CP 523


If you miss making your month payment on your installment arrangement with the IRS, you will get this notice. It is a warning that your settlement option to make monthly payments is about to be voided out. If you did not file and full pay your taxes the tax year following your agreed to payment plan, it will also cause you to get this notice. The IRS requires you to file and full pay all future years to keep your payment plan valid. You have 30 days to correct the problem by getting caught up on your payments, or proving the IRS cashed your check and credited to the wrong place or person. The good news is that if you cannot legitimately make your monthly payment, you may qualify for an IRS currently not collectible status which means you do not have to make any monthly payment. Without professional assistance after you get this IRS notice, you are likely to make matters worse or not take advantage of a potential windfall.

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