Written by Scott Allen

We are Mesa Arizona’s Top IRS Problem Solvers for Offers in Compromise—General Information

IRS Offer in Compromise Mesa AZ

Here is some general information the IRS Offer in Compromise.  Beyond the basics you are best to consult with a local IRS resolution expert in Arizona.  If you truly cannot afford to pay back the taxes owed, including the interest and penalties, you may be a candidate to apply for an Offer in Compromise.  This IRS settlement option allows you to settle your entire debt for a lesser amount.  This can be done by making short monthly payments or one lump sum.

An Offer in compromise has an advantage over filing a bankruptcy because payroll taxes cannot be eliminated by filing a bankruptcy.  Once your offer has been accepted and you have paid in full the agreed amount, the IRS will remove all tax liens.  The amount that is considered acceptable by the IRS is based on your ability to pay.  Financial statements with proof of all of your personal and business expenses will have to be provided along with bank statements.

Many potential Mesa AZ Offer in Compromise clients qualify for an Offer but the amount considered acceptable to the IRS is more than the taxpayer can pay.  To determine if you are a viable Offer candidate, contact Scott Allen E.A. of Tax Debt Advisors, Inc.