CP 504


This letter is known as the 90 day letter. It is the equivalent to the German 88 mm shell used in the Tiger tank during World War II. It is devastating. It will blow you to pieces if it is ignored. This will shortly be followed up by liens, levies and garnishments. Once you are in the sights of the IRS it is hard to get out of the way so that you can take care of your problem. How do you get professional help when all your money in your bank account and most of your paycheck have been taken and your credit is damaged to the point that your credit card company no longer allows you to use your card. When this letter is received, you need to act like it is an emergency, because it is. It is not the end of the world if you stop procrastinating, end your denial, and find someone who cares and know how to assist you to get the help you need quickly.

Click here to see the steps needed to be taken to avoid the “German 88”.

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