if you do not comply with their collection demands.

Common Tax Problems In Mesa

Overdue tax returns:

If you have tax returns that are overdue, then the IRS may do a default assessment which may not be the correct reflection of your tax debt. Whenever we file your tax return that is overdue, then we will begin to understand the right position for your tax debt. Any type of overdue tax returns will bring your penalties and tax debt. The longer that the tax return is in the pending status, the higher that the penalty will become. Tax Debt Advisors will be able to provide you will debt solutions. We will certainly be glad to help you to file any of those past due tax returns and then avoid other penalties.

Settling tax debt:

There may be various reasons that are beyond your control and have caused this tax debt. The longer that the debt remains, the higher that the penalties will be. Tax Debt Advisors will be able to represent you when it comes to IRS tax debt settlement. We will check to ensure the correctness of tax debt, because it may not be right to start with, then we will work with you to come up with a repayment plan. Without our extensive knowledge as well as experience, you will be able to trust us with all of your tax debt and do not have to deal with the IRS demands and investigations.

Voluntary disclosure:

There may be times when you want to edit or disclose your prior tax position. With voluntary disclosure, the IRS will consider reducing the tax debt you have by minimizing the penalty. Tax Debt Advisors will advise your on how and when you need to voluntarily disclose.

Tax Relief:

If you are unable to pay your tax debt and meet the tax debt deadline, then this may due to financial hardships or circumstances that you cannot control like natural disasters, etc. We will be able to represent you and negotiate for tax relief with the IRS. The whole goal is to find a solution that will work for both the IRS and you are happy with.

Tax Audit:

When it comes to be auditing by the IRS, it is risky to answer the IRS’ questions without having professional knowledge. Tax Debt Advisors are experienced in representing you in a tax audit. We will do our absolute best to reduce your potential tax debt while protecting your rights.

Below Are Some Examples Of Successful Tax Debt Cases:

Family owned small business:

This company had over 4 years of past due tax returns including income tax, PAYE, and GST. The total debt was over $100,000 with a penalty of $65,000. They had cash flow issues, IRS, suppliers, and staff were not being paid on time. We filed the past due tax returns to arrive at the right tax position, then negotiated a successful payment plan that helped them to repay everything in 6 months and currently all the tax payments are on time and they have become successful.

Working Professional:

Without having an accounting background, everyone can make tax mistakes. This working professional was very good at his job, but not good with numbers. He had over $200,000 in tax debt and the only option left was bankruptcy, and that would have messed up his career. We investigated the case and did a payment proposal or him. After a few counter offers as well as negotiations with the IRS, we managed to save him from bankruptcy and now he is worry free and we file his tax returns and manage his bookkeeping.

Retail shop:

When they came to us they were under audit from the IRS for the last 5 years. They didn’t have good accountant or bookkeeping system. They couldn’t answer the IRS’ questions during the audit. After looking at their business, we redid all of the bookkeeping and then managed to revise and file for many of the tax periods. We represented them during their audit process and then answered during the Audit. Now we manage their bookkeeping and tax returns and they are have become quite successful.

Construction business:

They approached up and had around $140,000 worth of tax debt, they were handling the negotiations with the IRS themselves. They had already made around $250,000 on their account. They sold their home, other assets, but the debt will still out of control. They were distressed. We worked with them to get financial relief and negotiated a set amount of payments for debt repayment. Now they have a running successful and profitable business, and they are looking to sell the business and enjoy life. They are getting offers from potential buyers as the business books are a lot cleaner. We manage their accounting and tax affairs.

We Have A Simple 3 Step Process:

  1. We will study your case and investigate to validate the tax debt.
  2. Scope out the work that includes sorting out overdue tax returns.
  3. Solve the issues after carefully analyzing your financial position and arrange for repayment of the tax debt you have.

If you are experiencing tax problems with the IRS, give Scott @ Tax Debt Advisors a call today at 480-926-9300.