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Scott Allen E.A. if you need to File Back Tax Returns in Chandler AZ

If you have not filed all of your delinquent tax returns, the IRS will not allow you to enter into a settlement for IRS relief.  This leaves you vulnerable to IRS wage garnishments and bank account levies.  If you owe on your back tax returns in Chandler AZ, they are accruing additional interest and penalties.  Probably the worst penalty that the IRS enforces on back tax returns is refunds older than three years will not be paid to you nor applied to balances due on other years.  Eventually the IRS will assess you with substitute for returns which are prepared in the most negative way possible.  When this happens you will need to file a protest with your correct return.  This can take several months to be accepted by the IRS and leave you vulnerable to paying on a larger liability with a potentially higher monthly installment arrangement.  If you cannot pay the taxes due, you extend the statute of limitation, which is 10 years, until your taxes are assessed.

May I suggest that you contact Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 to file your back tax returns in Chandler AZ and assist you in selecting and negotiating the best settlement allowed by law?  Your initial appointment is free and Scott will make that day a great day for you!

View the notice below to see how Scott Allen E.A. helped Kurt file back tax returns in Chandler AZ so he can negotiate a reasonable settlement on his IRS debt. Over $18,000 in tax, interest and penalties was reduced.

File Back Tax Returns in Chandler AZ


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Written by Scott Allen

How can Scott Allen E.A. help you with your Mesa AZ IRS Payment Plan?

Need a Mesa AZ IRS Payment plan?

  • Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. of Mesa AZ is a family business providing IRS resolution services since 1977.  Scott has been working in the family business since he was eight years old.  Scott knows from working in the family IRS help service business in Mesa AZ every aspect of operating a tax resolution business and how to get the right settlement of each new client.
  • Services provided include but are not limited to IRS payment plans, Offer in Compromises, IRS audits, Bank and wage levies, IRS tax liens, Currently not collectible status, Discharging IRS taxes in a bankruptcy, etc.
  • Using an E.A. is your best value for negotiating IRS payment plans, stopping IRS collection action, reviewing letters from the IRS, stopping the IRS from taking your pay check or money from your bank account, IRS property seizures, and working with IRS Auditors, Revenue Officers, and Agents.
  • You will understand what Scott is talking about—no intimidating legalese.  Scott stays up to date on the latest changes at the IRS.  Many of these blogs detail those changes.

Call Scott Allen E.A. today for a free consultation about a Mesa AZ IRS payment plan.  He can be reached at 480-926-9300.  You will be glad you did.

View the image below to see a recent success he had with one of his clients. 13 years worth of taxes were put into one low monthly payment plan. The taxpayer needed to get it revised due to the recent down turn in the economy and that is what Scott got done!

Mesa AZ IRS payment plan



Written by Scott Allen

How to file Back Tax Returns Gilbert AZ?

The Why, When How, What and Who should help you File Back Tax Returns in Gilbert AZ

  • Why file back tax returns Gilbert AZ?—every day that you delay filing back tax returns you are accruing interest and penalties.  If you have a refund and the return is older than three years the refund is lost and cannot be apply against years you owe.
  • When is the best time to file back tax returns Gilbert AZ?—as soon as possible.  There is no reason to delay filing.  In fact it is best to send them in as they are completed rather than wait until you have them all done.  When back tax returns are filed, they should be mailed separately in their own envelope.
  • How to file back tax returns Gilbert AZ?—always use the forms for the year that is being filed.  Changing the date on the current 1040 forms will not be accepted by the IRS.  Find an IRS professional that has all the original forms for each year that needs to be filed.
  • What should be filed with your back tax returns Gilbert AZ?—Along with the 1040 forms you must include all supporting schedules.  Make sure you have adequate support for deductions claimed.  There is a greater chance that when you file back tax returns that you could be audited.
  • Who should I use to help me file back tax returns Gilbert AZ correctly?—Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has the experience and expertise to help you file your back tax returns and get you the best settlement allowed by law.  Scott offers a free initial consultation and you can schedule with him personally by calling 480-926-9300.  Tax Debt Advisors near Gilbert AZ has settled over 110,000 tax debts for clients since 1977.  Scott Allen E.A will make your first appointment with him a great day!

Recently Scott Allen EA filed back tax returns for a client. One of those years being 2015. This was a year that the IRS audited and selected to file a return for the taxpayer because he had not. Based upon their numbers the taxpayer owed over $35,000. When a protested tax return was filed the taxpayer only owed the IRS $16.  To reiterate, always use an experienced tax professional to represent you in back tax return filings. It can be a $35,000 decision.

Back Tax Returns Gilbert AZ


Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen E.A. can release Mesa Arizona IRS Wage Garnishments or Bank Levies

How can Mesa Arizona IRS Wage Garnishments be stopped?

If you have an IRS tax liability and have ignored or been unaware of their attempts to collect the balance due, the IRS in Mesa AZ will eventually garnish your wages or levy your bank account.  The remedy is to first file all unfiled returns and petition the IRS for a settlement.  This process requires the use of an IRS professional with expertise in filing returns and negotiating the best settlement option.  May I suggest you consider calling Scott Allen E.A. for a free appointment at 480-926-9300?  Scott will make sure you understand all of your options.  Usually it is obvious that one option is much better than all the others.  On occasion the best strategy will include using 2 or 3 options to arrive at the best settlement option.

If you want to get the best settlement and have your Mesa Arizona IRS wage garnishments stopped or bank levy released call Scott Allen E.A. today.  He will make today a great day for you!

See a recent example below of how Scott took aggressive action for a client to stop IRS collection activity. This is an agreement between a client and the IRS of an non collectible status.

Mesa Arizona IRS Wage Garnishments




Written by Scott Allen

Can I file Chandler AZ back tax returns without records?

Scott Allen EA gets asked this questions quite often.  Many Chandler AZ residents who have to file back tax returns have lost of misplaced their tax records.  They are usually misplaced for reason such as moving, a flood, divorce, or theft.  You don’t have to panic any longer if this is your situation.  Scott Allen EA has the experience and expertise of filing back tax returns for Chandler AZ taxpayers.  His company, Tax Debt Advisors is within a 10 minute drive of where you are at.  He will sit down with you for a face-to-face free initial consultation to address your situation, go over the process of how to file back tax returns, and if necessary work out a settlement option with the IRS if you owe Chandler AZ back taxes.  With Scott Allen EA as your power of attorney he can contact the IRS for you, get a hold on any and all collection activity and gather up the necessary information from the IRS that you may have misplaced or lost.  A lot of tax records can be pulled from the IRS’s database.  Otherwise, many deduction and expenses can be properly estimated thru the natural way of doing business – i.e. a realtor has to use a car to sell homes.

If you are in or near Chandler AZ and need to file back tax returns please give Scott Allen EA a call today.  He is usually available to meet with you within 1-2 business days if time is of the essence.  He offers professional guaranteed tax services.  Click here to contact Scott Allen EA or to have him contact you.


View a recent settlement below negotiated for a client’s Chandler AZ back tax returns. Gary was many years behind on his taxes with the IRS and met with Scott Allen EA to get the problems resolved.

Chandler AZ Back Tax Returns

This is an actual settlement approval letter from the IRS and a common outcome for many taxpayers. Because of all the advertising on the TV and radio many people believe the IRS will settle everyone’s tax debt for a lesser amount. While this is a true program it isn’t a reality for everyone. There are many qualifications to be a candidate for that program and Scott Allen EA will go over those with you. With that being said, if you are not a viable candidate for a debt reduction with the IRS he will get you in the next best possible settlement.

Written by Scott Allen

IRS payment plan Phoenix

Get help with IRS payment plan Phoenix

Consider yourself in good standing for finding the IRS help blog for IRS payment plan Phoenix.  You may find yourself in a situation similar to Fred.  When he met with Scott Allen EA he owed the IRS for a couple of years and had a few more that needed to be filed. This is a typical situation that Tax Debt Advisors deals with on a regular basis.  It is important to remind yourself that you are not alone and that there is a way to a positive resolution.  The IRS has the ability to lien, levy and garnish.  However, they would prefer taxpayers to get back in compliance with their filings and work out a settlement.  This is exactly what Tax Debt Advisors can do for you.  By giving Scott Allen EA power of attorney to represent you he will get started on your case the very same day.  Collection activity will stop and a road map to a resolution will be given.

View the notice below to see the settlement that was achieved for Fred.  He is currently on an IRS payment plan Phoenix for $234 per month.  The IRS will leave him and his income alone as long as he sticks to his agreement.

IRS payment plan Phoenix

IRS payment plan Phoenix

When Scott Allen EA finishes up a case with a client he does not revoke his IRS power of attorney. He will leave it in the system so if an issue comes up down the road the IRS will also notify him of the problem so it can be address quickly. Let Scott Allen EA begin working your case today.


2020 IRS Payment Plan Phoenix

Before you begin the process of negotiating a payment plan with the IRS you first want to verify everything is in compliance. Part of compliance means that all of your tax returns are filed and filed properly.  Edward came in to do exactly that. But upon an investigation, Scott Allen EA found out Edward had not yet filed his 2010 tax return. He owed taxes for that year but it was for a tax return the IRS prepared for him called “substitute for return”. By clicking on the image below you will see that we took the $3,378 tax debt down to ZERO with a proper taxpayer filed return. Now we can start on the payment plan work for him on his other remaining tax debt alone.

IRS Payment Plan Phoenix

Consult with an experienced tax professional who handles the IRS on a daily basis. Scott Allen EA does just that. Call his office and speak with him today.


Written by Scott Allen

Read this IRS settlement in Phoenix AZ

Get your IRS settlement in Phoenix AZ before you get levied.

Krysta was a Phoenix AZ taxpayer who was behind on her tax filings.  As a long distance truck driver she was rarely in town let alone with time to do her taxes.  She missed one year and before she knew it she was several years behind. Krysta was so far behind she did not know where to begin until she met with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.  As you can see by clicking on the image below Scott Allen EA was able to save Krysta $36,000 on her 2009 tax return.

IRS settlement in Phoenix AZ

IRS settlement in Phoenix AZ

Many people are unaware but the IRS has the legal right to file tax returns for a taxpayer if he or she doesn’t. This was the case for Krysta.  Due to not filing her 2009 tax return the IRS did so resulting in a $37,000 tax bill that the IRS was threatening to levy her income to pay it.  Upon meeting with Scott and using him as her IRS power of attorney he was able to properly represent her before the Internal Revenue Service and put a stop to further negative damage.  Over the next several weeks Scott Allen EA assisted Krysta in the tax preparation process.  They are currently working on an IRS settlement in Phoenix AZ.  Now that her 2009 and other tax returns have been filed a settlement is currently being negotiated on the reduced debt.

Don’t let the IRS be in the drivers seat with you taxes any longer. Contact Scott Allen EA today to schedule a free evaluation of your IRS problem.  Whether you have back tax returns that need to be filed or not Scott Allen EA can represent you from beginning to end.



2019 and still getting IRS Settlement in Phoenix AZ

Stephen had the IRS coming after him for tax for tax debt that was eight years old. He never filed his 2010 return so the IRS did it for him generating a LARGE IRS debt that was not accurate. Upon meeting with Scott Allen EA it was decided to protest the IRS tax return. Go ahead and check out the notice below and see how he saved his client over $39,000 in tax debt.

IRS Settlement in Phoenix AZ

Are you behind on your taxes or owe more then you can pay back? If so, meet with Scott Allen EA today. He will represent you as Power of Attorney and will put your mind as ease.

Written by Scott Allen

Reduce IRS Debt in Mesa AZ by Scott Allen EA

Mark was able to reduce IRS debt in Mesa AZ through audit reconsideration

Check out the notice below to see the work accomplished by Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors.  Scott was hired by the taxpayer to be his IRS power of attorney.  You will find Scott’s name listed right under the taxpayers name that is blacked out.  See what he was able to accomplish for Mark to reduce IRS debt in Mesa AZ.

Reduce IRS Debt in Mesa AZ

Reduce IRS Debt in Mesa AZ

There may be multiple ways to lower your tax burden to the IRS.  Most of the taxpayers who meet with Scott Allen EA have back tax returns that need to be filed.  His average clients has not filed in about 4-7 years.  The surest and most effective way to keep your tax debt as low as possible is to prepare and file your back tax returns aggressively and accurately.  The lower your overall tax bill is the less interest and penalties the IRS can charge you.

Before filing any back tax returns Scott Allen EA will be getting an IRS power of attorney to represent you from beginning to end.  With this authorization he will immediately get in contact with the IRS in your behalf.  Doing so will get him on board to put a stop to all collection activity and to gather up all the necessary information to aggressively and accurately file the missing tax returns.

Typically with unfiled tax returns you will begin with the earliest year first.  Start there and make your way up through 2015.  Once you are in compliance with your tax filings you can begin to work out an IRS agreement or settlement.  click here to see the different settlement options available to you.

If you are considering to hire a representative or firm that is out of state I caution you against that.  Don’t put your money and finances in the hands of an out of touch person who you cannot meet with face to face.  Local is always better…every time.

Thank you.


January 2019 Case Resolution:

Ever get a tax assessment from the IRS and have no clue how they can claim you owe more in tax then you had in income? If you have lost sleep over this you are not alone. The IRS has the ability to file tax returns if you fail to do so. They file these SFR returns if a return becomes delinquent beyond two years of the due date. Mike was a struggling taxpayer in this situation. He didn’t just have one delinquent but had over ten years of delinquent returns and the IRS filed SFR returns on him for seven of those years. Scott Allen EA had his work cut out for him on this case but was able to represent him as his IRS power of attorney and Reduce IRS debt Mesa AZ for him. Check out the amazing IRS notice below. This is just one crazy reduction of IRS debt, interest and penalty for one of his tax returns.

Reduce IRS Debt Mesa AZ

If you have a large IRS debt consider speaking with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors for a consultation.


Written by Scott Allen

IRS Payment Plan Specialists Gilbert

Scott Allen EA: IRS payment plan specialists Gilbert

If you are like Don (a current client of Scott’s) then you might need the services of an IRS payment plan specialists Gilbert.  Scott Allen EA is owner of a second generation tax resolution company.  Since 1977 his father and himself have been solving over 108,000 IRS debts. If you find yourself behind on one or more tax returns Scott Allen EA is experienced in navigating his way through tax preparation.  He prides himself not only on fixing one’s tax problem but doing so in a way that the taxpayer does not end up down this road again. Finances need to be adjusted and sometimes habits need to be broken in order for that to happen. With that being said, a Victory is possible!

See below what Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors did for Don.  He is currently in a monthly payment plan with the IRS. Scott provides this to you so you can see examples of what follow through service is.  Let him follow through on your IRS settlement. It could include negotiating a payment plan or a different settlement option.

IRS Payment Plan Specialists Gilbert

IRS Payment Plan Specialists Gilbert

Make today the day you start your IRS resolution. Speak with Scott during a free consultation meeting.


November 2018 Case Resolution

Recently Karen received her IRS payment plan acceptance. She was several years behind on her back taxes. Being self employed she knew she would owe a large amount of taxes as nothing was being withheld on her income. Scott Allen EA prepared all her back tax returns, got her current with her 2018 estimated tax payments, and negotiated a low monthly payment plan. As you can see from the notice below the IRS payment plan includes all the back tax debt in it.

IRS Payment Plan Specialists Gilbert

Karen’s #1 goal now is to remain in filing and payment compliance with the IRS. If she does that the IRS “stay off her back”. This has been a tremendous relief for her as she was carrying this burden with her for a very long time. If you need to also put your mind at ease meet with Scott Allen EA to discuss your potential IRS payment plan resolution.

Written by Scott Allen

File Phoenix AZ back tax returns

Have you ever received a bill from the IRS on Phoenix AZ back tax returns you did not file?

Well Marcus did and was he surprised to find out the IRS sent a levy notice to his employer.  When Marcus came and met with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors he had not filed tax returns in over 10 years and was under a wage garnishment.  As of today Marcus is completely caught up on his Phoenix AZ back tax returns and on a negotiated payment plan with the IRS on a reduced amount.  Below is a copy of a notice showing a successful reduction in tax debt for one of the years the IRS filed on behalf of Marcus.  With the help of Scott he was able to protest their number with a correct and accurate tax amount saving over $6,000.  This is just one a many examples of the excellent work Scott Allen EA can do for you if you qualify.

Phoenix AZ back tax returns

Phoenix AZ back tax returns

Many people who have Phoenix AZ back tax returns to file have no clue on where to even begin.  Their tax records are either lost or in a box “far far away”.  All is not lost and there are ways to accurately prepare of file those tax returns.  Before beginning and tax preparation on any back tax returns Scott Allen EA will want to get an IRS power of attorney to represent you.  With this he will be able to contact the IRS and put a hold to any collection activity and secure what records the IRS may have on you.  If you have old tax debts he will find out what is owed and when do those debts expire.  Yes, IRS debts have a statute of limitations.  Don delay filing those back tax returns you know you need to get done.  Find out that the process is actually easier then you might think.

Interested in seeing other successes of Scott Allen EA click here.

August 2018 update:

Jay and his wife have Phoenix AZ back tax returns that needed to be prepared and settled with the IRS. They owed the IRS for taxes from 2008 thru 2015. You can view that by clicking on the image below. That image is a copy of the IRS settlement negotiated by Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors. All that debt (over $100,000 of it) was settled into one monthly payment plan of $500. There are several ways or options to settle an IRS debt and its important to know about all of those options before negotiating one particular one.

Phoenix AZ back tax returns

If you have back tax returns that need to be prepared and then settled with the IRS give Scott Allen EA a call today. Year after year he has accomplished similar successes to this one.

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