Written by Scott Allen

Stop an IRS levy in Mesa AZ without Bankruptcy

Are there options to stop a Mesa AZ IRS levy without resulting in filing a bankruptcy?  Of course there are!

Before meeting with a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney suggesting bankruptcy as your best option consult with us, Tax Debt Advisors, Inc here in Mesa Arizona.  We will meet with you and go over all the available options to you be stop a Mesa AZ IRS levy if not immediately, within 24-48 hours.  Filing an IRS tax bankruptcy can have a lasting affect on your life, business, credit, and family.  Before hiring a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney be sure it is in your best interest to do so and you have exhausted any and all tax settlement solutions.  Please browse my site for more information on the IRS and stopping a Mesa AZ IRS levy.  Below I have written some thoughts and quotes that may help you feel confident you can get past this tough moment in your life.  Thank you for reading.

Do you need a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney ?

See how Scott Allen EA successfully stopped the IRS from a levy or garnishment without using a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney. Click on the image below and you can see for yourself that Dawn’s entire IRS debt of over $80,000 was put into a currently non collectible status protecting her small income and her home.

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Reviewing the following quotes on success will help you in the process of getting your IRS problem and Mesa AZ IRS levy resolved.  As you read them consider the ones you may need to incorporate in your life that can make the difference between success and failure.

Quotes on Success

Learn the art of patience.  Apply discipline to your thoughts when they become anxious over the outcome of a goal.  Impatience breeds anxiety, fear, discouragement and failure.  Patience creates confidence, decisiveness, and rational outlook, which eventually leads to success.—Brian Adams

Whenever I hear, “It can’t be done,” I know I’m close to success.—Michael Flatley

Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem.—Henry Kissinger

Success is a lousy teacher.  It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.—Bill Gates

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.—Henry David Thoreau

I will not allow yesterday’s success to lull me into today’s complacency, for this is the great foundation of failure.—Og Mandino

A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day.—Andre Maurois

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.—Maya Angelou

He has achieved success who had lived well, laughed often, and loved much.—Bessie A. Stanley

The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary.—Vidal Sassoon

There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.—Colin Powell

Success is a journey, not a destination.  The doing is often more important than the outcome.—Arthur Ashe

If you are struggling with an IRS levy in Mesa AZ, need to file back tax returns, being audited, or want the know the quickest and best way to settled you debt with the IRS call Scott Allen E.A. at 480-926-9300 for a free initial consultation.


Written by Scott Allen

Mesa AZ tax attorney for IRS tax debt relief: yes or no?

Where should you go for IRS tax debt help in Mesa AZ ?

The first rule of thumb if you are looking for IRS representation is to use someone local in the Mesa AZ area.  There are many out of state companies that advertise this work only to make false promises on what they can actually do for you.  If you are calling a 1-800 number more likely you are calling and talking to a sales person rather then the person who would actually be representing you.  The second rule of thumb is to then determine if your case needs the use of a Mesa AZ tax attorney.  Again, more often then not you do not need a tax attorney in Mesa AZ.  98% of IRS debt resolution cases are not of fraudulent nature and a Mesa AZ tax attorney is not necessary.

What you do need however is proper, quick, and decisive representation.  You will get that with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors.  He is NOT a tax attorney rather he is an Enrolled Agent skilled and trained to deal with the IRS in matters of collection and tax preparation.  Whether you need help filings back tax returns or settling and IRS debt he can assist you from beginning to end.  Scott Allen EA of Mesa Arizona has the experience in negotiating monthly payment plans with the IRS.  The IRS refers this as an installment arrangement.  For those taxpayers in a “hardship situation” he can be aggressive in negotiating a currently non-collectible status.  To learn more about what a non-collectible status is click here.

Doing this work on your own can be a daunting task at times.  It can be near impossible just to get thru to them on the phone let alone working with them. And, every time you call them you get a new person you have to talk to.  Scott Allen EA in Mesa AZ has the experience in “managing” the IRS personnel in getting you the best possible settlement allowed by law.  He has been trained to deal with the IRS employees and he does on a daily basis.  Before you make the decision to work with a Mesa AZ tax attorney please give Scott Allen EA a call to schedule a free consultation regarding you IRS situation.

Click below to view a negotiation done by Scott Allen EA on a 2017 tax return filing for a client. It look nearly a year to get accomplished but it was well worth it!

Mesa AZ Tax Attorney


Written by Scott Allen

Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney or not?

Do I need a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney for my IRS problem?

Scott Allen EA gets asked this question quite often.  My taxpayers feel their situation requires a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney or that the only person that can assist them is an attorney.  While an attorney can assist with a taxpayers problem its not the only course of action.  It is important to remember, 98% of IRS problems are not of a criminal nature; they are a delinquent nature.  Scott Allen EA is not an attorney but rather an Enrolled Agent (EA) who is licensed specifically to prepare tax returns and to represent taxpayers before the IRS in matters of collections and audits.  He does not branch off into other aspects of taxation but focuses 100% of his practice on IRS problems.  Scott Allen EA can do anything an attorney can do when it comes to those areas.  Below we have provided to you a recent success of his work for a client before the IRS.

Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney

Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney

One of his clients came in with a couple unfiled tax returns and the IRS garnishing his retirement income (yes, the IRS can garnish your retirement or social security income).  They were taking his money and applying it to a tax debt on his 2009 tax return that he had never filed.  Actually, the IRS filed it for him giving him no room for expenses or deductions.  As you can see they took over $6,000 of his income to a debt that should never have been there in the first place.  What did Scott Allen EA do?  To sum it up he was able to get an IRS power of attorney authorization to represent him, contact the IRS to “gather up the facts”, prepare and file his missing returns, and get a stop to the garnishment.  Lastly, he was able to get the IRS to refund the money back to him within a reasonable period of time.

This may have been a case someone might think a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney is required but as you can see it was not.  Scott Allen EA was able to aggressively represent his client in the best possible manner.  This client will be continuing to use his services on a yearly tax preparation basis.  Let Scott Allen EA at Tax Debt Advisors be your “one stop shop” in getting you IRS nightmare behind you.  He will meet with you for a free initial consultation.

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney 2019

Scott Allen EA is not a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney but is licensed to do anything an attorney can do pertaining to matters before the IRS. Tax Debt Advisors has been representing taxpayers since 1977. View a recent notice of success from the IRS below.

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Robert was a struggling taxpayer just surviving to pay his household bills. This got him behind on his tax filings. He recently met with Scott Allen EA to hire him as his IRS power of attorney. Scott, as an Enrolled Agent, successfully released his wage garnishment, prepared his back tax returns and negotiated an aggressive settlement on that debt. Currently non collectible status is where Robert stands with the IRS. This means he does not have to make any payments to the IRS as long as he files and full pays his future tax obligations on time.

If you find yourself in a similar situation or just don’t know where to begin consider meeting with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors to discuss your options. He will only take on your case if it is in your best interest.

Written by Scott Allen

Enrolled Agent vs Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Enrolled Agent or a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney for IRS Relief?

Many struggling taxpayers are under the assumption that their IRS problem is severe enough to require hiring a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  However a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney is only required in criminal or fraudulent cases which is in less then 2% of IRS problems.  If you are going thru a random audit, have back tax returns to file, or owe the IRS more then you can pay back the good news is that none of these situations are of a criminal nature.  Take a deep breath because your situation is only delinquent.  Scott Allen is a licensed Mesa AZ Enrolled Agent specifically licensed to handle delinquent taxpayer situations.  As your IRS Power of Attorney he can represent you before the Internal Revenue Service.  Under his watch and directions you will not be levied, garnished or summons.

Scott Allen EA wanted to share with you a recent success he had with a client this year.  By challenging an audit the IRS placed on a client for his 2010 tax return nearly $60,000 in taxes, interest, and penalties were reduced.  A copy of the approval notice from the IRS is below for your viewing.  An expensive Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney was not needed to get this done. Rather finding the right person with the right relationships with IRS personal acting in a timely matter is what’s required.

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

If you live near Mesa Arizona meet with Scott Allen EA today for a free evaluation of your tax matter. Click here to be transferred to his contact page or better yet call him at 480-926-9300.



February 2019 Case Update:

Check out the completed settlement by Scott Allen EA for his client. She was under a wage garnishment for her back tax debt and needed relief being on a modest fixed income.

Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Scott Allen EA was able to negotiate a currently non collectible status for this taxpayer. Many taxpayers believe only a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney can stop a garnishment by the IRS. That is not true. If you are worried about a current or future IRS wage garnishment or bank levy consult with Scott Allen EA today. He can represent you by being your Power of Attorney before the IRS, preparing or amending any tax return filings, and negotiate the best settlement allowable by law.

Written by Scott Allen

Mesa Enrolled Agent vs. Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Hire a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney ?

Experience means a lot to most of us, rightfully so.  Some will make the assumption that a tax attorney has more experience then the rest of the “league”. But, does a Mesa IRS tax attorney have more experience the a Mesa AZ Enrolled Agent?

It is a very good question anyone should ask who has an IRS debt problem or back tax returns that need to be filed. Taxpayers can confuse experience with education background.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors will admit that Mesa AZ IRS tax attorneys have more education but the critical question to ask is that education in IRS settlement work?  IRS settlement work is expertise unto itself. You cannot get it through a class or education.  It comes from years and years of working out IRS settlements for taxpayers like yourself and establishing good healthy relationships with the local IRS employees.  Scott Allen EA has worked with most of the local IRS agents multiple times.  That kind of relationship and trust can work to your advantage.

Over the past 41 years Tax Debt Advisors has resolved over 108,000 IRS debts. We pride ourselves on complete follow through service throughout the entire process.  There is more information to read about the IRS settlement process on his website.  Tax Debt Advisors has always been and always will be a family owned business that is now on to its second generation of ownership.  To find out if Tax Debt Advisors is the right choice for you call and schedule a free confidential appointment to meet with Scott Allen EA who is a licensed Enrolled Agent.  He can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He can handle the 98% of cases that do not require the need of a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  Again, call Scott Allen EA first for your second opinion.

tax attorney mesa az


Scott Allen EA @ 480-926-9300


February 2018 update:

He is successfully still resolving IRS matters. View the notice be to see how he saved a taxpayer $154,698 for his 2009 tax year. As an Enrolled Agent Scott is fully licensed to handle these matters before the IRS. Again, before calling a Mesa AZ IRS tax attorney get your first opinion from Scott Allen EA.

Don’t need a Mesa AZ IRS Tax Attorney to do this


Written by Scott Allen

What option to settle IRS debt Mesa AZ ?

What option might you qualify for to settle IRS debt Mesa AZ

Far too often delinquent taxpayers have “tunnel vision” and only focus on one solution to settle IRS debt Mesa AZ.  It will be very difficult to get a realistic resolution with this type of attitude. With Tax Debt Advisors, Inc you will be introduced to the many different available options right up front.

Brent came in to meet with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc wanting to settle his IRS debt in an Offer in Compromise. He see’s it advertised on the TV and radio daily and knew he must do that. However, during a consultation with Scott Allen EA he learned the real truths about an Offer in Compromise and found out at this time he isnt going to qualify. Brent needed to negotiate a payment plan.  That is exactly what Tax Debt Advisors, Inc did for him.  After that process was complete penalty abatement was applied for as well. Guess what? The IRS accepted penalty relief on his 2009 tax return. That is a tax return with a due date over seven years ago. This IRS penalty abatement request saved Brent over $6,200 in IRS debt.

Settle IRS Debt Mesa AZ

Settle IRS Debt Mesa AZ

As Scott Allen EA likes to explain to his clients, “you need to pick the right battles with the IRS”.  This is a true statement. A proper representative will advise you upfront and honestly on all available options AND know what will and will not be successful before ever getting started.  The average cost to hire a tax professional to negotiate an offer in compromise is about $3,500 and takes 12-18 months.  Had Brent gone down that road blindly in “tunnel vision” he would have seen his Offer in Compromise denied, more interest and penalties accruing, 12 months of stress, and been out $3,500 in professional fees.

Don’t let that be the scenario for you. Find out the right option from the very first appointment with Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. Call today and schedule a free initial consultation.

Written by Scott Allen

I am behind on my 941 IRS payroll taxes & might need a Mesa AZ tax attorney

tax attorney mesa az

Do you often feel like you need the representation of a Mesa Arizona tax attorney for your IRS payroll tax debt?  Before signing power of attorney over to a Mesa AZ tax attorney, first consult with a tax professional.  Scott Allen is an Enrolled Agent licensed to prepare tax returns in all 50 states and to represent taxpayers before the IRS in matters of collection and audits. Scott Allen’s expertise includes preparing tax returns, handling State or IRS collection matters, federal and state income tax audits, sales tax audits, IRS tax debt, reduction, Offers in Compromise, installment agreements, tax penalty abatement, tax-motivated bankruptcy, business tax issues and bankruptcy filing if needed.

Most cases are not legal matters that require the cost of client attorney privilege. Owing back 941 payroll taxes in Mesa AZ does not make you a criminal; it makes you delinquent.  All that IRS wants if to see you get back in compliance and to not get into this situation a 2nd or 3rd time.

Many Mesa businesses have difficulty staying current with IRS 941 payroll taxes. They may even be tempted to borrow from their 941 payroll account to pay other bills.  You want to stay away from this tactic.  It may be a short term relief but in the long term it will have its costing affect to your business.

But, if you find yourself behind on your IRS 941 (or 940) payroll taxes in Mesa Arizona you need to consult with Scott Allen EA.  He will be able to get you from point A to point B in the best and quickest manner possible. Most payroll taxes are cannot be discharged in bankruptcy through a Mesa AZ tax attorney.  You will need to look at other alternatives.  Scott will go over all the other alternatives with you.

Call Scott Allen EA today at 480-926-9300 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Written by Scott Allen

Its time to take my case to an IRS appeals officer in Mesa AZ

Do I need to call a Mesa AZ tax attorney in order to present my case to an IRS appeals officer?  Not necessarily.  Taking your case to an IRS appeals officer when you live in Mesa AZ is not a legal matter that requires a tax attorney.  You can always present your own case or use the services of an enrolled agent or CPA.  May I suggest Scott Allen of Mesa AZ.  He is an enrolled agent who specialized in serious tax matters.  98% of cases do not require the use of an appeals officer, but in the 2% that do of cases more important then anything is your preparation in the matter.  Scott Allen EA will spend ample (but necessary) time with you organizing your paperwork and tax information in a matter that the IRS appeals officer likes and can understand.  In doing this, it was make the time and process with the IRS appeals officer stress free and quick.

Next time you feel like your IRS matter is not being resolved correctly with your auditor, collection officer, CPA, or tax attorney in Mesa AZ please give Scott Allen EA a call for a free evaluation of your IRS tax matter.  He promises quick response and guaranteed services.  Click here to contact Scott Allen EA today.

Written by Scott Allen

Is a Mesa AZ tax attorney necessary if I owe IRS payroll taxes?

The quick answer is no.  A Mesa AZ tax attorney is not required to resolve IRS payroll taxes.  On the other hand, it is a matter you need to take it serious.  Once you are behind on your payroll taxes it can be extremely difficult to get caught back up.  On top of that the IRS will be on top of you throughout the process. Interest and penalties will continue to accrue in most cases and they are 3 times higher then interest and penalties on individual income taxes.

If you find you and your business in this situation you will probably need the assistance of a professional IRS resolution specialists who has experience in fixing IRS payroll tax problems.  The IRS will want to use all their resources possible to collect the taxes owed and can even come after you personally if the business can no longer afford to pay the debt back.  If you fail to cooperate timely the IRS will file a notice of federal tax lien and will threaten to seize your business and personal assets.

Don’t procrastinate any longer what you know you need to take care of.  Mesa AZ IRS payroll taxes can we resolved and settled if you go thru the proper channels. Consider having a consultation with Scott Allen EA in Mesa AZ.  Don’t fall into the fear or trap that you have to have a Mesa AZ tax attorney for your IRS payroll issue.  Find the representative that will make you feel the most comfortable and give you the confidence he or she can get your situation resolved quickly.

Tax Debt Advisors Inc  3155 E Southern Ave #101  Mesa, AZ  85204

Phone 480-926-9300

Written by Scott Allen

IRS innocent spouse relief for Mesa AZ taxpayers

A question you might be asking yourself:  Do I need a Mesa AZ tax attorney for my IRS innocent spouse relief?

First thing to note is that filing for innocent spouse relief does not require the need to hire a tax attorney in Mesa AZ.  You can file for innocent spouse relief on your own, with a CPA or an Enrolled Agent.  If do you hire some to represent you it is important that you meet with that person face-to-face.  I highly discourage working with an out of state company.  My I suggest to you Scott Allen EA in Mesa AZ.  He promises a quick response and follow through service.  Below is a list of things to consider before applying for Mesa AZ innocent spouse relief.

  1. You CANNOT have benefited from unreported income or incorrect deductions on a jointly filed tax return.
  2. In a community property state (Arizona is) you may file a married filing separate return as long as both parties involved report their share of income correctly.
  3. You have to be able to prove you innocence in the issue and that you did not know what you spouse was doing or preparing.

If very important to note that the IRS will do their own investigation in the process.  That process can take 6-12 months.  They will attempt to contact your spouse to get his or her side of the story.  You want to avoid making false claims that will only make the matter worse and the debt larger.  Upon innocent spouse relief being accepted the entire share of tax, interest, and penalties will be removed from your account.

Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors has the experience in preparing and filing innocent spouse claims if he determines you are a candidate.  Consider calling him today before calling a Mesa AZ tax attorney for your IRS matter.  Schedule a free consultation in his office.  Click here for more information.

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