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Levy Bank Account


Yes you can prevent a bank levy before it happens by entering into one of the following settlement options:

IRS payment plan

IRS currently not collectible status

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Offer in compromise

Procrastination is the “kiss of death” in dealing with the IRS.  As soon as you get the notice that you have the right to a collection due process hearing, contact our office. You will have 30 days to notify the IRS Office of Appeals that you are willing to enter into a settlement.  This will STOP the levy.  We will contact the IRS Appeals Office and assist you in in getting the best settlement with the IRS allowed by law.  You have a choice to avoid a bank levy if you don’t ignore IRS notices.  Open all IRS letters and if you do not understand what they want—CONTACT US FOR A FREE INTIAL CONSULTATION!