The terms wage garnishment or wage levy are interchangeable.  You must prepare ahead of time to prevent this serious IRS action from happening in the first place.  It is avoidable—absolutely.  Unfortunately all of us are in denial of things we don’t want to face. But once you employer informs you that most of your wages are going to be sent to the IRS, you realize that denial has been your enemy Employers also change the way they act around you once you are “in the sights” of the IRS.  They may pass you up for promotions and prevent you from tasks dealing with money. Employers don’t want the IRS around their business and it is not uncommon to be laid off for “business reasons.”

Prospective clients call us up frequently and ask us how much the IRS will take from their paycheck. First off your employer can tell you the exact figure because they have all your payroll information. But the quick answer that is always true is “TOO MUCH.” We know the quickest way to get your wage garnishment released. All you have to do is provide us with accurate and complete financial information as soon as possible.

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