Written by Scott Allen

Work with Scott Allen E.A. if you receive a Phoenix AZ Notice for a Collection Due Process Appeal.

The Collection Due Process Appeal was enacted by Congress to allow taxpayers to have a remedy to their disagreement with an IRS agent or Revenue Officer.  The IRS Appeals Office is an independent branch of the IRS that will review your case to determine if you have been treated fairly.  A Phoenix Arizona IRS Appeals Officer has the authority to overrule previous IRS collection actions.  Taxpayers have 30 days to file an Appeal after the Final Notice is received.

The Appeals Office is more willing to find a solution to the taxes being disputed.  Scott Allen E.A. has expertise in negotiating with the Appeals Office.  Scott Allen E.A. of Arizona will meet with you at no cost to evaluate your dispute and will advise you what he can negotiate with the IRS.  Call Scott today at 480-926-9300 and he will make today a great day for you!