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Tax Attorney Mesa

Searching for “Tax Attorney Mesa” while looking for an expert tax law? If so, Tax Debt Advisors can help! We are not a tax attorney firm, rather, a tax debt specialist that helps with IRS problems without the pressure and at a lower cost! Schedule your free tax consultation in Mesa with Tax Debt Advisors today by giving us a call today at 480-926-9300.

If you have been searching for tax attorneys, that must mean that you are having tax issues. Contact Scott Allen with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc at (480) 926-9300 in order to get right with the IRS. Don’t just hire a tax attorney. Hire a tax debt advisor who has been helping customers to deal with their tax issues since the 1970’s and has help to solve over 100,000 tax debts.

Common Reasons To Hire A Tax Attorney In Mesa

It is true that you don’t have to hire a tax attorney when you are dealing with the IRS. You can hire a tax debt advisor who has been helping people since 1977 with their tax issues. Scott Allen can guide you through any type of tax situation that you may have.

Why You Do Not Need a Tax Attorney

Below are the reasons as well as warning signs of why you do not need a tax attorney:

  • If you are making the decision out of fear, and believe that you need a tax attorney for anything other than fraudulently file or criminal returns, you will be disappointed. Attorneys can generate their income by causing fear. Many clients who started with an attorney and switch to us mentioned that they were intimidated with fear about something bad happening if… and that always followed by another large retainer fee.
  • IRS resolution work isn’t rocket science. It is just common-sense work that will improve over time because of the relationships that were established with the IRS and understanding how they work. Attorneys will often scare their clients into believe that their legal training is needed to get a successful resolution.
  • Most clients believe that they will get what they pay for and will base the quality of work on how much they pay. In many cases, the attorney will charge between 25-400% more for the same service. If you go in for a consultation with an attorney, you should consider getting a second option by calling me for a free initial consultation. Those are the appointments I love.

Hire An Enrolled Agent Vs. Hiring A Tax Attorney In Mesa

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  1. The tax issue may not be that bad. It doesn’t take a tax attorney or rocket scientist to work with the IRS. Legal training isn’t really needed to handle most tax issues. Tax attorneys will try to scare you into believing that you need legal representation. That just isn’t true. Let Tax Debt Advisors help you to solve your tax issues without scaring you or requesting a huge retainer fee for the service.
  2. Get a Second Opinion. There are some tax customers that believe paying a higher fee will give them higher quality services and that isn’t true. Tax attorneys normally charge 400% more for the same services that a tax debt expert can handle. There isn’t a difference in the process besides you paying more money. We aren’t saying it is a bad idea to talk to a tax attorney, but you should also get a second opinion. At Tax Debt Advisors we offer free tax consultations.
  3. Don’t make any decisions based on fear. Do you believe that you need a tax attorney because you filed a fraudulent tax return, then you might be disappointed. Tax attorneys generate their income based on your fears. Many of our tax clients began with a tax attorney, only to find that they tried to intimidate them into believing the problem is bigger than actually is. It is almost always followed by a large retainer fee.

Feel Confident with an Experienced Tax Representative

Whenever I look back over the years, the most common factor in my bad decision making is when I was influenced due to fear. I love the quote from Star Wars that explains how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader – “It was fear that pushed me to the dark side.” If you have had a consultation with an attorney, ask yourself if they reduced your fear level or use it to get what they wanted. A good representative will focus on everything that can go right instead of that 1% that could go wrong and almost never happens. When you are trying to decide if you need representation from a tax attorney, consider getting a second opinion from me. I know you will be glad that you did.

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Tax Debt Advisors handled my tax issues, which included several years of tax returns with IRS issues. The back tax returns were processed quickly with no additional problems or delays. Scott managed every aspect of the IRS problem with ease. Thanks again Scott!Stacy P Read More Reviews

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