Written by Scott Allen

Are you looking for IRS tax debt help in Mesa?

IRS Tax Debt Help in Mesa Arizona

James, owing the IRS for six years desperately needed IRS tax debt help in Mesa. That is when he called Tax Debt Advisors, Inc and spoke with Scott Allen EA on the phone. Scott spend a good 15 minutes or so with him on the phone discussing his issues, needs, and how he could represent him and reduce his stress level that we call know the IRS can cause. At the end of the conversation James schedule to meet with Scott just a few days later.

All of James’s tax returns were filed so he was compliant there. That is the first place to start. The IRS will not negotiate any type of agreement with the IRS if a taxpayer is not filing compliant. Scott Allen EA can also prepare current and back tax returns (if needed).

After confirming compliance then Scott Allen EA was able to represent him before the Internal Revenue Service and be his Power of Attorney. He was able to give him IRS tax debt help in Mesa by evaluating his current finances (i.e. income, expenses, debts, and assets) and setting him up on the best possible payback plan through an installment agreement. You can view the accepted negotiated agreement below. Every situation Scott Allen EA deals with is different and unique but he can promise to get you the best possible IRS settlement allowable by law based upon your qualifications. A taxpayer cant just come in and expect a certain settlement. After working with Scott you will know why you qualify for what you do and why you may not qualify for certain options as well.

IRS Tax Debt Help in Mesa

Call and speak with Scott Allen EA for a free consultation to see how he can best get you IRS tax debt help in Mesa. Thank you.