The following suggestions will minimize your chances of being audited:

  1. Use a tax preparation program if you prepare your own return or use a tax preparation professional to avoid making “math” errors.
  2. Avoid taking the home office deduction unless you qualify under all the rules.
  3. Report alimony payments received.
  4. Keep mileage logs if you want to take the standard IRS mileage allowance.
  5. Charitable donations other than cash need adequate support.
  6. Stay away from offshore bank accounts and credit cards.
  7. Report all stock sales. The IRS carefully tracks individual stock sales.
  8. Don’t forget to sign and date the return.
  9. Report income even if you don’t think it was reported to the IRS. Often a 1099 with your name was submitted to the IRS by the person or company wanting to deduct what they paid you.
  10. Keep audit appointments and provide all information requested.
  11. Give the IRS copies and keep the originals of all receipts.
  12. Play it safe. Keep all records for 7 years.
  13. Never volunteer information that is not requested.
  14. Never lie to the IRS. If you don’t know tell the auditor, “I don’t know.”

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