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Chandler AZ IRS Settlement Help

Scott Allen EA for Chandler AZ IRS Settlement Help

If you are in search of Chandler AZ IRS settlement help give Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors Inc a call. His company is on its 2nd generation of IRS resolution and tax preparation work. Let that experience help you in solving your tax matter with the IRS.

Justin was a taxpayer who did just that. He owed the IRS back taxes on a couple of years. 2014 was one of those year that he was seeking Chandler AZ IRS settlement help. For that particular year he owed $17,909. After hiring Scott to be his IRS power of attorney and putting him to work he reduced the debt by $6,341. Now he only owes the IRS $11,567. Every case is unique unto its own but often times there can be ways of reducing the debt before entering into an IRS settlement. It is importnat to look at all those option prior.  When Scott Allen EA takes on a new client for IRS settlement help Chandler AZ he will always have them sign an IRS power of attorney form 2848. This will allow him to speak to the IRS in their behalf. He will do a thorough analysis of the taxpayers account to verify a number of specific things. Sometimes years or debts will get overlooked that need to be addressed. In order to negotiate any settlement with the IRS a taxpayer has to be filly compliant. If not, the IRS will cancel out any agreement. This waste time, energy, and money and will all be avoided if you hire the right representation the first time. Scott will make sure not to waste any of your time, energy, or hard earned money.

See the letter from the IRS below showing that Scott Allen EA lowered Justin’s taxes owed to the IRS for 2014.

Chandler AZ IRS Settlement Help

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