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Tax Lien Properties


Tax lien properties have an additional claim against them by the IRS once a tax lien has been filed.  If you pay off the IRS tax debt then lien will be removed.  If the lien is older than 10 years it will “self-expire.”  

If you are filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy the amount of the IRS lien will be paid through the bankruptcy trustee and once the amount has been paid off the lien will be released. However this is not true with a chapter 7 bankruptcy—the lien will survive and have claim against any equity you have in property titled in your name.  In certain cases, a tax lien can be removed if you can prove you do not have equity in the asset.  There are very few bankruptcy attorneys that understand the tax lien rules. However, we can refer you to one who does if you desire to get your tax lien released following a bankruptcy.