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Do I Need a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney When I Get a Final Notice of Intent to Levy?

No, this is not a legal matter and does not require the attention of a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney.  You have 30 days to enter into a settlement or file IRS Form 12153 to request a Collection Due Process hearing.  In most cases you will want to determine your best way to settle your tax debt and then if it is not resolvable in a reasonable manner, then file IRS Form 12153.

Scott Allen E.A. has prevented hundreds of “Final Notices” from going to the point of levying taxpayer’s property, including pay checks and bank accounts.  Scott knows all the settlement options that will apply to your particular tax matter.  Scott Allen E. A. is available for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.  Call today to prevent the IRS from taking actions that are more difficult to correct later.  Make sure the IRS representative you choose reviews all options available before making a decision.  Scott Allen E.A. vs. Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney:  What decision will be best for you?

Scott Allen E.A. was able to help a client out facing these challenges. Mauri was recovering from a recent divorce, raising his kids, and working on rebuilding his real estate career. He owed the IRS over $100,000 for several years of back taxes as you can see from the notice below. He too thought he needed to hire a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney to block the IRS from levy and garnishment actions. However, he learned quickly that wasn’t the case. Scott who is an Enrolled Agent was able to block collection action by the IRS and negotiate the best possible settlement allowable by law. Mauri qualified to put all his back tax debt into a currently non collectible status. Months later he is still paying ZERO on his back tax debt.

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney


Call Scott Allen E.A. and find out what the best settlement option is for you.



Written by Scott Allen

Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney or not?

Did Dominic use a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney or an Enrolled Agent?

When faced with an IRS problem a taxpayer is faced with several different options.  First, how to begin?  Where to start? Who is out there to hire?

When first getting started to resolve an IRS matter its important to do so with 100% commitment.  If you are not you will only make the matter worse by beginning and not finishing. In seeing that process to competition its important to hire the right person who will take the time and skills to get that done.  Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors knows what needs to be done to make that happen.  As you can view in the notice below he was able to aggressively negotiate an IRS payment plan for his client to stop the wage garnishment.

Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney

Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney

Scott Allen EA would like you to consider him to be your first voice before the IRS.  He can be your IRS power of attorney and represent you fairly and aggressively.  Some people are under the assumption that only a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney can represent you.  Although they can assist you; its equally important to know that there may be a better alternative.  Scott Allen as an Enrolled Agent is specifically licensed and regulated by Circular 230 which grants him the ability to represent taxpayers before the IRS in matter of collections and audits.  It also licenses him to be a tax preparation professional and holds him to the highest standard of care for his clients.  This is all that Scott Allen EA does and this is what he would like to do for you.  Be sure the person you hire has experience in dealing with the IRS on a daily basis and doesn’t just do this work part time.  To be effective in keeping up with the latest trends and intricacies its necessary to be “all in” on IRS back tax problem work.

To read up more on the process or about Scott Allen EA view other areas of his website.


January 2019 Case Update:

Another accomplishment by Scott Allen EA. Myra had a handful of unfiled tax returns that she did not file. Several years ago the IRS caught that and filed substitute returns in her behalf. As you can see if you view the letter below…their number was much higher then our number. This is why its important to do a complete overview of anyone’s IRS account before filing any tax returns or negotiating any settlements. By preparing a corrected and accurate tax return the taxpayers saved over $50,000 in taxes, interest, and penalties. WOW!

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Most people are under the assumption that only an attorney can do this or fix that. That is not the case. Myra hired an Enrolled Agent by the name of Scott Allen. He was her IRS power of attorney and handled all tax matters for her. Stop delaying and call to speak with him today about your IRS nightmare.

Written by Scott Allen

Enrolled Agent vs Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney

When is a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney necessary and when isn’t it?

If you are facing an IRS bank levy or wage garnishment an Enrolled Agent can help you the same way a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney can. Scott Allen EA, president of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc, has facilitated in the release of 1,000’s of IRS bank levies or wage garnishments.  When a taxpayer is in non-compliance with their taxes, as a last result the IRS will enforce all available collection tactics.  Scott Allen as an Enrolled Agent here in the Phoenix area represents Ted as his IRS Power of Attorney to contact the IRS, stop and release the bank levy, and work through a schedule to get him back in compliance. Ted and his wife were behind on six years of back tax returns. This was the biggest step in getting them back in compliance and keeping their bank accounts from future levies. All of those six tax returns were prepared over the next three weeks.  For your viewing is a copy of the release of levy notice. Scott Allen EA did this for Ted and he can do it for you too if you are under a current bank or wage levy.

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc business niche is sticking with tax preparation and IRS problem services. Those services include but not limited to:

  • Yearly tax preparation
  • IRS Power of Attorney Representation
  • Back tax return investigation and filing
  • IRS Offer in Compromise
  • Installment arrangements/payment plans
  • IRS currently non collectible status
  • IRS appeals
  • Release IRS levy and garnishment
  • IRS audit representation
  • IRS audit reconsideration
  • State of Arizona tax debt resolution

To schedule a free evaluation consultation with Scott Allen EA call 480-926-9300. To learn more on is website go to www.TaxDebtAdvisors.com.  This is an important decision that requires the opinion of a highly skilled Enrolled Agent. Scott Allen EA can be that choice for you.


October 2018 Case Update:

Don thought he needed to make an appointment with a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney for his IRS debt. In fact, he did meet with one before discussing his situation with Scott Allen, Enrolled Agent.  Scott gave him the confidence that he could file his back tax returns and negotiate a settlement that would suit his financial situation. Don was very happy with the end result and was glad he hired an experienced Enrolled Agent to handle his IRS problem. A copy of his IRS settlement is attached. Don settled his entire IRS $212,000 IRS debt into a currently non collectible status.

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney

Before (or after) you consult with a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney regarding your IRS matter it is suggested you also schedule a consultation appointment with Scott Allen, Enrolled Agent to see what options he recommends for you.

Written by Scott Allen

Should I use a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney?

tax attorney mesa az


One of the most important questions you will ask if you have an IRS debt is do I need a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney?  Often times taxpayers think that their only recourse to get an IRS resolution is to use a tax attorney.  We are hear to inform you that there are other options available to you.  Tax Debt Advisors, Inc near Phoenix Arizona is a tax company what specializes in IRS debt settlements.  They are a family business that began in 1977 and are still operating today.

Remember very few IRS debt matters require legal representation of a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney.  If you have unfiled tax returns, have a large IRS debt to settle, or an audit to go thru then you can use the services of Scott Allen EA with Tax Debt Advisors.  He can represent you from beginning to end as your IRS power of attorney.  Success in dealing with the IRS comes from years or experience in dealing with the IRS personnel and employees.  Scott Allen EA is in the “trenches” day in and day out negotiating with the IRS in matters of collections and audit. There is a proper formula that he will go through with you within your particular case to ensure a positive outcome.  That formula can be found by clicking here.

If you are currently with a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney and feel like you you are not getting the results you desire look to Scott Allen EA for a honest second opinion.  If you desire to make the switch he can file an IRS power of attorney form and begin his representation today.  To build that trust he only charges fees as the work is accomplished (pay as you go); not large upfront retainers without guaranteed services.

Call Scott Allen EA today and finally put your IRS nightmare behind you once and for all.



July 2018 update:

This year Scott Allen EA completed an IRS penalty abatement process for his client Joseph. Not everyone qualifies for penalty abatement cases but its always important to look into to see if you might have a reasonable cause. You may have a 50-60% chance of acceptance. Falsely, taxpayer will believe they need a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax attorney to handle debt and collection matters with the IRS when in fact that isn’t true. Most IRS matters can be handled by an EA or CPA as well. As mentioned earlier call and speak with Scott Allen EA about the tax matter you are facing whether it be penalty abatement, unfiled tax returns, or an audit.

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Attorney


Written by Scott Allen

IRS Tax Attorney Phoenix

Does my case need an IRS Tax Attorney Phoenix?

What reasons would grant needing an IRS tax attorney Phoenix? If you have done something fraudulent or of a criminal nature. Its important to remember that failing to file a tax return or failing to pay back taxes is not a criminal situation. Its a delinquent situation. Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors is not a tax attorney but rather an Enrolled Agent. An Enrolled agent is a tax professional who specializes delinquent situations involving filing back tax returns and negotiating IRS debts.

If you fall into this criteria pick up the phone and speak with Scott Allen EA today. He would love to get on the case before the IRS issues any further lien, levy, or garnishment actions against you. Daniel, a current tax client, made this decision and never looked back. Scott Allen EA was able to stop the garnishment to is wages, prepare and file his back tax returns, and negotiate a settlement with the IRS. Daniel qualified to settle all his debt for a low monthly payment plan. Click on the letter from the IRS below to see the approval. At Tax Debt Advisors they don’t just talk about settling, they actually get the settling done for THEIR CLIENTS.

IRS Tax Attorney Phoenix

IRS Tax Attorney Phoenix

Before it gets out of hand give Tax Debt Advisors Power of Attorney so they can contact the IRS immediately. Call 480-926-9300 to schedule a free consultation.

Written by Scott Allen

Tax Attorney Phoenix

Tax Attorney Phoenix | Tax Debt Advisors

Looking for tax attorney services in Phoenix? Believe it or not, you don’t actually need a tax attorney to represent you before the IRS. Instead, why not hire a Tax Debt Advisor who has been helping customers dealing with tax issues since 1977, and has helped solve over 108,000 tax debts.

Scott Allen is a tax debt advisor that can help you solve multiple tax issues without ever needing to contact a tax lawyer. Scott is a enrolled agent (EA), that is licensed by the federal government to represent you as a tax payer before the IRS.

If you are facing an IRS bank levy or wage garnishment, an Enrolled Agent can help you solve these tax issues the same way a Phoenix tax attorney can.

Tax Attorney Services Provided By Our Enrolled Agents

Scott helps Phoenix residents solve a variety of tax issues including, but not limited to:


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Why You Should Hire An Enrolled Agent Vs. Hiring A Tax Attorney

View our most recent blog postWhen is a Phoenix AZ IRS tax attorney necessary and when isn’t it?

Your tax issues may not be as bad as you think – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or tax lawyer to work with the IRS. Legal training is not necessary to handle most tax problems. Although, tax attorney will scare you into thinking the representation is necessary. Let Tax Debt Advisors help you solve your tax problems without the fear or the huge retainer fees.

To Get a Second Opinion – Most tax clients think they will get a higher quality service if they pay more money. However, that is not true. Tax attorney can charge up to 400% more money for the same service a tax debt advisor can perform. If you are already speaking with a tax attorney, get a second option as well. We offer free tax issue consultations.

Don’t Make A Decision Based On Fear – Do you think you need a tax attorney because you filed fraudulent tax returns, you might be disappointed. Tax lawyers generate income based off of fear. Most of our tax clients started with a tax attorney, only to find out that they try to intimidate you into thinking you have a bigger tax problem than you do. And, that’s almost always followed by a big retainer fee.

Free Tax Issue Consultations | Do You Really Need A Tax Attorney?

Tax Debt Advisors handled my tax issues, which included several years of tax returns with IRS issues. The back tax returns were processed quickly with no additional problems or delays. Scott managed every aspect of the IRS problem with ease. Thanks again Scott!” Stacy P

If you are worried about your tax problems and think you need a tax attorney, give us a call first. This is an important decision that requires the opinion of a highly skilled Enrolled Agent. Scott Allen EA can be that choice for you. You may not need legal representation for problems our tax debt advisors can help you solve for less money. To schedule you free tax consultation to find out if you actually need a Phoenix tax attorney or not, give us a call today at 480-926-9300.

Written by Scott Allen

Looking to reduce IRS debt in Phoenix AZ

Is there an option to reduce IRS debt in Phoenix AZ?

For Nathan the answer was Yes! Nathan had received a bill on his 2008 tax return for over $20,000.  The catch is that Nathan had never filed his 2008 tax return as was unsure how the IRS had come up with that assessment.  They were threatening to file a wage garnishment and knew he needed to act quick.  He quickly met with Tax Debt Advisors to evaluate ways to reduce IRS debt in Phoenix AZ.  If you view the image below you will be able to see the actual result of the work done by Tax Debt Advisors.

Reduce IRS Debt in Phoenix AZ

Reduce IRS Debt in Phoenix AZ

By correctly investigating Nathan’s account with the IRS, gathering up the necessary documentation, and securing a stop to all collection activity Scott Allen EA was able to reduce Nathan’s taxes by over 50%. When the IRS filed their own assessment on this they accounted for Nathan’s gambling winnings as gross income unable to account for his gambling losses.  By gathering up the loss information from the casino and properly protesting the tax returns the reduction in IRS debt was successful.

Don’t become the next victim of the IRS.  Put the power in your hands by hiring Scott Allen EA of Tax Debt Advisors today.  His office is near Phoenix AZ and will meet with you for a free initial consultation.


Written by Scott Allen

Nietzsche, Suffering and Phoenix AZ IRS Problems.

Phoenix AZ IRS Problems Solved Here

To truly understand Nietzsche, one must have gone through what I will call a “passage of suffering”—which is actual suffering.  Suffering almost has to be a goal to understand his ideas.   One has to go through a kind of striving and suffering that includes, “self loathing,” before you can achieve an authentically lived life.

One has to accept that they have been totally absorbed in an inauthentic, phony, irrational, check-list, merit badge existence; like you have been an actor your whole life in a bad play; that you finally acknowledge that you haven’t been living, you have been acting.

Once you recognize what you are willing to give your life in return for—the nice little house in the suburbs, your comfortable occupation, and children with straight teeth—and that you are now willing to surrender and sacrifice everything that makes you what you are today—then and only then will you will discover who you really are and what you can become.

If you are not able to do that, then according to Nietzsche you will be stuck in a situation of “self loathing,”  This is the inevitable consequence of not willing to make that sacrifice.  Once you begin to realize that everything you thought was so important and have placed such a high premium on, have been little more than habit and sloth and manipulation and exploitation of only living half a life; you come to a realization that indeed you are the tortured victim of self mistrust and fraud.  You are finally overcome and it is in the depths of that kind of suffering that you finally look for everything you must give up that contributed to that inauthentic life.

Once you come to grips with what is in your unconscious, what really has a claim upon your life, and how long you have suppressed it—it is only at this point that you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel?  No!  It is only then that you see that you are in a tunnel and you are going to stay in that tunnel and you have to make the best of it—there is NO OTHER WAY.

Nietzsche is not giving us an easy way out by just taking a pill and going to sleep.  He is making us aware of the suffering involved with discovery and making real progress.  We must be willing to destroy the old before we can create anew and that destruction process is painful.  This is even more than Socrates’ admonition to “know thyself.”  To know oneself to Nietzsche is to understand our “divided nature,” and making ourselves worthy—worthy of what?—to finally make yourself worthy of one’s self.  If you don’t do this Nietzsche feels you are just a puppet, an instrument of another person’s purpose.  Much of this explanation of Nietzsche and suffering comes from Professor Robinson’s lecture on Nietzsche from The Teaching Company programs on philosophy.


In order to understand Nietzsche one must have experienced some significant suffering in their lives.  When a client has a serious Phoenix AZ IRS problem, there is a unique experience with suffering unlike having a painful medical problem.  It manifests itself in emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  That is why I am recommending you to contact Scott Allen E.A. for a free consultation.  He understands truly the importance of following through on the option that you decide is best for you.  You can contact Scott Allen E.A at 480-926-9300.


Written by Scott Allen

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. knows Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Audit Requirements

Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Audit

Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. knows that it is frightening to receive a Phoenix AZ IRS Tax Audit Notice.  It is important to retain a professional who knows how to respond to IRS auditor questions.  It’s best to let your representative respond to the letter and attend the appointment.  It is really hard for taxpayers not to keep talking more than they should when the auditor asks questions.  For over 40 years Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has represented clients in hundreds of Phoenix AZ IRS tax audit cases.  Most of the time the IRS Auditor will not request you to be present at the audit if you have a representative.  But there are times the auditor can demand your presence and it is best not to fight that and appear you have something to hide.

Successful audits are conditioned upon having adequate and complete records to substantiate deductions taken on your tax return(s).  Do not throw away bank records until you are past the time period that your returns are likely to be audited—three years past the due date.  The important thing to keep in mind is that the auditor is a hired bill collector and they decide amount of the bill.  That doesn’t mean that they will be impossible to work with but it does mean that they are serious about collecting money—YOURS.  Scott Allen E.A. offers a free consultation on Phoenix AZ IRS tax audits and can be reached at 480-926-9300.  He will make your appointment a great day for you!


Written by Scott Allen

Scott Allen E. A. if you have a Federal Tax Lien in Phoenix Arizona

Federal Tax Lien in Phoenix AZ

When the IRS files a Federal Tax Lien in Phoenix AZ against you, it is the government’s legal notice of a claim against your assets.  The lien is placed to protect the government’s right to an interest in everything you own.  This includes your home and personal property and financial assets.

Before the IRS files a federal tax lien in Phoenix AZ they must first assess you a liability.  This comes from either a return you filed or a substitute tax return that the IRS has filed.  Next the IRS will send you a notice demanding payment with the threat of filing a tax lien.  If you neglect to pay the tax on time or enter into a settlement that will prevent the IRS from filing a tax lien—a Federal Tax Lien is filed against you by the IRS.

Ideally, it would be advisable to meet with Scott Allen E.A. when the IRS has assessed a tax liability with you.  That is when Scott has the ability to advise you on your legal rights that may prevent a tax lien being filed.  The longer you wait to respond, the greater the likelihood that you will not be able to prevent a tax lien from being filed or released.  Scott Allen E.A. offers a free evaluation of your situation.  Call Scott at 480-926-9300 to schedule your appointment.  Scott will make that day a great day for you!


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