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Mesa AZ Tax Debt Advisors—How do I prepare to meet with an IRS Appeals Officer?

Mesa AZ Tax Debt Advisors

If you have requested a hearing before the IRS Office of Appeals near Mesa AZ you will eventually get a letter or phone call to schedule an appointment to meet with an IRS Appeals officer. This is the most opportune way to get your side of the story heard and reduce your tax liability. The Appeals Office is more willing to compromise on grey areas than an IRS Revenue Officer or IRS Agent. It is best to acquire professional assistance before meeting with an Mesa AZ IRS Appeals Officer.

Consider a free initial consultation with Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors. Scott can advise the best way to prepare for the hearing with the IRS Appeals Officer and will not take your case unless it is in your best interest. Call today at 480-926-9300 to schedule an appointment.


Written by Scott Allen

Tax Debt Advisors in Mesa AZ can negotiate your IRS payment plan

Mesa AZ IRS Payment Plan

The IRS has powerful tools to collect taxes owed.  They include:

  • Not paying you a tax refund on your tax return
  • Levying your wages
  • Garnishing your bank accounts
  • Filing a tax lien
  • Seizing  assets

However the tax laws allow you to avoid the trauma of each of these collection nightmares.  But you must be willing to follow through on the advice you receive from a competent Mesa AZ tax advisor.  Some of the requirements include filing all of your back tax returns, even if you don’t owe.  Remember that refunds older than three years will be forfeited and not applied against your tax debt.

Often your best option is to enter into a Mesa AZ IRS payment plan.  Many times the statute of limitations that the IRS has to collect the debt expires before the installment arrangement pays of the debt.  If you finances show you do not have the ability to pay your necessary living expenses you may be put on a non collectible status which means no payments are required.

Scott Allen E.A. of Mesa Arizona has the expertise to advise you of all of your options and reviewing the pros and cons of each one.  On occasion more than one option will provide the best option.  An example might be to first go on a non collectible status until the taxes qualify for discharge in a tax motivated bankruptcy.  Call to schedule a free initial in office consultation by calling Scott at 480-926-9300.


Written by Scott Allen

The IRS has filed a tax lien; can Tax Debt Advisors, Inc still help me?

IRS Tax Lien Mesa AZ

A tax lien in Mesa AZ will make it miserable for you to get a loan.  And if you are given a loan the interest rates will be outrageous.  So if you are being faced with the IRS filing a tax lien against you in Mesa AZ, consider getting professional help and requesting a hearing before the IRS Office of Appeals.  Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. has the expertise to represent you and will meet with the Appeals Officer if he feels the IRS should not file a tax lien against you.

Many clients are under the assumption that they have a tax lien against them still in effect, when in fact the lien expired under the statute of limitations.  IRS tax liens Mesa AZ are self-releasing but if you have not paid off the tax, the IRS will not inform the credit bureaus that the tax lien has expired.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc. in Mesa, AZ offers a free initial consultation to prevent an IRS tax lien or getting it released.  Call 480-926-9300 to schedule an appointment.



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Call Scott Allen E.A. in Mesa AZ to represent your case at the Appeals Office

Mesa AZ IRS Appeals Office

Representing yourself at the Mesa AZ IRS Appeals Office can be an intimidating experience and this works to the advantage of the IRS Appeals Officer you will be meeting with.  Since this is your last chance to get what you are seeking, professional assistance is your best choice leading to a victory.  Scott Allen E.A. is familiar with most if not all of the Appeals Officers.  They respect him and will listen to his arguments.  They know he is not intimidated and is knowledgeable with tax laws pertaining to all Mesa AZ IRS settlement options.

Call Scott Allen E.A. for a free consultation at 480-926-9300.  Scott will not take your case unless it is in your best interest.  Let Scott make your appointment with him a great day for you!



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Can I appeal my IRS Audit? IRS help from Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.

IRS Audit in Arizona

Yes, but first you should speak to the manager of the person who did the audit.  Many times an appeal can be avoided by speaking with the manager.  In most cases you will want to have a professional speak to the manager on your behalf.  Many times it is just explaining the facts in terms that the IRS will accept.  Before I can represent you an IRS form 2848 will need to be filed with the auditor.  If the manager is unwilling to agree with me, I will file an IRS audit appeal.  Audit appeals are more willing to make compromises as a matter of expedience to keep their workload from backing up and because they have greater latitude to make concessions.  A professional representative who has worked with the Appeals Office has a greater chance of success simply because of their relationship and credibility from past appeals.


 Scott Allen, E.A. – Tax Debt Advisors, Inc helping with IRS audits in Arizona



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Arizona State tax debt

Arizona State Tax Debt

Debts owe to the State of Arizona are handled by the Arizona Department of Revenue.  Settlements and are handled very much the same way as they are with the IRS.  There are some important differences.  I advise clients to first file and settle with the IRS and then file and settle with the Arizona Dept. of Revenue (AZDOR) in most cases.  If you are filing old returns from prior years, Arizona will often wait until the IRS accepts the federal return before accepting a return filed with them for the same year.  Also, the State of Arizona is much more aggressive on collecting taxes on smaller amounts owed than the IRS is on larger amounts owed.

It is best to make your decisions on settlement once you know what you will owe to both the IRS and AZDOR and your ability to make payments on your combined tax debt.  There are some situations when settling up with the State before settling with the IRS makes more sense.  A consultation with a professional representative will help avoid painting yourself in a corner on one tax debt and leave you vulnerable to serious financial troubles in dealing with the other.

Scott Allen E. A.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc



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Will the IRS reinstate my payment plan if I default?

IRS, Please reinstate my payment plan

Yes, if it is the first time you have defaulted and you contact them as soon as you can after failing to make your payment.  In most cases you will have to bring yourself current on the payment due and the payment missed to be reinstated.

If you have defaulted more than once, and you are an employee, the IRS will likely garnish your paycheck for the monthly amount.   If you have defaulted and are several months behind, the IRS will likely require new financial information to verify the amount they want you to send in each month.  This can be a good thing.  If you have been unable to make your monthly payment because your income has gone down or an allowable expense has increased, the IRS will reduce your monthly payment accordingly.

There are some situations when strategically defaulting on a payment plan should be done to reduce your payment.  If you are considering this, you should make sure your actions will improve your resolution of the tax debt.  This would be a good time to have a consultation with a resolution specialist. Scott Allen EA is located in Mesa Arizona and you can schedule an in person or phone appointment to discuss your specific situation.

Scott Allen E. A.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc



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ARIZONA IRS PROBLEMS – How long will ACS give me to file back tax returns?

Arizona IRS Problems in Mesa

There is no hard and fast rule you can rely on here.  Generally, ACS will limit you to 30 days.  However, it you have broken past commitments, they may and can expect the returns to be filed in as little as 3 days.  If several years of tax returns need to be filed and ACS has given you 30 days to file all of them, usually they will give you an extension of time to file the remaining ones if you contact them before the deadline, have filed most of them, and have a reasonable reason for needing more time.  As an example; if a client has to file 6 returns and has filed 4 of them within the deadline period, ACS will usually allowed additional time.  Unfortunately, this can depend on who you get at the other line.  I can usually tell before making a request for additional time if the person at ACS will agree to this or not.  If I know that they are unlikely to respond favorably, I will simply hang up and call back until I have the right person. Scott Allen EA deals with ACS (Automated Collection System) on a regular daily basis. That constant experience will be beneficial when he represents you as your Power of Attorney before the IRS.

Scott Allen E. A.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc



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STOPIRSACTION.COM – Can the IRS take my money if my spouse is the one who owes the IRS?

stopIRSaction.com Mesa Arizona Help

The IRS will never take money from a spouse who is not liable for the taxes owed.  However, if you are married and your spouse has income, more of your money will be considered available for payment to the IRS.

Many clients come in who find out that their spouse owes on taxes prior to their marriage.  The IRS will not hold the new spouse responsible for any taxes due prior to the marriage.  The IRS will not take any separate assets like real estate or vehicles.  If you owe the IRS and the innocent spouse puts your name on the title of any property, the IRS can pursue the property for taxes owed.

Sometimes the spouse owing taxes will quickly change title into the name of the new spouse or some other family member.  The IRS will be able to void out the transfer unless the asset was transferred for fair market value.

Scott Allen E. A.

Tax Debt Advisors, Inc



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Stop IRS Action — My word against the IRS—Who loses?—You

Stop IRS Action now!

You know you filed the return, your remember putting it in the mail slot.  But the IRS claims they never got it.  The same might be true with your Collection Due Process Appeal, Innocent Spouse claim, offer in compromise or your Collection Information Statement—Form 433A.

This doesn’t happen that often but when it does, it can be devastating.  So how do your protect your self from a disaster.

1)      File your return at the IRS office nearest you.  When you give the person at the counter your return, ask them to date stamp a copy of the return that you brought with you.  If the IRS loses your return, you now have proof that you filed it and the date it was filed.

2)      Avoid putting more than one return in an envelope if you have to mail a return.  Putting more than one return in an envelope increases the likelihood that one will be misplaced or ignored.  Sounds silly but it works.  My father learned this 45 years ago when did a tax return for a retired janitor from the Ogden, Utah IRS office.  He explained how things were being processed and handled by IRS employees.  His suggestion has proved very valuable over the years.

3)      If you must mail something, send it certified mail return receipt requested.  When you get the signed proof of delivery, staple it to a copy of what was sent.  This is not proof that you sent it, it is only proof you sent something, but the IRS Appeals office will accept it as proof even if  a Revenue Officer does not.

Scott Allen E. A. can stop IRS action in Mesa Arizona today for you if you find yourself in trouble with them. Don’t delay the call!

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