An IRS levy can feel like taking a baseball bat in the gut or a sludge hammer to the side of your head.   IRS levies allow seizure of your bank accounts or your paycheck and they always come at the worst possible time.  A bank levy or a wage garnishment is taken after the IRS has assessed the tax debt and sent you a demand letter for payment.  You will also get a Final Notice of Intent to Levy with the right to have an appeals hearing.

We are able to get a release of a bank levy and wage garnishment if all of your back tax returns have been filed and you have entered into one of several IRS settlement options.  If you owe taxes it is very likely the IRS will be entitled to keep the money that they have taken but be prevented from further levy action.

If you contact us as soon as you get the Final Notice of Intent to Levy we will ask for a Collection Due Process hearing.  At the Office of Appeals we will enter into the best settlement option allowed by law and prevent a levy against your bank account or garnishment of your wages from happening.  But better yet, let us prevent a Final Notice of Intent to Levy from being mailed and work with the IRS beforehand.

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