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Tax Debt Advisors will release your Mesa AZ IRS Wage Levy

Mesa AZ IRS Wage Levy: Get it released today!

A Mesa AZ IRS wage levy can take a significant percentage (60-80%) of your paycheck depending on your particular circumstances. Employers are afraid not to comply immediately with the Mesa levy notice.  Technically they can be responsible for the amounts they should have sent to the IRS.  The IRS will not release the Mesa AZ wage levy until:

• The full IRS tax debt has been paid
• The Statute of limitations has expired to collect the debt
• The taxpayer enters into an approved IRS settlement option
• The tax debt has been discharged in a bankruptcy
• The taxpayer proves that the debt is not owed

Seriously consider the services of an IRS tax professional that has expertise with a Mesa AZ IRS wage levy.  Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors has the experience to resolve your IRS wage levy in Mesa Arizona and offers a free initial consultation.  Tax Debt Advisors can be reached at 480-926-9300.  Their 40+ years of releasing IRS wage levies in Mesa AZ will benefit you quickly with the best settlement option allowed by law.

See a recent success of Tax Debt Advisors stopping a Mesa AZ Wage Levy for a client

Client on the image below to view

Mesa AZ IRS Wage Levy


Written by Scott Allen

File Back Tax Returns Mesa AZ

Important message of hope for Mesa Arizona Taxpayers regarding unfiled back tax returns

If you are one of the millions of taxpayers who have not filed one or more years, you are not alone.  Living with the burden of knowing you have back tax returns that are not filed has kept thousands of our clients from moving forward with their lives.  Not filing back tax returns has kept countless individuals from sleeping at night, purchasing a home or vehicle and ruined their credit.

Each year that someone in Mesa AZ has not file back returns just adds to the burden and makes facing the task even more difficult.  Then a notice comes unexpectedly asking for you to file back tax returns.  Or you may have a business card from a revenue officer from the IRS on your front door asking you to contact him immediately regarding filing your back taxes.  The real shocker is when you get a notice from the IRS with the bill for all the years you needed to file back returns and the amount seems like more than what you even made that year.

You may have not filed back tax returns Mesa AZ because you were certain that you had refunds coming only to find out that any refund older than three years is lost permanently and cannot be applied towards balances you owe on other years.

Now that you know you need to file IRS back returns, the big question is how to do it and who should help you file back returns and if you owe, negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement with the IRS.  Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. of Mesa AZ has filed tens of thousands of back tax return over the last 40 years.  Scott Allen E.A. has expertise to file, even if you have lost your records, and will negotiate the best settlement allowed by law.

If you haven’t got that notice from the IRS, now is the best time to contact Scott Allen E.A. to file back tax returns Mesa AZ.  Scott offers a free initial consultation and can be reached at 480-926-9300.  I know you will be pleased after meeting with Scott Allen E.A. and will be confident you have the right person representing you.  Scott will make that day a great day for you!

Below is a recent success by Scott Allen EA for his client

Click the image below to see how Scott was able to file back tax returns Mesa AZ for his client Timothy and negotiate it into a settlement agreement with the IRS.

Back Tax Returns Mesa AZ

Written by Scott Allen

Unfiled Tax Returns in Arizona: IRS help from Tax Debt Advisors, Inc

What are the consequences of not filing current and back tax returns? 

Every year millions of Americans for various reasons fail to file their tax return.  Failure to file will be worse than the taxes you would have owed if you file on time within a short period.  The failure to file penalty is 5% per month.  The failure to pay penalty is ½% per month.  When you add the interest accruing to these two penalties, it doesn’t take long before they exceed the original tax due.

If you have a refund coming to you there are not penalties or interest.  However, refunds that are older than three years are forfeited.

The statute of limitations does not begin until an assessment of the liability.  The IRS only has three years in which to do an audit on a timely filed tax return.  This IRS has on limitations on audits until you file your return.

Tax years that could be discharged in bankruptcy if filed timely will have to wait at least two years before becoming eligible for discharge.

Valuable tax credits such as the earned income tax credit will be lost after three years.  These refunds cannot be used to off set taxes owed in other years.

There are negative effects during the collection settlement process if one has not filed back tax returns.  The IRS knows that anyone can get caught in a situation of not being able to pay their taxes, but there are few legitimate reasons why a taxpayer cannot file a return.  The IRS thinks that failing to file (5% penalty) is 10 times worse than filing to pay (1/2% penalty).

How do I file back tax returns?

It will depend on the situation.  If you are working with a revenue officer, the usual procedure is to file the returns directly to them.  If you are working with ACS, it may be possible to file the returns at the closest IRS office and get proof of filing.  Some Large Dollar Accounts out of Holtsville, New York will request that you mail returns to them.

Before I prepared any unfiled return, I will do a review of all documents that have been turned in to the IRS under your social security number for the tax year involved.  This prevents unnecessary audits for neglecting to report income that the IRS is aware of.  If a return is being mailed to the IRS, I always recommend mailing the return—Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.   I also recommend only one return per envelope.  If you have several years to file it is best to put one return in each envelope before putting them into one big envelope that contains all of the returns being filed.  By labeling the tax year involved on the outside of the envelope, the IRS personnel who is opening you package will be alerted that there is more than one tax return being mailed to them.  This may seem like a silly procedure but it WORKS.

Do I need to file if I don’t owe any tax?

You may know that you don’t owe but the IRS may think differently.  Let me give you one example.  If you had on stock sale and lost money—you know you don’t owe.  But the IRS doesn’t know that.  They just know the amount of the sale, not the cost of the stock you sold.  So in this example if you sold stock for $100,000 that you paid $120,000, the IRS will calculate a gain of $100,000.  The best approach is to file every year, even if you don’t owe.  Many transactions such a purchasing a home will require you to provide copies of recently filed tax returns.  If the bank knows you have not been filing tax returns they may decide you are not worthy of a loan—even if you did not owe any taxes.

Below is an example of a success story on a client who had unfiled tax returns in Arizona that needed to be prepared (six years worth).  After getting the client in compliance a settlement was negotiated in his behalf. Due to his current financial status we showed the IRS that he could not afford to make any payments on the back taxes and that is exactly was was negotiated for him – Currently Non Collectible Status!

Unfiled Tax Returns in Arizona

Call and speak to me today regarding your unfiled tax returns.  You are probably carrying around a much bigger burden than you need to be worried about.  Just getting started is the hardest part but it is also the best way to get a good night’s rest.



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Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney or not?

Do I need a Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney for my IRS problem?

Reading this blog will be a win-win situation for you.  First, you do not need a Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney to settle your IRS debt.  Second, Tax Debt Advisors, Inc is not a law firm.  They are a tax firm that specializes in unfiled back tax returns and negotiating IRS debts.  Scott Allen EA will always share this one analogy: Your tax problem is not a “DUI hit and run”, it is a “delinquent parking ticket”.  Just as you wouldn’t find the need to hire an attorney for your parking ticket, you do not need to hire one for your back tax debt problem.  Using the services of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc will result in fees 25%-400% less then what an attorney would charge you to do the same work.

View the IRS notice attached to see what Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc was able to negotiate for his client, Mary.


Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney

Gilbert AZ IRS tax attorney

Mary was going through a very difficult time when she first came in to meet with Scott Allen, EA.  She was newly divorced and had discovered that she was entangled in an IRS nightmare that her ex-husband left her to deal with.  As you can see by the notice she was behind on several back tax returns that needed to be filed with the IRS.  She didn’t know how to where to make quarterly estimated tax payments.  And, the IRS was threatening to place a levy on her only source of income.

Scott Allen EA was able to get Power of Attorney representation for Mary and put a stop to all enforcement action by the IRS. Year by year they went through the tax preparation process beginning with 2008.  They were able to get her caught up all the way through the 2014 tax return.  Along with that, Mary is also caught up on her estimated tax payment requirement for 2015.  Surprisingly, she is actually looking forward to preparing and filing her 2015 tax return as she knows she does not have to write them a big check April 15th.  This is the most important and critical step with the IRS.  If they see you making estimated tax payments they can tell that you are trying to correct the matter.  Without that being done a settlement for Mary either might not have been possible or she wouldn’t have gotten as good of a result.

Just the other day Mary called with excitement to let Scott Allen EA know she made the January 28th monthly payment on time and online!  She settled her IRS debt on a $249/month payment plan and could not be more relieved knowing the IRS isn’t going to zap her wages or bank account.


Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney needed?

2020 Case Update:

Scott Allen EA is continuing to resolve IRS matters without the need of a Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  View the notice below to see another successful resolution for his client Robert. Scott Allen EA will go over ALL available options with you, reviewing the pros and cons to each before negotiating an aggressive agreement with the IRS.

Gilbert AZ IRS Tax Attorney

What if your financial situation changes with the IRS and can no longer afford the payment agreement that was set up? The IRS will work with you. It may require an update of financials to prove your current financial status and how it has changed. Upon qualifying, the IRS will modify your agreement. The key to success with the IRS is to be proactive with them rather then reactive.

If you would like to set up a consultation appointment with Scott Allen EA call our office today at 480-926-9300.


Written by Scott Allen

File back taxes Phoenix AZ & reduce liability

Can you file back taxes Phoenix AZ to reduce your liability?

You may have to file back taxes Phoenix AZ for a number of reasons. Maybe you have never filed to begin with. Maybe you need to amend a previous filing. Maybe you need to protest a filing through audit reconsideration.

Ray was a client of Tax Debt Advisors who had many years of unfiled tax returns. The IRS had selected a couple of those years and filed tax returns in his behalf. However, the IRS filed the tax return in the quickest, easiest way possible resulting in an exaggerated high balance owed. They did not take into consideration any business expenses, cost basis of property sold, and spouse and dependents to claim.

After Scott Allen EA was able to analyze Ray’s entire picture with the IRS he began the tax preparation phase. Starting with this 2005 tax return they protested the IRS’s substitute for return filling with one of their own.  As you can see by viewing the notice below that Ray’s liability was successfully reduced by well over $200,000. Congratulations Ray!


File Back Taxes Phoenix AZ

File Back Taxes Phoenix AZ

Scott Allen EA has the ability to represent you before the IRS when you file back taxes Phoenix AZ. As your power of attorney he will stop IRS action and get you in the driver seat. You will know exactly what needs to happen to get you in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service. After you are in compliance he can then negotiate a settlement with them.  Scott Allen EA does not charge for an initial consultation.  Don’t delay any longer what you know you need to take care of now.

More Back Taxes Filed and Reduced in 2019

Robert was a client who was far behind in his tax preparations. So far behind that the IRS filed returns for him. When they filed his 2010 tax return he owed the IRS over $220,000.

Wow, that is a lot of money!

When Robert met with Scott Allen EA to file back taxes Phoenix AZ he came up with a much better outcome. The notice below will show you the results of the substitute protest filing they did.

File Back Taxes Phoenix AZ

There is good news and bad news with this result. All the taxes were able to be wiped out. In fact, the return is showing a $29,000 refund. Why might there be bad news you are thinking? The IRS has a rule that refunds expire after three years. Because Robert waited until 2019 to file this return he will not see this refund. The IRS keeps it.

Don’t be a victim of losing out on refunds. If you have unfiled tax return with the IRS, meet with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors and get compliant right away.

Written by Scott Allen

Our IRS Debt Settlement Phoenix

View our IRS Debt Settlement Phoenix

Let Tax Debt Advisors Inc negotiate your IRS Debt Settlement Phoenix.  Often times clients will meet with Scott Allen EA when they already have a settlement with the IRS in place.  They come in looking for other options.  When you meet with Scott Allen EA he will take a look at your current agreement and see if there is another solution better suited for you. Some of those other options could be: a payment plan, non-collectible status, Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, audit reconsideration, or offer in compromise.

For their client Jason he was in a payment plan over $800 per month. After a complete evaluation we renegotiated the payment plan for only $245 per month. Jason was thrilled with the results.

IRS Debt Settlement Phoenix

IRS Debt Settlement Phoenix

Spend 30 minutes and see what Scott Allen EA can do for you. He will help you get the best possible IRS settlement allowable by law.


January 2019 Settlement update:

Bobby also needed an IRS Debt Settlement Phoenix. He asked and he received! He was drowning in back IRS tax debt and was able to hire Scott Allen EA to negotiate all into one Currently Non Collectible status. What a relief this was for Bobby. Now he can just focus on his current taxes and taking care of and raising his son. Check out the actual approved settlement letter below from the IRS.

IRS Debt Settlement Phoenix

Don’t let the IRS get you down any longer. Start sleeping better at night by taking care of your back tax debt and unfiled tax returns. If you are in the Phoenix Arizona area reach out to Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

Written by Scott Allen

Mesa IRS Debt Help

Look here for Mesa IRS debt help

It is always critical to get started correctly for Mesa IRS debt help.  The only thing worse then your IRS matter is hiring the wrong IRS representation for your IRS matter.  The best way to make the correct choice in this step is to meet with the person face-to-face who’s name is on the the IRS power of attorney form. Meet with Scott Allen EA and evaluate his expertise and discover if he is the right fit for you.  He can help you with unfiled tax returns and settling IRS debts.

Mario took Scott Allen EA up on for a free consultation.  All of his tax returns were filed prior to meeting with Scott but wanted to hire him to represent him in the negotiation process.  As you can view below a $99/month payment plan was agreed up to settle his IRS debt. This is just one of 1000’s of settlements completed by Tax Debt Advisors

Mesa IRS Debt Help

Mesa IRS Debt Help

“I will make today a great day for you!”


Continue reading for a November 2018 Case Resolution

Scott Allen EA has been busy at work with more clients this year. Recently he has been working with David in correcting some old tax debts from 2005 and earlier. It is never too late to correct SFR returns that the IRS assesses against you. Below is a letter from the IRS approving one of their protest tax returns for 2005. In doing so Scott Allen EA was able to remove about $13,000 in debt from his account.

Mesa IRS Debt Help

Scott Allen EA is an expert in back tax return filing. He has years of experience in representing taxpayers before the IRS and aggressively and properly preparing tax returns. If you find yourself delinquent with the IRS call Tax Debt Advisors Inc today.

Written by Scott Allen

Chandler IRS Settlement 2016 and 2018

Case Closed: Chandler IRS Settlement

Maybe it is time you “SwitchToScott.com” for your Chandler IRS settlement.  That is exactly what Betty decided to do this year. She had four years of back tax returns to prepare before she could settle her IRS debt. Jumping to the end result take a look at her settlement notice below.  Betty does not have to pay a dime back to the IRS right now. She is in a currently non collectible status that covers all of her back IRS debt.  As long as she remains in compliance with future tax filings the agreement will stay in effect.  However, her status can change if her financial situation improves substantially. But with where Betty is currently at as a single parent she cannot afford to pay the IRS anything at this time.

Chandler IRS settlement

Chandler IRS settlement

Why Tax Debt Advisors?

Tax Debt Advisors is a family owned company that has been resolving delinquent IRS debts since 1977. If you have back tax returns that need to be prepared or IRS debts to settle Tax Debt Advisors can be your “one stop shop”.  Scott Allen EA is current owner and president of the company after purchasing the practice from his father several years ago.  Meet with him this week for a free office consultation. You will be glad you did.


Case update November 2018:

Craig found himself behind on 6 years of tax returns and needing a Chandler IRS Settlement quickly! Before that could be done Scott Allen EA needed to “stop the wound from bleeding”. By bleeding, Craig was under a Bank of America IRS levy. Scott Allen EA was able to stop that levy with making proper commitments to resolving the account.

Check out the release of levy notice below.

Chandler IRS Settlement

If you need an IRS bank levy release give Scott Allen EA a call today. He will get that done along with preparing any missing tax returns and negotiating an aggressive Chandler IRS settlement in your behalf.

Written by Scott Allen

Stop IRS Levy Mesa by Tax Debt Advisors

Tax Debt Advisors can stop IRS levy Mesa through representation

An Arizona resident can receive a notice of levy for a number of reason.  With that being said Tax Debt Advisors can be your advocate to stop IRS levy Mesa before it happens.  Most clients come in and meet with Scott Allen EA for a consultation before the IRS has issued a levy.  But, for those that don’t all is not lost.  You have options.  First, you need to show the IRS you are ready to “step up to the plate”.  Tax Debt Advisors has a positive track record with the IRS through the representation of 1000’s of clients. Built with that is a record of follow through service with the IRS.  That way when it is time to represent you in your matter the IRS will give you the benefit of doubt because you hired the right professional.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors can be your path to ending your IRS nightmare.  By giving him Power of Attorney he will do all the correspondence between you and the IRS.

To give you an example of commitment to follow through by Tax Debt Advisors attached is a Release of Levy notice.  This taxpayer came in to meet with Scott Allen EA after his employer notified him of this levy to his wages.  Within 48 hours Scott was able to stop IRS levy Mesa and work to get the taxpayer in compliance.  Today Michael is on an installment arrangement with the IRS to settle the debt.  As long as he does not allow himself to fall out of compliance the IRS will hold to this agreement.

Stop IRS Levy Mesa

Stop IRS Levy Mesa

If you need to prevent or stop IRS levy Mesa contact Scott Allen EA and discuss your situation in a free consultation.  Always work locally when dealing with an IRS issue.  Out of state companies often make “sales pitch promises” that cannot be kept.


September 2018 update

Check out the latest IRS levy release by Scott Allen EA. This was for a new tax client who came in to meet with Scott not more then 24 hours ago to handle his IRS debt and unfiled back tax returns.  A day later the levy was released and faxed to his employer. View the image below to see the evidence for yourself. This was released with a commitment to a schedule to prepare and file the missing tax returns and negotiate an acceptable agreement.

Stop IRS Levy Mesa

If you are worried that you might be next in needing to stop IRS levy Mesa then give Scott Allen EA a call. Hire him before the levy notice arrives in the mail. He can handle your IRS matter from start to finish.


Written by Scott Allen

Scott released my Gilbert AZ IRS wage garnishment

Do you have a Gilbert AZ IRS wage garnishment?

If so, you might want to utilize the services of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.  In this particular case (see below) they were able to help their client William out.  He came in to meet with Scott Allen EA last week.  The IRS sent a Gilbert AZ IRS wage garnishment to his employer six weeks prior, taking over $1,200 of his pay check every two weeks.  Within 36 hours of giving Scott Power of Attorney he was able to get a full release of that garnishment on his wages.

Gilbert AZ IRS Wage Garnishment Release

Gilbert AZ IRS Wage Garnishment Release

If you don’t this can happen to you, think again.  When the IRS feels that the taxpayers is no longer responsive they will resort to Gilbert AZ IRS wage garnishment action.  They hope for this to be a wake up call to get the taxpayer back in compliance with them.

What does it mean to be in compliance?

There are two major steps to getting yourself back in good standing or compliance with the IRS.  First, you have to be current with all your tax filing obligations.  If you have any back tax returns that need to be prepared Scott Allen EA will assist you in that preparation process.  Second, in order for the IRS to consider you compliant you have to be current with you withholdings if you are an employee or making estimated tax payments if you are self employed. The IRS is more concerned that you are paying your current and future taxes on time more so then paying your back taxes.

Once you are in compliance with the IRS by accomplishing those two steps now they will have open ears for a settlement or negotiation.  There are several different options to resolve an IRS debt and Tax Debt Advisors will evaluate each option with you to determine the best outcome possible.

If you would like to speak with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors he can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He does not charge any fee for an initial consultation to discuss your case.  His tax practice specializes in filing back tax returns and settling IRS debts.


August 2018 Case Update:

Check out the Gilbert AZ IRS wage garnishment release for a client of Tax Debt Advisors. This particular client had a handful of tax returns that needed to be filed. They were already prepared; just not turned in. In summary, we filed all the tax returns with the IRS agent assigned to the case and negotiated a payment plan agreement to settle the debt. The IRS tax levy that was issued was released within just a couple of days and well before the client was due to be paid by him employer. This scenario and similar ones happen on a daily basis. Put that experience to work for you.  View the levy release below.

Gilbert AZ IRS Wage Garnishment

If you are in fear of receiving a Gilbert AZ IRS wage garnishment get in contact with Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors today. He will work for you as quickly as possible to get you the best possible result the law allows. If you need tax returns prepared he is licensed in all 50 states to handle that for you. Scott Allen EA can be reached at 480-926-9300 or stopIRSaction.com

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